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Segunda entrega para estos californianos que en su anterior "Entropic Reflections Continuum: Dimensional Unravel" cosecharon un buen número de merecidas buenas criticas, ofreciendo en este segundo trabajo un sonido que aún guardando paralelismos con su primer álbum afronta nuevos escenarios. Es innegable el peso y densidad de Voidceremony, con un ritmo ponzoñoso y lento nos golpean desde el comienzo, haciendo hincapié en un vertiente clásica del death metal, al altura de los grandes del género de los años ochenta y noventa, ofreciendo estilos que pueden ser encuadrados dentro del death técnico o progresivo, sobre todo por el gusto de incluir desarrollos extensos que rozan lo extravagante cunado el sonido afronta pasajes largos y reclutando riffs disonantes imposible de asimilar. Sin embargo esta faceta de su sonido que tiene mucho que ver con el death más clásico, se ve completada por un elementos de procedencia black como puede ser el ofrecer algunos cambios de ritmo dentro del sonido demoledor que ofrecen, gracias a una sonido de batería ciertamente dinámico, capaz de no perder el pulso en cuanto a profundidad y densidad pero abriéndose a registros que se pueden completar con pasajes que traen cierta ambientación al conjunto. Al mismo tiempo las guitarras ofrecen diferentes texturas, pasando de lo que en un principio es un sonido bastante monolítico y al uso, a enfocarse en ofrecer diferentes texturas que abarcan terrenos como el de las disonancias y otras que más tienen que ver con un tratamiento más cercano al black, atreviéndose con pasajes que logran tanto un componente melódico y apareciendo también secciones que pueden ser descritas como ambientales. Un álbum que conjuga perfectamente una vertiente muy clásica dentro del death metal, sobre todo si hablamos de la escena estadounidense, pero que al mismo tiempo se complementa con texturas técnicas y progresivas, dinámicas y una ambientación que lo aproxima a terrenos más cercanos al black. (8)

1. Threads of Unknowing (The Paradigm of Linearity) 03:10
Reality, the condition which thrives off chaos
Guided by a subconscious will, which exists without meaning
Parallel; unknowing and knowing
The pillars in which hold all spiral betwixt

Solo: Intertwined Chaotic Polarity (WM)

Threads of unknowing left intertwined
In opaque tears of temporal causality
The final gift of a potential idea, an effigy

Solo: Forgotten Sphere's Silver Radiance (WM)

Morning clouds ruminate over the raging sea
An ancient and forgotten future
What has been abandoned in silence
To piece together the inpermanence
What now... Never was
2. Writhing in the Facade of Time 06:53
HYPERBOREAN APPARITION: Ceremony of revelations of a prophesied night Bone is revealed through the zealous celestial burns Standing atop this plateau amongst the sky, My lamenting face turned to the portrait of... Deterioration... of the universe as we thought Poised for the final chaos Lasting in superfluous magnificence The seemingly perfect silence Writhing in the facade of time Solo: A Canvas of Waltzing Stars Melting Into Nil (HA) HYPERBOREAN APPARITION: Barriers which seemed to prevent comprehension Now melting away first the layers of Earth Followed soon by the feeble spirit of life Solo: Celestial Avid Rain (WM) WANDERING MIND: An old darkness forgotten in the burden of emotion Celebrated is the ethereal shadow of death Imbued in an essence rotted from the reflection of souls Once more shown to the psychic god pillar Before the time wound Lying in ruin is the dreadful sephirah of mankind The renewed breath of an earth Solo: Osmocephalic Emanation from the Binding Shadowpulse (WM) HYPERBOREAN APPARITION: Illusions that were cast upon your world Emerging from the time wound's deformity As all that lies within reason has found rest Determined and smothered the flame's continuum In the center lies the distortions of all space Pulling in all that can be seen "It cannot be undone."   
3. Abyssic Knowledge Bequeathed 06:15
WANDERING MIND: Gods of a fading age Consumed by black human essence Desperate to perpetuate their perverse existence Accursed plight, bound by the flames A pawn deceived by prophetic deception Forced will, veiled in obscure suffering Cast upon by illusive fate Bass Solo: Submerged by the ceaseless dark (TGRD) Usurper of light, apparatus of the dark Primordial Serpent stalks, shadows Consumed by abyss, liberated from sunlight Blood red eyes peer through reality Tearing the fabric between worlds Solo: Denying the Blade of Sacred Coalescence (HA) Reborn in fire, linked through flames of immortality Helplessly wandering time decays Afflicted by the plague of undeath   
4. Entropic Reflections Continuum 05:32   
Unraveling slowly through aeons of time
As the thresholds wore thin
From this womb of existence
Revealed behind the veil

Within a uterine continuum
Bearing the sacred energy
This which has pervaded through our time
Behold the sickness of man's god
Encased in zeal, blind to knowledge

Sacred and forgotten truth, which had been gifted to oblivion
This revelation, written in menstrual blood

Distorted are reflections obscured by entropy
Final visions are met with the sealing of the profaned memories
Soul absorbed, incorporeally erased
Staring into the burning sun

Descried through temporal insight
Reflective enigmatic eclipse
Final vision before the gateway seals,,, infintely...

Solo: Temporal Void Appears (WM)
Solo: Eclipse Borealis (HA)
Solo: Abyss Knowledge Revealed (WM)
Solo: Astral Absorption and Madness (HA)
Bass Solo: Sinister Cessations Everflowing Through a Luppiter Lapis (TGRD)
5. At the Periphery of Human Realms (The Immaterial Grave) 03:50   instrumental
6. Forlorn Portrait: Ruins of an Ageless Slumber 11:04
And there it stood, adorned in dreadful beauty
Despicable yet enthralling
The angel hath stared deep through my soul
Ripped out from my being was my will to return
Prying hand of void
Absorbing memories
Revealing psychological desire
The vision of the innermost self, tears lost in an ethereal sea
Symbols of forgotten god
Considering the baneful illusion
Of one lost dream called self

Hallucinations whispered through the wind
Surrounding the mother's womb
And within this hollow, veiled from the moon
The prayers echo into nothing
Vestige of the final soul illuminating the darkness
Clutched tight to dried and decayed form

Tranquility beneath the profaned cosmos
This ageless time's slumber
Blessed to reflect endlessly...

Painted in the sky
A forlorn portrait, humanity's only memory

Cannot awaken from the dream of death...
...Cannot awaken from the dream of death
Storm echoes in silence
Life is centuries distant, resting eternal without thought
The angel's eroded bones bearing the threads of fate

Bass solo: The Ancient and Tumultuous Silence (TGRD)
Solo: Tears Which Died (WM)

Lamentations in solitude
Geld in despicable angel's grip...
From the onset... Determined

The faded vision of man
The Empty, Grand Majesty
These aeons had sought an end so long ago
Solitude... Eternal...
For the perpetual mind is sealed

Solo: Black Lightning Across the Stygian Horizon (HA)
Solo: Gaze of the Angel (WM)
Solo: Illumination of the Final Soul (HA)
Bass Solo: Mystick Quake from the Grand Equalizer (TGRD)
Solo: Enraptured by a Nameless Truth (HA)
Solo: Hallucination from the Psychic God Pillar (WM)
Bass Solo: Accepting the Calmness of the Void (TGRD)

Cannot awaken from the dream of death
The angel's frail rotted form
Buried final threads of causality
Resting forever without thought

Orange vinyl limited to 500

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