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1. Tell us how and why he decided to create Sun Worship. I do not know if you like also talk a bit about the band members and the subject matter of his lyrics, and there is not much information on these issues, or on the contrary prefers anonymity as a way to make the public more focused on music.

The three of us started out in early 2010. The plan is somewhat older but sometimes things take their time. These days, anonymity is a luxury, and we're not really that anonymous. We just want our music to speak for itself as much as possible. We're not important as individuals in this context. We don't want to shroud ourselves in obscurity per se, but we don't feel particularly comfortable with the idea to promote anything else than our artistic output. 

2. How was the songwriting process of "Surpass Eclipse"? What changes can be sensed in his music throughout his releases from 2011? (Perhaps a better production and higher weight of abandoning guitars somewhat atmospheres).

The songwriting process was pretty much the same as before, with everything coming along in the rehearsal room. We recorded and mixed the songs on the 12" differently to suit their heavier and more aggressive character. The demo tape had more of a typical black metal sound, which was good but would not have worked too well with the new songs. 

3. Has your music has been labeled as belonging to Cascadian movement, do you feel comfortable with the definition of the movement and that he related to him? How would you define your music?

Yeah, we've been through that. I'd rather be compared to Wolves In The Throne Room than a lot of other bands so that's ok. Although I don't really think we sound much alike, I guess we share more common aspects and attitudes with them than, say, most German black metal bands. We really seek to disassociate ourselves from movements of any kind, and we don't like to define our music either. People need categories for  the sake of convenience, it's tiresome but there are worse things. 

4. What bands have inspired you to create and compose for Sun Worship? What about the theme of his lyrics, to which they refer and that fact will inspire you to write?

We listen to and are inspired by a vast number of bands and artists. During our recent tour we listened a lot to Agitation Free, Magma, Peter Gabriel, Daft Punk, Michael Yonkers, Bobby Beausoleil, Genesis, Robert Wyatt, Goat, Jackson C. Frank, Grouper, ... 
The lyrics to our songs may be published in the future, so interested people may make up their own minds about them. 

5. What fundamental fact in his life considered important to want to pursue music? How were your beginnings in black metal?

I can only speak for myself here, of course - when I heard "Eye of the Tiger" on the radio as a kid. 
As far as black metal goes; the first Enslaved album. 

6. His covers have a relationship with nature and especially the transit of the sun, who deals with the design? What relationship can be found between the covers and the music? They want to convey with your music?

The first tape was designed by ourselves based on early 70s photography by an artist whose name escapes me right now. The split tape was designed by our friend Olle Holmberg and the 12" was designed by Anna Vo of Sn Out Recordings in close cooperation with ourselves. 
The underlying theme of "Surpass Eclipse" are personal transitions reflected in natural phenomena, or natural phenomena as metaphors for personal experiences, nature as recluse, as a place to return to make up ones mind about crucial decisions etc., which we (that is us as the band and Anna) sought to express through the artwork (especially on the blank side of the vinyl) as well. 

7. All his works were self-published, with an elegant design, did not have any label interested in publishing his work, or on the contrary believes that self-publishing is the best way to work for a group like Sun Worship?

In fact only the demo tape was self-released. The split tape with Earth Chaos was released by Tweak Tyme Tapes, and the 12" was released by An Out Recordings (who also released stuff like Thou and Encircling Sea). All close friends of us though, which is the way we prefer to work.  In fact there mot many labels around WE would be interested in working with. 

8. Are you considering the possibility of future concerts to offer?

We just did a tour with O, and will play a few shows with Unru in November, plus the occasional on-off things and festivals. 

9. As for the future of the group, after a demo, a split and an EP, is working on something new, perhaps a long lasting?

We're currently finishing a full-length album which will be released on tape later this year. Further plans include a split with Unru and some sort of collaboration with O. 

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