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Origen: Grecia, Atenas
Formados: ?
Estilo: Black
Temática: Anticapitalismo, corrupción y opresión.
Enlaces: Bandcamp, facebook y youtube 
Miembros: ?

  • Centennial Single 2017  
  • Hɪðəˈtu CD 2018
  • Forthcoming Humanity CD 2020
Hɪðəˈtu (2018)

Primer larga duración para está formación griega sobre la que no hay mucha información en cuanto a line-up. Procedentes de Atenas entregan siete temas en poco más de cuarenta minutos, enfocando y dejando influenciar su música por una vertiente actual dentro del black metal. Llama la atención desde el inicio la temática de su música, sus letras tienen una fuerte carga social de renuncia y repudio hacia el capitalismo, de ahí el título del álbum, algo así cómo "romper la roca" y que aleja de la temática más oscura predominante en el género. Estamos ante un álbum de una sonido compacto, trabajado y elaborado que logra trasmitir una gran intensidad sobre todo gracias a la agresividad de las voces, desprendiendo rabia y odio en cada tema, una intensidad que se ve incrementada por momentos a golpe de batería. Desde luego que otro punto a favor de este trabajo es lo variado de la propuesta que aún centrándose en ofrecer un black directo y de corte actual como comentaba anteriormente, es capaz de alternar momentos que rozan lo atmosférico, en donde arremeten la mayoría de las veces con voces casi que corales, habladas, de gran fuerza e intensidad, complementándose a la perfección con el conjunto y la línea del álbum sin desentonar en ningún momento. Hay también algunos buenos riffs esparcidos a lo largo de este trabajo, que en un primer momento no llaman la atención pero que si acaban por aflorar como elementos en torno a los cuales se va asentando su música. No podemos decir que estamos ante un trabajo monótono, más bien todo lo contrario, aún siguiendo una línea que no arriesga en exceso, podemos disfrutar y apreciar un álbum repleto detalles, intenso y cargado de mensaje. (8).

1. Chapter I - Trauma 02:34   instrumental

2. Chapter II - Voices of Self 07:24
I bow with awe to my many Voices of Self 
The many faces of my ordeal / thousands kneeling, whispering "kneel" 
oh when they settle in / The voiceless screams 
they take control of my mind / there is no place to hide 

Take a good glance / shake the frantic hands 
Repeat your common dead-end fights 
or arise 
Your days are theirs / But Your nights am I 

I will be reborn / I am Aenaon 
Fear is the norm / for the plebeian form 
I know you 'll be here / My soul to heal 
We'll persevere [through] their Nightmares of Real 

We'll set ablaze their Nightmares of Real 

“The sign is the search itself, the sign is you! You, hobbling out of the mud of the roads. / It’s you. We who are questing: we are the now, the past and that which is yet to come 

The old are stationary, [they’ve already been.] Old believers, dead 
already / The bricks of the Cathedral say nothing.”
3. Chapter III - Manderlay 04:29
Is it strange for you? G: Is it what you wished to be(come)? What is strange for you? G: I am your moment of clarity Throu now & then & always G: the breath of misery on your back Throu now and then and always∙ G: escaping artists (we shall be) Still undecided on what is real / Virtual God is fake when I am awake Virtual is real when she is near / she’s always here You’ll see Manderlay when you’re throu G: the prophet’s dead there’s only u You ‘ll see her fences torn in two G: (it’s up to you) and me and you An inner faith runs us throu G: (destroy this place) built it anew If nothing strange, if all is good fucked up slave∙ Manderlay is you A slave with questions / is a slave upon thresholds
4. Chapter IV - Song of the Coming 07:07
  Don’t you see your world going down? / A future hollow 
All the plans now spent / as illusions end 
All this blind sorrow / I cannot follow 

Where are my principles now? / Fighting my way against the crowd 
To find a new dealer-god / To walk this loophole path 

Do you remember now? / The time when we were proud? 
Part of many / Is this fire still burning? 
Or are we sunk? / As Heroes, Unsung 
Or are we sunk as all those Heroes· Dead and unsung? 

Oh no· we are not done / Be it so· We are the song of the coming 

Go find your peace in the war 
The only war worth fighting for 
We ‘ll Terrorize - the terrorist’s soul 
As One / One / One· We are not done 

Shake this world of misery 
Alpha Slave’s Revolt Against / This 1% society
5. Chapter V - Servile Rage 04:37
   I come for you tonight 
Throu pain and loss I have survived 
I hunt you down tonight 
A burning image of the past 

I come to end this blight 
Enemies since the start of Time 
Ancestral is the Prophecy 
Victorious is this Blood Red Night 

Never again 
Resist / Reclaim 

Born in Exile / Open your eyes 
Civilizations of fear and lies 
We bring forth the Fog of War 
The Servile Rage outside your golden door 

We make this world turn round and round 
Up-from-the-well, disgraced and frowned 
Except this last time / We come. You die
6. Chapter VI - (Too) Late Capitalism 06:48
  They where then / guilty as charged 
Nurtured the beast until it bitted their hand 
Profits in peace / more profits in war 
Eugenic plans are never put on hold 

They are now / guilty as charged 
Summoners of the Tide / the radioactive ash 
Accumulate / Desecrate / Uncreate 
Until all life’s in vain … 

So, where’s you nazi god? / So, where’s your nazi god now? 
Hammered and sliced and forced to bow 
So where’s your nazi god / Who’s your new nazi god now?
7. Chapter VII - Centennial 08:39
Who forged your Cross & your Crown? Who made you Lords of All-around? In your Slaver dreams we drown / You’re dragging us down Oppressor & Oppressed / [The] Generic Truth of the Human Race Our gods are bankers / our kings are thieves Their heavens are rooted in the hell we live in True Satan am I we rise for the sky, We serve no more / We run this show. Only this do we know / Only this do we owe We come from below / To settle the score (Stare at your Enemy / Study your Enemy / Invert the Fear This Hell is Real) We burn our gods and kill our kings Emancipated from true capital sin The ages pass but the slaves remain That's why we're bound to carry the flame In the Name of the Unborn Dead For those who joined the Perennial Quest Tear down the Credo of the Bourgeoisie The Burial Grounds of the Commodity … Free... | X̶ ̶-̶ ̶E̶ ̶-̶ ̶X̶'̶ | 

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