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Good morning, how about all of Etampes?, Thank you very much for agreeing to answer these questions.

1. What were the origins of Mortis Mutilati? What gives Mortis Mutilati regarding other bands where you military, such as Moonreich, Neptrecus, Procession of Death, Septentrion...? Do you find it very difficult to find time to Mortis Mutilati to be engaged in so many bands?
    Hello, everything is fine here. I created Mortis Mutilati on March 2011 because I wanted to create my own music without help of any musicians. I think the olny thing that Mortis Mutilati gives me for my other bands is the recording experience and no, this is not so difficult for me to find time to be engaged in so much bands. I just have to be organized.

2. How would you describe the sound of the band? Mortis Mutilati band remains a single component?
   I would describe the sound of Mortis Mutilati as Funeral Black Metal. The project will remain a one-man-band. I just recruited some session musicians for the gigs but I'll always record and write everything on my own.

3. How is your way of working in the studio? Do you find it difficult to have to take care to record all the parts?
    I record the drums and the bass at first, then the guitars. I record two times each guitar to get a "guitar wall" and then I record the voices. This is not so difficult cause I can play good enough the whole instrumentation to do everything by myself.

4. How has the sound of the band over the years, especially with regard to your previous work "Sombre neurasthénie"?
    Sombre Neurasthénie was recorded when I was something like 18 years old and I recorded it in my bedroom with bad quality microphones.. So the sound is not very nice on this album. For Nameless Here For Evermore, I recorded it in a studio and mixed by Weddir from Moonreich. It was mastered by Alpha from Unchaned Wolf so the sound on this album is much more evolved and mature than on Sombre Neurasthénie.

5. What refers Mortis Mutilati name and why you chose?
   The name was inspired from a chinese torture which consistes to cut the skin of the tortured one and let him die slowly. I choose this name because I always been fascinated by torture and this one is pretty horrible!   

6. His music conveys a sense depressed, is this feeling of depression you really want to convey? What bands is your reference when composing?
    Of course, I wanted Mortis Mutilati to be the sonorous representation of my bad thoughts. My only reference when composing is those bad thoughs..

7. How were your beginnings in music and especially in the black metal? Why did you decide to be a musician?
   I started to play the bass at 10! Then I learned the other instruments a bit later. My first band is Septentrion I was something like 14 when I joined it! Music is my passion so that's why I decided to be a musician.

8. Tell us five key cds in black metal
1. Gris - Il Etait Une Forêt

2. Vlad Tepes - War Funeral March

3. Burzum - Filosofem

4. Mütiilation - Majestas Leprosus

5. Sombres Forêts - Quintessence.

9. Who designed the album cover? Reference to what does and how it relates to the music of "Nameless Here for Evermore"?
   The photgraphs of the album were taken by Neige Paco in the cemetery of Culhat (France) where the biggest part of my family is burried. Saddy from the band PHTO done all the layouts. The sentence "nameless here for evermore" is taken from "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe. This poem is about a guy that has lost his wife and a raven comes and says "Nevermore" whatever the guy is asking. So I think both are a good representation of the taphophiliac aspect of the album.

10. Hate, Taphophilia, Murder, are recurring themes in the lyrics, would you expand a bit more these concepts because they are interesting and at the time of writing?
    I think that those themes are very interresting. It's a bit like a "second passion". For the hate, I think that it's the basic stuff in Black Metal so it's natural be inspired by this feeling when you play that kind of music.

11. His last two works have gone through the German label Naturmacht Productions, how did the opportunity to work with them? Will it continue to be so in the future?
Naturmacht Productions is an excellent label, they really do some nice work! And if they agree to work with me again, I don't think that theyr should be any problem to work with them!

12. As for the future of Mortis Mutilati, what can we expect in future releases? Will we one day see a concert Mutilati Mortis?
    We played two gigs with Sombres Forêts in Paris and in Toulouse and now, we're still searching for dates! I just finished to write an EP and it should be recorded soon!

13. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for fans of Mortis Mutilati, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.
    Thanks for the support!

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