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1. Why did you decide to create Eldjudnir in 2004? What happened within the group for not releasing anything until 2010 with Ragnarok?

Jacob (the original drummer) and I decided to form Eldjudnir because we had discovered, and developed a passion for black metal. We simply wanted to write harsh and aggressive music in the style of Marduk and Mayhem and all the other great bands that have influenced so many other fine acts around the world. We have evolved a little since then, I hope. The reason that we didn't record and release anything until 2010 is that we didn't have any real tracks written until around 2009, when Jacob and I moved in together. Up until that point, Eldjudnir only truly existed as an idea.

2. After nine years of stocks you're the only member of the original lineup, how have been these nine years Eldjudnir? Did you ever think to terminate the band?

Even though Eldjudnir was formed in 2004, we have only really been active as a live entity since 2010. And these last four years have been great; so much has happened with the band that it never crossed my mind to terminate Eldjudnir. Since this spring we are actually a band with more than one active songwriter. We are stronger now than ever.

3. How was the songwriting process of "Angrboða"? How is your way of working in the studio?

Angrboða was written by me. Jacob was free to do whatever he wanted with the drums, and I'm very satisfied with the result. Including Angrboða, every release has been recorded at home - Guitars and bass first, then we would borrow a rehearsalspace and record the drum parts and lastly record vocal parts and whatever else we thought was appropriate. 

4. Can we say "Angrboða" is a new beginning for the band after the compilation that collected your first two Eps?

I'd say Angrboða was a big step on the way for Eldjudnir. The next album (which is being written as we speak) will be more of a "new beginning", since it will be so much more than Angrboða is. But every record is just a step on the way for us to become what we will eventually be. 

5. In the review of "Angrboða" quoted as Solbrud Danish band, but we could also talk about Satyricon, What are your main musical influences? What can you tell us the Danish scene; for example, we can see that you have shared the stage with the aforementioned Solbrud?

Well Solbrud means a lot to us, since they are the only band in Denmark that sort of shares our philosophy about what Black Metal is and should be. We get along really great, both on and off stage, and have shared stages multiple times since we first met. They have meant very much for our success on the danish scene. Their debut album has received a lot of respect both in and out of the danish metal scene, and we have been lucky to share some of that limelight. Our main musical influences obviously differ from member to member. I would say Ulver's Bergtatt and Ved Buens Ende are huge influences on what I want Eldjudnir to be. Also Wardruna and Gorguts, especially their new release (Colored Sands). Christian is really into Deathspell Omega and Bjarne is more of a Folk Metal kind of guy.

6. The letters deal Eldjudnir around Norse mythology, what elements of Norse mythology believe and how they are present in their texts? Are the lyrics are written in Danish? Why did you choose this language?

We have written lyrics solely based on Norse Mythology, that much is true. None of us are 'Asatro' though. We obviously have tons of respect for the ancient beliefs, and will most likely continue to write songs based on them. All of the lyrics on Angrboða are written in 'Norrønt', old Icelandic, the language that was spoken in scandinavia around the age of Vikings, when Denmark was an actual world power. I believe that singing in another language than your own can give the music a different feel and mood. The new album will be written partly in Norrønt, partly in Danish.

7. What brand of instruments used in the local recording and concerts?

I personally play a Parker Fly Deluxe, which I bought in '09. That guitar is featured on every record, and is responsible for almost every guitar part up until now. It has the standard DiMarzio pickups. Christian plays an Ibanez S7420 MIJ, w. Bareknuckle War Pig in the bridge and an Ibanez RG7321, which he has heavily modified. Drummer Mads plays a Tama Artstar in various setups, depending on the gig. Bjarne plays a Cheri 5-string on a Hartke amp.

8. Five fundamental cds in black history

In no particular order:
Mayhem - Chimera
Ulver - Bergtatt
Ved Buens Ende - Written in Waters
Marduk - Plague Angel
Blut Aus Nord - 777 - Cosmosophy

9. How has the reception at concerts by the public? Do you wear a hoodie kind of habits? What does that mean?

We have garnered much acclaim for our concerts, both in reviews and in national radio. We wear the hooded cloaks because we want people to focus on the music. I believe it helps both ourselves and the audience to get in the right mood for our music. There is nothing philosophical or any traditional reasons for us to wear them, but they have become part of our image, so to speak. We consider them a replacement for the traditional corpse-paint, which wouldn't suit our style.
Since noone recognises us, it's interesting to go into the crowd after a concert and gauge people's responses when they don't know that you were just on stage.

10. Who designed the album cover? What is the relationship between the cover and the contents of the disc? What do you try to convey with your music?

The cover of Angrboða is designed by the girlfriend of Michael from Schattenkult Produktionen. It depicts the root of 'Yggdrasil' - The world tree. Angrboða is about the giantess Angrboða who gave birth to Fenris, the wolf, Jörmundgandr, the midgard serpent, and Hel who is the ruler of the halls of Eldjudnir in the domain of death.

11. Are you happy with the reception that is taking "Angrboða" media level?

Very happy. It seems to have received a fair amount of positive reviews from all over the world. I hope that means that the next album will receive the attention it deserves.

12. What reason in his life led him to want to be a musician? Are they still valid today these reasons? What does it mean for you the black metal?

I started playing music when I was 10-11 years old, so it has always been a huge part of my life. Perhaps the most important one, as it has always been able to get me through the inevitable rough patches of life. Personally, I started to play because I went to a very creative school with some amazing teachers, that encouraged every form of creative outlet. I was actually introduced to metal by my former music teacher, who decided that I should listen to Meshuggah's 'Destroy, Erase, Improve'. I think that was a defining moment for my musical direction.

13. Both the compilation like this "Angrboða" have been edited by Schattenkult Produktionen, how did the contact with the seal? Are you satisfied with the work done? Will a future linked to that label?

SKP actually haven't been involved in anything other than releasing the material on cassette tapes. That came about because Michael wrote to me and asked if we wanted to have the music released through SKP. I think we will surely do some more with them, as soon as we have more material to be released.

14. What will the future bring more immediate Eldjudnir about upcoming releases, concerts....?

Good question. We plan to record our new album this winter. The songs on this album will be more in the avantgarde vein of black metal, like Ved Buens Ende, Blut aus Nord and Deathspell Omega. Our next planned concert is february next year, so we are laying low while we write for the album. 

15. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Eldjudnir, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.

Thank you so much for the great questions! I hope the answers are satisfactory. I will only add that I'm very grateful for all the positive responses and general interest in the band. Thank you!

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