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"Drawing its energy from the darkest thoughts of its creators, this new extreme and punitive outfit intends to evolve in the realms of Black Metal while pushing its limits a bit further. Spawned with the intention to distil arstistic audacity into respected traditions, Cult of Erinyes belongs to the forbidden experience, where music is merely a symptom of a higher truth. Ritualistic hymns, vicious and twisted vocals, furious rhythmics and ambient digressions are only a few weapons which will make of Cult of Erinyes a band to be reckoned with.

Formed late 2009, the Cult wasted no time, recording its first EP "Golgotha" less than a year later. The EP was released early 2011 on deluxe digipack through Kunsthauch & Dunkelkunst, as well as on a limited edition tape through Caverna Abismal Records. Insatiable, the band re-entered the Blackout Multimedia studio late 2010 to record its first full-length album with Phorgath (Enthroned, Emptiness). "A Place to Call My Unknown" was released on Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Production around mid-2011 and is almost unanimously revered by media and audiences. But yet again, the Cult is hungry for more and is already contemplating new horizons...

Though not willing to expose itself too much to live experiences in order to keep them as intense as honest, Cult of Erinyes has already shared the stage with respectable outfits such as Aura Noir, Lifelover and IXXI,Natan and Monads. To be followed, of course..."


1. How were the early Cult of Erinyes? Why did you decide to start a band? What do you offer Cult of Erinyes regarding Psalm?
Psalm was just a band that rehearsed, recorded and played live for fun. Cult of Erinyes is not a "band"; it’s an entity. Music is nothing more than a symptom of a higher truth now.

2. How did contact with Zifir for Split? How was the songwriting process for the split?
Zifir released its sophomore album "Protest Against Humanity" via Kunsthauch/Dunklekunst Records, in Russia. This organization released our mcd Golgotha at the exact same time so I received Zifir’s album and I loved it! This album is a true classic black metal album and it became clear that we had to do something with Zifir. Both Cult of Erinyes and Zifir recorded exclusive songs for this split. You won’t find any previous live versions and/or demo versions of these songs. To Cult of Erinyes, the goal was crystal clear: we had to propose something traditional and twisted. That's the reason why we didn't want to offer some doom or progressive elements in this split.

3. Are the songs containing the split, are a logical evolution in the sound of the band? Do you think that maybe you can open a new audience leaving a little behind the airtight sound the Belgian scene?
This split is NOT an evolution; it's quite the opposite. As I previously said, we wanted something traditional. Even the sound is quite old school. Concerning the audience, I have to be honest: I don't care about the audience. I play music for myself. If some people enjoy it, that's good. But that's not really important. When you care about other people’s opinion, you have already failed.I’d rather be highly respected in the underground than being "appreciated" by thousands of people who do not really care.

4. The first item on the Split, "Teutoburger Wald" has a sound overwhelming and I consider it a benchmark in sound the group achieved in this split, how has been the composition of the process in terms of structures and arrangements?
The sound of this song (and the two other tracks) is not perfect. The details are not obvious. On the other hand, the atmosphere is special and perfect for three radical songs. Concerning the arrangements, I always follow my guts. The final of Hermitry is the only part of our tracks that required more reflection; you'll find a bass with flanger/wha reverb, some keys, a lead guitar and a fade out. For the rest, I considered this split as something less cerebral than our previous album, "A Place to Call My Unknown". 

5. What are your main influences when composing?
Emperor, Mayhem and Dissection are probably the three obvious influences but I also appreciate bands like Blut Aus Nord, Deathspell Omega, Craft and almost all Roman Saenko's projects.

6. What equipment do you use music in the studio? Is it the same as live?
I don't always play on the same equipment. Golgotha was recorded with a toneport line 6;“A Place to Call My Unknown” with a 5150 and a Marshall Head. For the split album, I used a Mesa Boogie head and an old Marshall preamp. And the new album (which will be released within the end of the year) was recorded with a Diezel VH4 head. I like to try something different for each album. That's important because I don’t want to sound the same way, again and again. I bought an Engl Fireball head for the live sessions, and I just bought the Graal of every guitar player: the Fractal FX 2. This equipment can recreate almost every guitar sound perfectly, which opens billions of possibilities. I'm very excited to start recording at home with the Fractal. I’ve got plenty of new ideas and with this equipment, every single one of them can be perfectly forged. It enables me to create way more music; so many that I’ll probably have to start a side project.

7. What reasons led you to want to dedicate to music and specifically to create a black metal band? Are those reasons you consider that still apply today?
Black Metal is way more than music. That's a symptom of something timeless, powerful, pure and instinctive.

8. Enthroned bassist served as producer of his previous work, what relationship do you have with Enthroned and other bands from the Belgian? What do you think about the scene black to nowadays?
Phorgath is a good friend of the band. He is the perfect guy for us because he is very open-minded. We are free to record the music when we want, the way we want. He also has excellent ideas to forge a very unique sound. That's why we never get the same sound twice. Listen to our 3 (and soon 4) productions; it's different every time.

9. What is the first disc of metal that is part of your collection? What are the five cds under your most important perspective in black metal? From the landmark album recording that you wish you had been part?
My first metal discs were Savatage’s “Power of the Night” and Testament’s “Souls of Black”. That's funny to say because these two bands are still very special to me, even if they are not "extreme". I also listened to Guns N' Roses, but Metallica and Maiden were not my cup of tea.
So, my black metal top 5 would be:
1- Emperor :“Anthems to the Welkins at Dusk”
2- Mayhem :“De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas”
3-Dissection :“Storm of a Light's Bane”
4-Blut Aus Nort :“The Work Which Transformed God”
5-AnaalNathrakh : “The Codex Necro”

10. How did you come to an agreement for the cover? What relationship can be found between the cover and the content of your lyrics? What influences you when writing the lyrics?
Choosing a cover is always difficult, especially for a split because both bands have to agree on it. I wanted a symbol of an alliance that will keep the two bands linked forever, so the skeleton of siamese twins is perfect. Concerning the lyrics, I can't answer to the question because I always let Mastema write it. I only give him some direction, but nothing more.

11. This split is edited by Tanquam Aegri Somnia, Belgian label has only released this Split, Could shed some light on that label? Will you continue in the future linked to Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Productions?
TanquamAegriSomnia is me, myself and I. I created this label to be able to release everything I want, when I want. Concerning Les Acteurs de L'ombre, the deal is over; we signed a three albums deal with Code 666. Les Acteurs de L'ombre did a fantastic job for our first album and it was a very difficult decision to leave them. Gerald (the spirit behind les Acteurs de L'ombre) is a great and highly motivated guyand I will always be proud of our collaboration. He did a great promotion. Time will tell if signing with Code 666 was the good choice but I'm very confident in this collaboration.

12. It is clear that today very few groups experience their music, but what do you expect in the future to Cult of Erinyes? What are your plans regarding future releases, concerts, etc. ..?
Recording is, and will always be, our number one priority. This is the band’s best way to express its essence. This is also my way of being in total control whereas live shows are always a bit more unpredictable. I record music every week ; I experiment, create and destroy.We have a 3-CD contract with Code 666, so you can expect at least three CDs from us in the years to come. In parallel of these releases, we might release another EP, or another split. CDs are life-long commitments, recorded for eternity ; live shows are a pure release of our energies, in other words : imperfect, flawed, tainted. That being said, I do not hate to play live and I think we’ll play between five and ten times live to promote our next album. We will open for Dodheimsgard, Troll and Hetroertzen on October 25th in Brussels. We’ll play new tracks there.

13. How does the theme of the concerts? Which do you think has been the best and worst band concert?
The first concert was obviously the worst. We shared the stage with Lifelover. Their guitar player had just died - the day before the concert actually. The air was nothing but mortuary.The show was almost canceled but Lifelover really wanted to play, to pay tribute to their late guitar player, which I totally understand. As you can easily imagine, playing there that night was almost embarrassing.
The best show we played so far was in Brussels, at the Magasin4, for Enthroned’s last album release party. We played in ideal conditions there and were even able to enjoy our projections (films and cut clips are projected on a giant screen behind us while we play).

14. Thank you very much for your time, if you want to add something for people who like Cult of Erinyes, this is the place, thanks. I hope the questions are to your liking.
Thanks to you. Thanks for your support. The times we live in usually praise what’s badly done in no time at all. I am grateful for those who cherish a music which goes against the grain and contemporean values.

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