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1. Everto Signum was originated in 2010. How did the band begin and why did you choose the name Everto Signum?
Everto Signum was created in the city of Coimbra, Portugal. Back in 2010, a bass player was looking for people to form an extreme metal band. He found two guitar players, Æminus and Hugo, and a drummer available for playing. Shortly after, the vocalist Nekruss appeared and a rehearsal was arranged. After the rehearsal day, the core of Everto Signum was crafted by two guitar players and a vocalist. The drummer and the bassist continued their life paths apart.
The name "Everto Signum" means "Demon's Sign" in Latin. It is based on the omnipresent signs of death and destruction in the world, before and after the deadly and destructive events happen. The name is strongly related to the band's graphic concept and defined the visual appearance of our logotype.

2. Do you finally have a stable line-up after various changes?
That’s true, our line-up suffered several changes during these years. Two or three months after the release of our debut album, the bass player Brian joined the band. In the fall of 2012, the former guitarist Hugo decided to quit the band due to personal reasons. In May of 2013, Cavaleiro filled the drummer's position. A few months later, Cláudio joined the band as a second guitar player.
We have a stable line-up now. Æminus, Nekruss and Cavaleiro are the core of the band, Brian and Cláudio are live members.

3. You released "Enneachotomy” in 2012, your first full-length album with nine Black Metal songs. How did you compose and record that album? What did that album mean to Everto Signum?
We wrote a dozen songs between 2010 and 2011 and decided to use nine of them in the first release. The creation of the album lasted for several months. In the mid-2012, the recording, the post-production and the artwork were finished. Basically, we created that album entirely by our own means.
“Enneachotomy” is the first major result in the history of Everto Signum and of course it means a lot to us.

4. Recently, you released the EP "Synergy" with four songs highlighting the evolution of your sound into Death Metal. Why this new perspective on your music?
“Synergy” clearly shows the evolution of our sound, but we wouldn’t say that we play Death Metal now. Our new songs include progressive elements and Death Metal touches.

5. Why did you choose the Lux Ferre’s song “Atrae Materiae Monumentum” as a cover song?
We like Lux Ferre a lot and we wanted to pay homage to them. “Atrae Materiae Monumentum” is a really great album and we think it is very underrated. We chose the title track from that album and arranged it in the way it sounds similar to the other songs from “Synergy.”

6. What is your way of writing and recording music? Is it complicated while Nekruss lives in Vienna?
Yes, the fact that Nekruss lives in Vienna complicates the recording process because we usually join together to record something. But the writing isn’t affected, we work on the song compositions on distance.

7. Your musical concept describes the forces of Nature as negative emotions that influence the human being. Can you explain this concept?
The concept of Everto Signum consists of the interconnection of elements and destructive powers of Nature with human psychology. In our lyrics, we personify natural elements and forces tracing parallels with the human negative emotions. In “Enneachotomy”, each song lyrics describes a primary element, a natural force associated to a human emotion, and a natural scenery/landscape.

8. Which brands of musical instruments do you use to record music and to play live?
We aren’t concerned about the brands, we use instruments that we gave and try to get the best sounding out of them.

9. What bands would you reference as major influences for the music of Everto Signum?
We think we get our inspiration from both old school and modern bands. It depends on the song we write at the moment and what message we want to convey. Bathory, Burzum, Immortal, Moonsorrow, early Mortiis, Helrunar, Devilish Impressions and Imperivm are some of the bands that influenced our music.

10. Is the departure of Nekruss a problem for you to play live? Are you searching for a replacement for live shows?
The departure of Nekruss surely is a problem for Everto Signum to play live. After he went away in the beginning of 2014, we were considering searching for a live vocalist but then we decided to focus on writing new music instead of playing live.

11. The covers of your album and EP are quite simple and enigmatic at the same time. What do they represent?
The covers of our releases portray the symbolic nature of the lyrical concept of Everto Signum. The symbol on the cover of “Enneachotomy” represents the stages of a journey through nine different scenarios. The symbol of “Synergy” illustrates the synergy of four primary elements of Nature.

12. How did the Russian label Satanath Records come to release "Synergy"?
We sent the promo packs of “Synergy” to a few labels and Satanath Records was really interested in releasing our EP. We were happy to accept their deal and the release happened shortly after.

13. What future plans do you have for Everto Signum, regarding upcoming releases and concerts?
Currently, we are focused on the creation of our second full-length album. We will start recording as soon as the album is completely finished and arranged. Regarding the concerts, we do plan to continue rehearsing when Nekruss returns to Portugal. It could happen soon enough and maybe we would be able to play live in 2015.

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