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1. The first EP came out about a year and a half ago, when you said that the composition and recording of "The Horrors of Old" was natural and quite fluid, tell us a bit as has been the process of composition and recording of this new Album? Perhaps knowing the repercussion that had reached the previous Ep., Was an added pressure to confront the composition of this "Pledge Nothing but Flesh"?
The album was written over the early part of 2016, the process was very similar to the writting process of the EP. When we rehearsed we would record ourselves playing the songs start to finish at the end of a rehearsal, when you are composing songs of this length it can be nessesary to do this so when we would meet again we would be sure of what we were playing. We were extremely pleased with the responce we got to the EP but we didn't feel any pressure to try and live up to it or try recreate it's success.

2. In this new album continue to deepen in the different styles present in his previous work, which are mainly death and black and I think they have also worked in the more atmospheric part of his sound, adding some passages quite good, achieving a Album with a more defined and mature sound, can we say that they have taken note of the best of "The Horrors of Old" and that they have worked and evolved to find the sound of this "Pledge Nothing but Flesh"?
We were very focused from the start of the writting process of this album on wanting to expand upon the sound of the EP. We had the goal of compossing a full length album when we started working on the songs so the addition of atmospheric parts and new elements was very much intentional. Over the course of the album it was very important to us that the listener would be introduced to a new feel or sound as the album progressed.

3. Whose idea was it to include the two instrumental pieces in the album and what objective did you look for with them?
The first piece is an introduction, it's purpose is to set the mood and help the listener to become absorbed in the atmosphere we created on the album. The second instrumental piece is there to provide a contrast between the harsh songs that went before and to lead into the second half of the album. Pledge nothing flesh is arranged the way it is to be an album of two parts, the first half is all out rage, where as the second half is meant to be more reflective and sorrowful. 

4. The inspiration to write the lyrics of the songs, still comes from the stories and legends of the Irish tradition?
Yes absolutely. I take all the inspiration for the lyrics from Irish folklore and traditions, but as I say they are there to inspire, not to be simply copied. I don't just recount the story of what happened in these folk tales and use that for lyrics, I want to draw on the imagery present in these tales,the lessons and emotions they conjure up. I am extremely passionate about reading these stories, there is an endless amount of sorrow and misery present in many of these tales, so much so that I find it hard not be moved by them to create.

5. During this year, do you contemplate the possibility of bringing the group's music to the live, offering some concert?
It is something we are interested in doing but for the foreseeable future we won't be able to make it happen.

6. Do you continue to get the digital edition of your music for the digital format as well as for the cd, there are no offers on the part of some seal to be able to edit your music or is that you feel more comfortable in this way to have control over your work?
If you are talking about working with labels we are open and looking for labels to work with to release our music. We are going to be releasing a limited edition cassette of Pledge Nothing But Flesh this comming March through the label Metal Defiance Productions. We are trying to find a label at present to release the album on vinyl also.

7. With the recent albums edited by already consecrated bands like Primordial, Celtachor or Slidhr and with the irruption of other new bands like Apokathilosis or Mortichnia we can say that the health of the Irish extreme metal is in good health?
Yes the Irish scene is very healthy, there are many bands currently making a name for themselves outside the confines of a small country like Ireland, and for such a small country there are a large number of extremely talented bands. Besides those you mentioned I would encourage people to check out Aeternum Vale, Coscradh, Mourning Beloveth, Gaoth, Legion Of Wolves to name a few. For those who really want to discover all the amazing bands Ireland has to offer I would recommend visiting the Irish Metal Archive website.

8. "Pledge Nothing but Flesh" is a short time market, what expectations have you created for this album and that awaits your followers in the coming months by Scáth na Déithe?
We hope to reach as many people as possible with this release and hopefully gain some new fans and attract the attention of labels. We are overwhelmed with the reaction we have recieved so far and exremely grateful to everyone who has supported us and purchased the album. Going forward we hope to record another EP before the end of the year, it is currently in the early stages of being written.

9. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Scath na Déithe, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.
We would just like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone who has supported us in any way and listened to our music. Sláinte!

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