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1. When Sühnopfer started back in 2000 you were still very young, Why did you decide to create the band at that time ?, What refers Sühnopfer name?
I was just starting to play drums in a local black metal band, but I wanted to express myself fully across my own songs. Sühnopfer means sacrificial suicide, refering to the absurdity of christian beliefs.

2. Your first demos had more black content regarding the theme but following the edition EP "L'Aube des Trépassés" thematic focuses more on medieval themes, Why this change is due to subject it to From this point it would be usual in the band?
The first demos had a less mature content, refering to basic topics of black metal, but since « l’Aube des Trépassés » I’ve been more interested in medieval topics, by studying local history and legends of some places of my region.

3. His previous album "Nos Sombres Chapelles" represented a quantum leap in his career and his recent "Offertoire" fundamental to the future of Sühnopfer step, how the sound has evolved between these two albums?
I worked more on compositions and tried to play it even better than before, we worked also a lot on the recording and mixing, to make the sound really fit with the ideas I had for my songs. 

4. Being mainly battery in bands like Endymion, Peste Noire, how is his way of composing music for Sühnopfer? It is very difficult to have to deal with all the instruments?
I first compose the guitar parts, then drums, bass & vocals. It becomes more easy to deal with all the instruments after all these years of practice.

5. You are a member of several French bands, as I said previously, occupying especially since battery 2012 joins Peste Noire, how the possibility of being part of the band come from? How does it feel to be part one of black metal bands most famous and respected underground in France?
I joined Peste Noire by metting Famine a few years before, he contacted me to record drums on the album « Peste Noire » when he moved to my region. This band is more famous and respected at an international level than in France, but it’s not a matter of being famous or not, I just try to do my best in the band.

6. Do you think that somehow all these bands with which you collaborate directly or indirectly influenced the sound of Sühnopfer and especially in its evolution over the years?
I don’t think so, Sühnopfer is only the expression of my personnal feelings, and is not influenced by my work in the other bands.

7. France had in Les Légions Noires an important movement within the black metal that had nothing to envy the Scandinavian black of the time, with bands like Vlad Tepes and Mutiilation main references, how do you think this movement has influenced the development of French black scene? somehow you feel inspired by this movement?
It was certainly a particular scene, playing raw and sick black metal and I think it influenced a lot of french and foreign black metal bands, but my music is more influenced by the scandinavian ones. 

8. Sühnopfer is not well known outside France band, anyway you do not offer concerts or make promotion, how this ignorance is due beyond their country ?, believes that "Offertoire" may change this ?
My first « real » album is from 2010, before I just made demos and an EP which were almost only released in France. I think Sühnopfer’s fame is increasing a lot with « Offertoire », and also since my improvement in Peste Noire.

9. In his most recent publications the theme of his music has focused more on medieval aspects, especially in your area Auvergne, what makes it so special and inspiration in Auvergne to write about it?
There’s a lot of places with ruins and great medieval atmosphere, and many legends speaking about this places, also a lot of different landscapes. These lands have a mysterious side and provides me a dark energy for inspiration.

10. Do you have something to do with the inclusion of a legend in the lyrics of "Offertoire" for a while now has decided to leave the English to write in French?
My english vocabulary wasn’t developped enough to creat interesting lyrics about the subjects I wanted to explore, and for me there’s a nonsense to write in english about fench local medieval themes. I can also use old french and old local words to enhance the lyrics.

11. If I'm not mistaken you started early with battery, why he decided to become a musician? Very difficult to learn to compose with the other instruments?
I started by playing accordion when I was 6, then drums some years after. I learned to play guitar and bass by myself, it was a bit difficult in the beginning but easier after some years of practice.

12. Although his music influences are varied and bands like Sacramentum a reference, is not sure if he is aware of the path of the French band Darkenhold with which I believe has some similarities?
I know Darkenhold very well, we shared some gigs with Aorlhac some years ago. Maybe their music is more atmospheric and less violent than Sühnopfer.

13. For the release of "Offertoire" a spot with Those Opposed Records label that even made a vinyl edition. How the ability to edit this label? Are you satisfied with the work done by the seal?
He already released « Nos Sombres Chapelles » and I was satisfied with the work he did, and he offered me a very good deal for « Offertoire », releasing cd, digipack, vinyls and t-shirts. He works very well.

14. I suppose your work for other bands keep you pretty busy, what your future plans now?
The new peste noire album should be released in a few days, and we plan to rehearse for some gigs in some months. I’ll continue to compose some songs for Sühnopfer and look forward to a new album in a few years.

15. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Sühnopfer, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.
Thanks, may you continue to spread « Offertoire » through 2015.

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