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Ya tenemos con nosotros el cuarto álbum de los estadounidenses, un álbum que vuelve a confirmar a Uada como un ente diferenciador dentro de la escena del USBM y que mantiene el pulso entre sus fans más acérrimos. con una propuesta reconocible, al mismo tiempo que ingrata con el oyente más tradicional dentro del black, Uada desgrana en estos cinco temas su sonido característico, con algunas salvedades, como puede ser un carácter a lo mejor más directo que nos sorprende desde el comienzo. Uada sigue conservando esa capacidad dentro de su sonido de sonar poderosos y directo, no exentos de cierta violencia, al mismo tiempo que el entramado de guitarras ofrece un pronunciado contraste entre las partes más crudas y directas y una habilidad innata de logar colar líneas melódicas, primero en un segundo plano para luego cobrar mayor protagonismo, ofreciendo un carácter más melancólico en los temas al amparo de una carga mucho más agresiva y visceral. Lo mismo se pude decir de la batería, empleándose a fondo en una vertiente directa y violenta, sin descuidar esos pasajes de ritmo más lento en donde el sonido fluye hacia terrenos no ya sólo melódicos, sino que casi que ambientales. Las voces adoptan una faceta mucho más profunda y directa en la mayoría del álbum, logrando una mayor contundencia y empaque sin descuidar terrenos que pueden sonar más melódicos. Uada gusta de los desarrollos y la fluidez de partes meramente instrumentales, no reniegan de un alto minutaje en sus temas, y ahí es donde la bandas se siente más a gustos, fundiéndonos en pasajes instrumentales en donde las guitaras escupen riffs directos con esa melodía a la cual nos tienen acostumbrados, para reventar en pasajes más violentos, una vez que el oyente se ha dejado mecer en esos ecléticos desarrollos de los temas. Si estás familiarizado con el sonido e Uada este álbum no defraudara, tal vez más directo que sus predecesores, pero del todo inmersivo en un estilo oscuro, siniestro y melódico. (8,2).

1. The Abyss Gazing Back 07:50
  In the light of Lucifer's fire I am but a shadow of God:
No sanctity below, nor divinity behind.
Cast out; fallen and risen, here is where I continue my maraud:
For all within ourselves is what we must find.
Grandest gateways illuminate before me, through my own embodiment of thought:
Expanding endlessly in the caverns of the mind

Lower me into your deepest depths so that I may know what to rise upon:
Let us ascend beyond the seraph's site.
Night fall beneath our hooves to heave us into the highest echelon:
darkest chasm shine forever bright
It is here where providence is provided by all within the pantheon:
So shall we be no longer devoid of light

Stare into me
As I have stared into you
Shift us towards infinity
Dark matter guide us through

Unto the adumbral portal
Awaiting the end to begin
Where the lifeless become immortal
The only way out is in
2. Crepuscule Natura 06:38
Alone in the dark, where I stare at the stars communicating deeply from an open heart The scattered pieces never laid afar for all the answers begin when you decide to start Thinketh within thy soul for you shall be and be it thy existence for you shall reap Directly ask and you shall receive simply try but first you must believe What's been forebode has all been told by Twilight nature Knowledge and wealth; law unto self: it is Twilight nature Out of the storm conquerors are born from Twilight nature Mentally see what you wish to be within Twilight nature   
3. The Dark (Winter) 07:31
Out of the silent spring we fall unprepared for the darkest winter of all Blindly marching to the rhythm of the beat progression botching, watching history repeat Misinformation flooding through the controlled flow like misguided fables from the sleeping woke For the fictions of science will always come to be what we will know as our prevailing reality Another mutation now looming in the air No shots need fired though bioterror-warfare And the threats of disease is what we come to defend observing essential institutions cascading to their end And may they choke on their preferred words of conspiracy those opened mouths eating out of the hands of tyranny We will never know what it truly means to be free for behind the house of cards awaits us our hanging tree Draconian simulation Clandestine operation Hunger and despair Poison in the air Miasmic injection Carnal infection And they attack those that they once sworn to protect knowing in time our minds again would soon just forget the gravity of what is our existential threat for it is the dead who may no longer collect a debt  
4. Retraversing the Void 07:44
  Intertwined skies, accomplice of the stars
from the burning earth to the red sands of Mars
We of all things light and dark
flesh and blood; the interstellar mark
Opposing force: gravity's magnetic pull
upon distant peaks where we drink until we're full
Nautical black oceans above and below
submerged between the inner and outer flow

Within our scars the mass and within the mass our scars

We are all an individual universe
an endless sea of galaxies travelling through the multiverse
discovering the secrets we've always known
visually connecting the atoms of our own
Consciousness grows within the space between but the mind must comprehend what it is the eyes have seen
Through enlightenment the shadows will return
to ignite us with the fire's endless burn

Within the stars our blood and within our blood the stars

…within our blood the stars…

Erase away all that ever was
open the gates; embrace the greatest flood
distant particles now becoming one
Surya and Soma: The moon and the sun

Supreme concept of the continuum
empyrean fragments in equilibrium
fulfillment through mother nature's laws
we are all the substance that is and ever was

Within our blood the stars
5. Through the Wax and Through the Wane 12:03
   My moon is air
and my star of fire,
below I burn
so my ashes may continue higher
Oh, coldest night
grant me clearest sight
to grow out of your shadow
and be exposed in your searing light

Once treading against
now marching apart
clenching teeth
holding the dagger to my heart
Cognitive decline
one must set in order to arise
wisdom be within these wounds
for I will be my greatest sacrifice

A point in time where there is no time
home again from orbiting the earth
eclipse the path to those who unwind
wander into the infinite worth

Sow the seeds of the absolute
unveil the methods of liberation
resurging from the craters of the moon
thoughts; projections of a coming creation

Through the wax and through the wane
life's greatest teacher is always pain
The odysseys of you and me
it is ourselves we must reclaim
And to remain without disdain
seek higher ground: a new terrain
So close the eyes and visualize
for there is only knowledge left to gain

Issued on 180g white vinyl in gatefold jacket. Limited to 100 copies.
Issued with a hype sticker glued on foil and a double-sided printed innersleeve

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