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1. Ovnev started operations in 2008, why did you decide to create this project? What does the name Ovnev refer to and why did you choose it?

I created this Project in 2008 as just a personal outlet for my thoughts, I had been through a lot in the previous years and had just gotten back from a lengthy stay in the Colorado wilderness. I was there for about 4 months and experienced some remarkable things that I wanted to express. The name Ovnev does not have any specific meaning other than the sound I create.

2. Although active since 2008, it is not until 2015 with the edition of the first two songs of the demo “...”, that Ovnev really gets into operation, what happened in this period of seven years so that Ovnev will not edit material? At what point were these first two songs of the demo recorded?

I did not have the funds or resources to release these in 2008 so they were put on hold until I got my life more organized. I had a sort of epiphany in 2015 with a renewed inspiration and connection to the earth; that’s when I started Cycle of Survival. I recorded these 2 demos songs along with 2 other unreleased tracks when I got out of the wilderness in 2008.

3. The edition of “Cycle of Survival” and “Incalescence” in a short period of time marked the way forward in terms of the sound of Ovnev, an atmospheric sound where nature is the main protagonist, did it surprise you a bit? The good reception that these two albums had and the repercussion it had for Ovnev by positioning itself as a reference of the sound described above?

I was very happy with the positive reception of those albums. It did not surprise me too much because I write music for myself first and foremost and I loved the sound of them. Also, I feel like I am only translating nature to music so it naturally sounds the way it does.

4. You have recently released your third album "Transpiration", almost three years later than the previous one. Why was this delay in getting a new album ready? Has the composition and recording process of " Transpiration” changed from previous albums?

This one took a bit longer because I hit some turbulence in my personal life and had to sort everything out while I was still working on the album. The process largely stayed the same, the only difference was that I used a session drummer that lives across the country.

5. For the recording of the new album, he has had the participation of Brandon Zackey on drums; How did Brandon's contact and subsequent involvement in the album come about? What do you think Brandon has contributed to the final sound of the album?

I first heard of Brandon through my friend Argyris’ old band Sicarius. Their album Serenade of Slitting Throats blew me away and I thought the drums were fantastic. I figured I would give it a shot asking him if he would be interested in doing the drums for Ovnev and he agreed. Brandon really brought the music to life with his exceptionally skilled drumming. The energy and the atmosphere all turned out the way I had planned.

6. How would you describe the sound of “Transpiration” for those who have not yet heard it? What bands have been a reference for you when composing the album?

I would describe the sound as very nature based with thick layers of atmospheric guitar riffs and a subliminally uplifting vibe. When I wrote this album I was very heavy into Slavic black metal bands like Drudkh and Ygg and I think that came through a bit. I don’t really reference anything when writing though, I just go with what comes through me. 

7. Ovnev has always been characterized as a project where nature plays an important role as a source of inspiration when composing your music, where do you find inspiration for these themes? Do you consider that black metal has been opening up to these new themes over the years at the same time that it can also be said that they are somehow necessary?

I get inspiration for these themes by simply being in nature. Connecting to the earth is a very important part of my life and it always fills me with creativity. I think black metal has really diversified in the past ten years and I think that is definitely a good thing. The “kvlt” black metal style is extremely played out. This is not to say I do not enjoy that as well but it gets old. I like that I can stay in black metal for weeks and get a representation of every emotion I ever feel. Black metal has it all.

8. The theme of the new album revolves around perspiration and, if I'm not mistaken, it is more specifically related to this process that takes place in the Amazon. How did the idea of ​​creating an album around this theme come about? Can you explain this whole process a bit and why you decide to treat it on your album?

Transpiration is the process in which water passes through plants from the roots and into the atmosphere. More than 90% of the water plants consume is expelled in this way. The seed of this concept was planted in my mind when I was reading about the river in the sky over the Amazon one day, the largest river in the world that is not even a typical river. A worldwide process creates this river and it starts with the ancient remains of diatoms that are scattered through the sand in the Sahara Desert in Africa. These remains ride the wind over the Atlantic Ocean to fertilize the trees in the Amazon Rainforest. This leads to the trees dispelling a large amount of vapor and filling the atmosphere with moisture. This creates the river in the sky that goes all the way to the Andes mountains; dispersing oxygen as it goes. I decided to make this the concept of the album to spread the message of how vital each thing on this planet actually is. Everything is connected here and that is something everyone would benefit from keeping in mind.

9. Both the previous and the current album have been mastered by Tom Waltz, are you satisfied with the work done by him? Will this collaboration continue in the future? What do you think Tom Waltz's work contributes to the final sound of the album ?

I am very satisfied with Tom’s work. I send my music to him because he has a dedicated room for mastering music and extensive knowledge of frequencies. He makes the final product not just louder but richer by combining his knowledge with various outboard equipment. This collaboration will definitely continue in the future. 

10. For the album artwork you have had Jordan Grimmer, why did you decide to work with him? What does the album cover represent and how does it relate to its content?

I decided to work with Jordan because I had seen his work on a couple other albums and really thought his style would be perfect. I think he captured the spirit of what I was trying to convey very well. The album cover depicts the Amazon rainforest with the Andes mountains looming in the distance.

11. How were your beginnings in music: first albums you bought, first concerts you attended? What happened in your life that made you want to dedicate yourself to music?

My first metal album was Metallica – Ride the Lightning on cassette when I was about 7 I think. Since then I was hooked on the genre. Other than metal, I enjoyed a lot of 90s rock and still do today. As a young teenager I was into a lot of nu metal believe it or not and my first concert was Family Values tour 1999 with Limp Bizkit, Filter, Primus, and a few more bands haha. After getting tired of nu metal, I progressed to death and black metal and have been mainly listening to that since. I’ve seen tons of concerts but I think the one that made the most lasting impression on me was when I saw Behemoth around 2002 or 2003. The energy was pouring off the stage. I have yet to see a band radiate that much intensity, I don’t even think they can do it anymore.

I have always been drawn to music and metal specifically just felt like somewhere I belonged as a kid. I was in a death metal band in high school and enjoyed that so much that I went to college and got a degree in recording arts so I could work with music as much as possible. I ended up working in a completely different field though. Years later, around the time I released the first Ovnev demo, I decided that I must create more music because there is always something inside of me that needs to be translated. I refuse to work at a meaningless job and die without expressing those messages. 

12. How do you think an album like “Transpiration” has been affected in terms of promotion and sales due to Covid-19? How have you kept in contact with your fans so that they could stay informed about Ovnev? Has the black scene been affected in a city like Houston, where does it come from?

I think for a solo black metal project that has no live shows, Covid was more beneficial than anything. There are a lot more people just stuck at home checking out obscure bands and I’m sure a lot of them found Ovnev that way. I keep in contact with fans through Bandcamp and other social media. The black metal scene in Houston was already almost non-existent before the virus so it didn’t really affect much. There are very few noteworthy black metal bands that I know of around this area but there were a fair amount of shows that came around. Houston has a lot more death metal shows than black metal. Regardless, I really do miss being able to see shows of any genre around here.

13. For the edition of “Transpiration” repeat with the Naturmacht Productions label, are you satisfied with the work done in terms of editing and promotion by Naturmacht Productions? What do you value most about this label when working with them?

I have been satisfied with Naturmacht as usual with the release of this album. I value being signed to a label in which I can work at my own pace with no time restrictions. It is also nice being on a label with a focus on nature.

14. Which album does black metal represent for you? What black metal album with connotations related to nature would you recommend us? What recent albums have you acquired?

For me personally, my ultimate black metal album is Dissection – Storm of the Light’s Bane. It has everything I look for, from dark atmosphere and melody to contemplative acoustic segments.

An album for anyone exploring nature black metal should listen to is Falls of Rauros – The Light That Dwells in Rotten Wood.

A few of the best albums I have acquired recently are:

Old Growth - Mossweaver

Shagor – Sotteklugt

Alywin – The Arch Holder

Ellende - Triebe

15. What future plans do you have for Ovnev in terms of upcoming releases, reissues, etc?

I do not have anything planned at the moment but hope to reissue Cycle of Survival and Incalescence in the future. I am slowly working on a new album at the moment.

16. Thank you very much for the time dedicated to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for Ovnev fans this is the place. I hope the questions have been to your liking.

Thank you for the interview. Look out for a new project I am working on that will be announced on Ovnev social media in the near future. Remember to stop and appreciate the earth as often as you can. Hail Nature.


Convulse – Evil Prevails 13,99 € 

600 x black vinyl
Finnish death metal quartet CONVULSE are commonly known as one of the most classic bands from the first wave of Finnish death metal, with the debut album World Without God being one of the most collectible items of the era. But this past January's comeback EP Inner Evil, recorded after an 18-year break, proved that the group can still cut it.

Led by guitarist and growler Rami Jämsä with original bass player Juha Telenius and newer recruits Kristian Kangasniemi (guitar) and Rolle Markos (drums), CONVULSE spent the whole of August locked away in an old-fashioned analog studio, recording what was to become Evil Prevails. Rami Jämsä describes the album as a "fascinating combination of old-school death metal, lightning-fast thrashing parts, some blastbeats here and there, and even ultra-slow doom elements. The CONVULSE of the year 2013 is heavier and meaner than ever before. This album is a rebirth as much as it is continuation of the old-school spirit. "
1. We Kill Our Kind
2. Unholy War
3. World Downfall
4. God Is Delusion
5. Evil Prevails
6. Days Are Dark
7. Reborn In Chaos
8. Oceans Of Dust

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