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Good afternoon, how about all of Athens? Thank you very much for agreeing to answer these questions.
Hello, everything is fine on personal level, people in Athens remain frustrated due to economic changes. You are welcome and thank you too for the interview.

1. Primeval Mass was born in 2000. How and why did you decide to form a group like Primeval Mass? Still apply? Today the same reasons that prompted you to create the group for thirteen years?
Primeval Mass were formed in early 2.000 for my personal music expression. The main motivation was the desire to express complicated inner ideas through music and lyrics, as well as to create something unique through the music styles I enjoy most. The same causes apply 100% till now, of course.

2. Of the original lineup only you are part today of it. How the structure and the band have launches this instability? Primeval Mass now you form what you and Alex Zachos to the battery, how is decided to include Alex Zachos to the line-up of Primeval Mass? Are you happy with this training or plan in the future to recruit new members?
Line-up changes are normal for a band that exists 13 years, priorities & daily program can change and musical disagreements between members can occur as the years pass. In most cases, member changing is vital for the healthy continuity of a band, when dysfunctions appear action must be taken otherwise the band wouldn't exist for long. We are still in touch with almost all the previous members and never have been a problem between us.
I know Alex many years now and at first I asked him in 2.011 to perform the drums for the 7” split with Ezgaroth. Things worked out, still roll fine and since then he handles the drumming for Primeval Mass. There is a possibility to recruit additional new members though this isn’t a no.1 priority right now.

3.Tell us a bit as was the writing and recording process of Blood Breathing Idols. How is your way of working in the studio? Both contribute ideas or someone has the authority? What brand of tools do you use?
I wrote all the music/lyrics and gave direction to Alex for the drum performing. Since our creation we worked this way and I find this method well operating. Apart from the drums that were recorded in MIH studios, the rest of the album, along with the mixing/mastering, was done in my studio that I set up almost 2 years now. I used my Gibson Les Paul (studio model), Fender and Marshall amps, Ibanez bass (SR 485), Shure microphones, and some other instruments. Alex used the drum-kit hosted in MIH studios.

4. How was the group's sound evolved over the years? What the listener can find differences between this work and As Solemn Maelstrom ... 2009 for example?
The core of our sound is the same, although I recognize “Blood Breathing Idols” as a huge step of evolution being our most mature work until now. The attributes that constitute our music style are now more balanced and uniform and apart from the definite technical evolution, we have given particular attention to the details. We are still satisfied with “As Solemn Maelstrom…” of course, though these songs were composed in 2.002-2.004 at a younger age, so some changes are logical. The listener apart from our apparent and always present Occult Black Metal style, will find the Heavy & Thrash Metal influences more obvious now.

5. The Greek black metal scene was influential in the global extreme metal, especially with the right scene that had nothing to envy to the Scandinavian. What can you tell us the Greek black metal scene? Does the sound of Primeval Mass have some relationship with the sound of the scene? What bands influenced you when writing for Primeval Mass?
I prefer not to categorize bands based on their origins but solely on quality. I enjoy though many bands that come from my country -both older and newer- from either Black Metal style or other genres. At first we might have some influences from Greek bands, I consider though as main influences to my music approach bands like Destruction, Hallows Eve, Voivod, Bathory, Marduk, Necromass, The Black amongst others, especially in the beginning. From the first moment though the goal was to acknowledge these influences but to create something unique .

6. Why did you call the group Primeval Mass? What important aspects to consider when writing the letters of Primeval Mass? What reference texts and would stand out from them? What feelings you want to convey to the listener with his music?
The name Primeval Mass represents Chaos, the maze from which All emanate, the essence of Life. Apart from the aesthetical reasons, most importantly this name is representative to our lyrical themes and so I chose it. I would rather not predispose the listener what to expect, but let him discover the essence by himself. There are certain lyrical themes we use that are dressed properly up with the suitable music and I am more than pleased when I realize that someone “gets is”, that the artistic communication through my music is achieved.

7.  'Five essential cds in the Black Metal?
-Bathory – Under the Sign of the Black Mark
-Emperor – Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk
-Absu – The Sun of Tiphareth
-Burzum – Hvis Lyset Tar Oss
-The Black - Priest of Satan
Of course, I can think many more than 5 Black Metal releases as “essential”, the list is enormous.

8. About nine years ago Primeval Mass does not offer a concert; certainly this has much to do not have a stable line-up. Do you have in mind to try to recruit some musician giving concerts?
Indeed, I am not interested giving a gig with more session musicians than permanent. Although, to perform both newer and older songs live is an appealing idea, so it is more than possible for this to happen, when we are going to have additional permanent members again.

9. How were your beginnings in black metal and fundamental fact pushed him to want to pursue being a musician?
Being at first into Heavy and Thrash Metal, and already listening to more “black-inclined” bands (Venom, Stormwitch, Mercyful Fate, Celtic Frost etc.) I got into Black Metal quite normally as I discovered the first Bathory records searching for more obscure extreme music. Not much later I bought my first Emperor, Marduk, Immortal and Rotting Christ records with other classics following. The “fundamental fact” was the desire itself for expression through music that I had since I was a child. Acknowledging that technical training and evolution in the composing area were essential, I postponed my musical activities until I considered the level satisfactory.

10. Who designed the album cover? What that meant? What is your relationship with Blood Breathing Idols lyrics?
Both front and back cover of the album were designed by Svartyria (http://blog.svartyria.com/), who caught the instructions of the album concept immediately and did an amazing job. The visual part of the album goes side by side with the lyrical, so the symbolisms used are the same. “Blood Breathing Idols” offering a multiple meaning substance, deals with the deification of the Self, the power of Will and the approach of Immortality. Lyrical themes derive from Life itself. Revealing a less hidden meaning layer, in order for a Higher Self to rise, one should abandon the vice “selves”, the weak attributes ego often bears. Overcoming the constant obstacles one may face, the empowered Self becomes stronger and stronger, while others fearing to act, stuck, decay in weakness and eliminate, giving Him space to reign. With conscious Will to evolve and with Eyes open, every moment that passes grants him knowledge and therefore power. Self becomes God. In the album cover, we can see the River, the Stream of Life with the dead parts (the vice “selves”), leading to the Throne where the empowered Self reigns. Using on the one hand the symbolism “Blood-breathing” as “deceasing, destroying/killing inside”, “Idols” symbolize these defective “selves”. One a different level, “Blood” stands for Life, “Breathing” for the conscious act of choosing to do (the act of Will), “Idols” for the Conscious Beings who yearn and attain knowledge and power, the Rulers. Those who in essence, Live.  Now, it is up to the listener what more he will discover inside.

11.          Blood Breathing Idols has been edited by Katoptron IX Recs, as well as the split of a couple of years ago with Ezgaroth, How did contact with the seal? Are you satisfied with the treatment received? Will a future in publishing their work through Katoptron IX Recs?
The individuals behind K-IX-R are friends and we ourselves were involved, so having full control of our releases was the perfect way to present our music in public. Yes, our next split release with Iasma will be also available through Katoptron IX, with the title “Transcendence”.

12. What does the future hold Mass Primeval imminent as concerts, upcoming releases, reissues...?
The split with Iasma will come very soon, with tracks recorded during the “Blood Breathing Idols” sessions. Also, the new album is already being composed and most possibly will be recorded the following months.

13. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for fans of Primeval Mass, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.
Thank you too for you interest and support to Primeval Mass. Those interested can contact us at: primevalmass@yahoo.gr, or find us in the following official connections:

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