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Procedentes de la interesenta nueva hornada de grupos extremos rusos, Lashblood no dejan sus opiniones sobre la escena y nos dan una vision interesante del seno del grupo, enjoy.

1.Tell us was a bit like the writing process of this album. Did you have a lot of material already prepared? Would you like to compose in the rehearsal better together or each separately? Who is the leader of the group and has the final say in deciding on the songs?

Silencer: You know, the process of writing is not very interesting itself. What could be interesting in a hundredth rewriting guitars, for example? Or when you realize that the sound is not the same as planned? Nerve-wracking. Before we went into the studio we had a demo and several variants of rehearsal-records. Of course, some things were added in the recording process - for example, acoustic, keyboards, flute. But the basic material for the album was already finished and tested live.
We prefer to write together at rehearsals. The most beautiful thing it's to drink something and/or to smoke, and to begin the process ... Just do not forget switch on a microphone to record, ‘cause the next day there is a good chance not to remember what happened yesterday.
As for solutions, every musician has the same rights, so if someone disagrees with something and can reason his opinion, everyone else will listen to him.

2. It is your first job but sounds great. How long did it take prepare it?

Silencer: The process was so long, that, in my opinion, the album material became less timely than we wanted it to be. So, my advice is - listen to this album, as if it was from 2009. 
Svart Samler: Indeed, all material was created in 2009-2010, recording also took about a year, remaining year we spent searching for record label and design for CD.

3. Did the stereo that you use in the rehearsal room is the same as in live?

 Silencer: Yes, everything is real.

4. Tell us about the issues that you deal in the songs.

Svart Samler: Each text in one way or another reveals the theme of self-flagellation and ripping up human essence, declared in the title of the band and the album. Actually, the text “Lash” in several successful phrases reveals the essence of this concept. Most of our lyrics is inspired by literary works that in our opinion have existential nature. For example, “Nausea” is based on a same-name novel written by Sartre and I think it will not be wrong if I say that it’s our program song to the outside world. “Echo of the Void” was written on the novel "A Clockwork Orange" by Anthony Burgess, and in this text, the keynote is motivation of actions taken by Alex, his inner dialogue. Originally, this was an experimental text written only in nouns, but later we decided to give it a more familiar look in order to sing it somehow.

5. Most are members of other bands, what gives you Lashblood not find in the other bands? How did the group?

Silencer: The most important difference between Lashblood and other Stavropol Nekrodivizion’s projects is that here we combined all our efforts and ideas under one name. In this particular band we try to express our collective views on the sound, lyrics’ conception, the atmosphere of the music. In fact, there is no more and no less unicity than in the rest of our projects, but they as a rule express individual vision of each SND participant.
The history of the band dates back to 2007, when I and Suicide decided to make a project called Lash, but full line-up gathered only in spring 2009. Then was the mess with the musicians - Svart Samler moved to another city, Sinister was dismissed as incompetent, I was out for almost a year for reasons beyond my control. With the changes in the line-up an approach to music changed also, it simply became another, and therefore it was decided to change the name to Lashblood.
Svart Samler: Lashblood unicity lies within the approach to the creation of the material. In fact, the keynote is the possibility of unlimited experimentation, lack of frames and stylistic limitations. And the depth of meaning perhaps. I cannot say that lyrics in other projects we have is superficial, but in Lashblood it is most personal and aimed at self-knowledge.

6.A today seems the Russian extreme scene, is in good health. View from inside Is that so? What we recommend groups in your country?

Svart Samler: I do not know whether to say about a rise or good fit of our stage ... There are great bands, there are school-boys which mindlessly overplay hackneyed riffs. I think, all as in any other country. But that Russian bands gradually become known in the West and are taken seriously there - it's a fact.
I do not think it makes sense to list in an interview all worthy Russian bands, the list will be too big, and I can just simply forget to mention somebody.

7.The songs are quite complex sounds of black drink but also with elements of thrash, death, progressive, what bands inspire you?

Silencer: At that moment I listened to: Tsjuder, Motorhead, Virus, Code, DHG, The Devil's Blood, Gojira, Ved Buens Ende. These are the main, maybe something gone missing… 
Svart Samler: We all listen to different music, different styles and "times." Of course, all this affects our music and our creation, but in case with Lashblood, I believe, the greatest impact on us had Ved Buens Ende, Code and Virus, as well as the classic Scandinavian Black 90’s. We openly declare this as we did not “copy’ anybody, our music is original.

8.The album already see that you had ready last year, why do not you published until this year?

Svart Samler: It has become increasingly difficult to find a label in recent years. This is due to the huge queues on the labels and the crisis of the physical medium at all. In our case, this caused also dishonesty of one Russian label, which promised to release this CD "soon", but the album spent nearly a year on the shelf.

9. Having passed some time between composition and publication process of the disc, are you already preparing new material?

Silencer: Yes, of course. The material for the second album is ready, now it’s at the stage of recording. It is quite different in spirit and content. The work will be long, so I cannot promise a soon release. But we are also preparing EP, which will reflect our current direction, we believe that we need a more smooth transition from the first album to the second. 
Svart Samler: Most likely the tracks from this EP will be released as a split with one Russian band, which is now also preparing its material.

I hope the questions arose at least entertaining, thank you very much, you can add what you want. 

 Silencer: Thank you for your questions. We’re glad that you're interested in Lashblood and it’s also great that you liked our first album. Svart Samler: Never Stop the Madness!

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