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In the Fall of 2012 Aylwin was created by Justin Ferris and Issaiah Vaca as a modern manifestation of nature. The intent was to integrate the sounds and atmosphere of the earth with elements of the "Black Metal" genre to create a sound of its own. Incorporating themes of folklore, depression, love and pain formulate the music known today as Aylwin.


1. Aylwin was born in 2012, why they decided to create Aylwin? How were the beginnings of the group? What are referred Aylwin name?
ANSWER: Aylwin is a project created by Justin Ferris and myself(Issaiah Vaca). We both decided to create Aylwin because of our interest in black metal and music associated by the genre.
I personally feel like we are still in the "beginnings" of Aylwin because of the short amount of time we've been around. The name translates to "Forest Elf" or "Friendly Elf" 

2. In just a year old, have recorded 2 splits, a demo and an ep, not wasting your time, how is your way of working in the studio? Is composing complicated?
ANSWER: The recording process is a bit complicated. We spend anywhere from 2weeks to a month recording material for releases. 

3. Farallon is also your last Americans Split Stellar Descent? How did this collaboration? What aspects both bands have in common?
ANSWER: Our collabortion came about through our friendship with Anthony(Stellar Descent) and our similar aspects is the genre of music both of our projects compose.

4. "My Spirit of Pine and the Outer Body Experience: A Sequence of Night and Day", the song that contribute to the split is quite varied in structures. Who is the female voice that appears on it? How will define this?
ANSWER: The theme of the song comes from the process of time and pain we feel we share with all things natural. The female vocals are contributed by an aquaintence of ours. Her name is Alexa Nunez.

5. Your lyrics deal mainly with nature and atavism; you think you've succeeded in uniting these concepts with the black metal?
ANSWER: Atavism is a theme in Aylwin. But I tend to also discuss personal struggles in the lyics that I feel mesh well with the emotional or romantic side of black metal.

6. What bands have brought for you the main influence on the music of Aylwin? What aspects of nature and of atavism important to consider when writing your lyrics?
ANSWER: Allot of bands in the current USBM scene have a large influence on the sound that is Aylwin along with other bands Justin and I personally listen to. The aspects of
natural life and the pure soul of nature is what also has some input on the lyrics.  

7. What were your beginnings in music and influenced you to want to dedicate yourself to be a musician?
ANSWER: Justin has been a musician for many years and has had his hand in many projects before Aylwin. We both are currently also involved in other projects. Our musical endevours never seem to end.

8. Aylwin you form two fixed component and then the direct couple have two session musicians, what can you tell us about these members live? Describe? Kind of like Aylwin is a concert?
ANSWER: Aylwin IS Justin Ferris and Issaiah Vaca. The session musicians are friends of ours who help us create the sound in real time. The live experience is best described from someone watching, not us. 

9. Aylwin publications have been published by several labels: from desktop publishing, as well as through Red River Family Records, Atlatl Music Group, etc ... Which of these formats is the most suited to the philosophy of a band like Aylwin? Who do work in the future?
ANSWER: We work closely with Red River Family Records along with Eternal Warfare Records and have upcoming releases through Domestic Genocide Records. These labels share the output we feel is needed for a band like ours. 

10. How did you decide the cover of Farallon? Where is the location that appears on the cover? What relationship can be found between the cover and the music of Farallon?
ANSWER: The cover of Farallon is a photo of Half Dome taken by Anthony(Stellar Descent) while he spent some time in Yosemite in Nothern California. The Cover represents 
the atmosphere we convey in or sound.

11. What can we expect in the future Aylwin regarding upcoming releases and concerts?
ANSWER: Spetember 9th is the digital release of our upcoming split with American band "Cerna". A cassette release is currently available for order through Red River Family Records. CD and Vinyl formats will follow shortly after.

12. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for fans of Aylwin, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.
ANSWER: We appreciate all the support we have gained world wide from all. Thank you Black Metal Spirit and thank you to all who enjoy our sound. We are eternally grateful.  Blackscaped Webshop Logo Musikhaus Thomann Linkpartner

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