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Good afternoon, thank you very much for answering these questions, how is everything going in New York?
It’s a grind but, conflict and consequence builds better art.

Last Legion was born in 2010, tell us a little about how you decided to create the band and why do you choose the name of Last Legion?
The band was formed in 2009. The name Last Legion represents the last stand in battle, the time before death and, the willingness to push on despite the odds arrayed against you.

Three years later comes your first album "Edge of the World", how was the process of composition and recording of this first album?
The band was in its infancy and we were still trying to figure out what sounds worked with what songs. Also as far as composition there wasn't a distinct trail to follow. Think of it as the first leg in a long journey.

Then the band enters a period of silence of several years and has to face important changes in training, why and how necessary were these changes in the line-up?
Life sometimes takes us on different paths ya know? It’s hard to make ends meet and be in a band in NYC.

Almost five years later your second album "Muspelheim" arrives, where you have worked mainly on finding a good balance between aggressiveness and melody, how has the composition process of this new album been and what fundamental aspects do you consider have changed with respect to "Edge of the World"?
As far as “Edge of The World” we were still looking for our sound.  There was a lot of experimentation with different gear and what we were trying to say with the music itself. By the time we started “Muspelheim” there was a more refined way of writing material at this stage. Chris had a vision of how the songs would play out and I (Jay) had a better understanding on what we were trying to create. 

What has been the level of involvement of the new musicians when composing and recording? 
To be honest Chris writes all the music and I Jay write most of the lyrics. People who have joined and recorded with us follow our lead in what we are trying to create. Many people have played in this band and many have left a mark in their contributions. We thank all who participated.

"Muspelheim"? And what do you think has been his greatest contribution in terms of the evolution of your sound?
The music paints a picture in the mind of the listener. The lyrics only tell part of the story.

Are you satisfied with the level of response from the media and the listeners regarding "Muspelheim"? And what opinion or comment has surprised you the most?
It’s been pretty good and to be honest I wish we could take it in more but we’re prolific and already started writing new material. Though having the song “Arsenal” in the movie Tully was really cool. As well as the many shows and festivals we’ve played.

In an album like "Muspelheim" there are different styles such as black, death, viking ..., being a bit complicated to fit inside one of them, how would you define and describe the sound that you have achieved?
Every song has a distinct vision with respect to composition and arrangement so learning and knowing different styles of metal helps to tell that tale.

I suppose with a style that has a lot to do with viking, your musical influences will have to be sought in Scandinavian bands. What are your reference bands and how have they influenced the sound and style of The Legion?
Traditional black metal is a big influence in its ability to be simple yet complex in its composition. And death metal for its malleabilityand power.

As for the lyrics, and without being a conceptual album, it is true that they revolve around Nordic mythology, which is perhaps inevitable when performing viking metal, do you follow the classic patterns of texts about Norse mythology to create the lyrics of "Muspelheim" or are there contributions that go beyond what is established?
We are pretty well versed in the mythos and take great pride in trying to tell the stories and a way that is authentic and epic. Though the last song on “Muspelheim” is about the “Vlka Fenryka” or “Space wolves” of the Warhammer 40,000 lore which is a hobby Jay is really into.

"Muspelheim" has been released through the label of your bass player "Gravel Entertainment", apart from this, have you had interests or offers from other labels to edit the album in some other format?
No. Gravel Entertainment has been good to us. There are never comprises in the composition of our material.

New York surely is a hotbed of extreme metal bands, but how do you see the scene in New York with respect to bands with folk and viking connotations? What bands can you recommend that are related to your sound in your area?
There are many great bands in the city though Last Legion has its own distinct sound in my opinion.

Almost a year ago "Muspelheim" was released, have you started working on new themes to give continuity? What can you tell us about the possibility of a new album.
We are very prolific and have already started writing the next album.

Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of the Legion, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.

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The tracks on side B are listed in the wrong order on the cover.


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