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Origen: Francia, Nancy, Lorraine
Formados: 2011
Estilo: Black
Temática: Agonia y muerte
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  • Apathy Guitarra y voces
  • Armory Bateria
  • Ben Bajo
  • H.K.A Guitarra
  • Raido Guitarra

  • MMXII Demo 2012  
  • Faith in Flesh CD 2014  
  • Symposium of Torments CD 2017
  • Condamnés CD 2023
Segundo larga duración para el combo francés en donde siguen un poco el camino trazado en anteriores obras, pero está vez teniendo que hacer frente a la salida de uno de sus miembros fundadores, sin embargo creo que el resultado final no se ha resentido. El sonido de la banda queda perfectamente reflejado en sus principales influencias y la inclusión del tema "Natassja in Eternal Sleep" en el tributo a Darkthrone, en el cual participaron, nos puede dar una idea bastante clara de donde proceden estas. Alejándose un tanto de temas más trillados en el black metal, Karne ofrecen en este "Symposium of Torments", diez historias repletas de muerte, decadencia y agonía. Sonido de black nórdico, en una línea bastante clásica con influencias claras de Darkthrone como anteriormente mencionaba, con una buena línea de riffs melódicos prácticamente presentes en todas las composiciones que hace que en algunos momentos su música se acerque a terrenos sinfónicos pero sin embargo no abandona el tono crudo y directo, conservando el poso e influencias de la escena francesa. Sin lugar a dudas estamos ante un lanzamiento más que atractivo, que se identifica con la corriente escandinava, con unas buenas líneas de guitarra melódica y un buen y elaborado trabajo en las letras. (8,3).

1. False King Coronation 05:40
  The sky is closely watching him, motionless
Lying down in the middle of thousand laughs
Surrounding with smilling faces staring at him
Blaming his belief, punishing his choice
Satisfied to see this soul, suffering
From this dry sand brushing his eyes
Delighted to play with a tied-up body
Covered with bleeding wounds
His dusty skin hides his swollen veins
By the desperate beating of his scared heart
However loud he begs for mercy
His fate is already engraved in their joy
Feeling cold iron going through his flesh
Hearing his own blood dripping down from his hands
The pace of the hammer strokes accompany his heavy breathing
Like a church bell rises above the silence of a cemetery
With pain his eyes get closed and crossed
Releasing a few tears sliding down his skin
All muscles of his body get constricted and stiff
As if they would be already dead and cold for hours
Now he is united with a wooden bed
2. Pyre of Disloyalty 05:09
At the end of the rope, the humiliated being
Soiled in wet straw, on it befalls clouds of spittles 
With clasped hands, in front of the desertion of her won people
Worship facing theirs, turned towards the greatest misfortune
Heretic among saints, saint among heretics
Tormented by swords, spears and inquisitive hands
Abased, her nudity against the wall collecting her tears
Looking out the bars for her purest lie
Imploring creations of help that never comes
The hair between her fingers falling on the way of rats
Accused of being the man she has never been
Thousand splinters under her shivering skin
A last glance at the one she no longer waited for
Rush and lick the waverings which melt her
Evaporating clothes, hair and ultimate hopes
Suffocating the King's smiles and the rage of battle
She rejoins her lie through paths that traitors have traced
Four times the bright burns strive not to let a thing
Annihilating all of lorraine up to her bones' fundament
3. Waltz in the Shade 04:10
Under this majestic shadow, red is the rain
Loaded up with alternately pain and grief
Creeping leisurely down a wooden path
Colonized by heaps of lifeless flesh
Swaying along a tepid wind
Many dismaying wry faces destitute of greatness
Linking up bodies flagging in an distressing posture
Blossoming leaves coated with smell of putrefaction
As a ring of puppets dance on a constant pace
Looming like a mirror in front of death
The ones out of the mainstream dread you
Escorting sinful souls to hellish underslands
Through roots feeding on their congealed blood
Dozing from mangled limbs and chafed throat
Embraced by tight ropes which denounce
A servitude of a lonely pitiless master
4. Enlightenment of the Flayed 04:29
  Seeping into their nostrils, raising in them this severe paranoïa
Complaints turned into yells, breaking off the vocal chords
Becoming squeaks without pain among these strange murmurs
Then, the pages close the only access, sealed in the faeces
The cries subside in a world closed upon itself
Hour after hour, the heavy silence grazes
The reason of the blind onlookers
Losing control of those whose eyes are wide open
The emaciated beg, thrusting their fingers under their muscles
Stomachs placed on the floor, digesting their own flesh
As the fight begins, skeletal cries seek the atmosphere without sleep
The hands go crazy, pulling throats; teeth, and arteries
Dreams injected into one of them set up the fate of his body
The minute his eyelids close, his heart stops
The whispers continue whining, a smile freezes on the lacerated face
Motionless grin striving against the weight of a murderer sleep
Released by a void where blood and brain escape from
The generated lunacy assaulting its own creator
Faintly soughing for the last time
That freedom was within reach
5. Sempiternal Shackles of Savagery 05:02
Bodies pile up, suffocate by hundreds at the rate of waves
Further at any moment, the mythical Ifé, cradle of the unreal
Extinguished with a backhand are the revolting thoughts, restrained
With dangling arms, carried by metallic rattling
Annihilated are human hopes, annihilated are childhood dreams
Apart are the hearts, as soon as the brakes squeak resound
As soon as wood reaches rock, stigmatizing designed destinies
The generated inhumanity gathers under cracking whips and rifle stock
Erecting wonders of the world for self-proclaimed gods
May Sakpata cover their lives with torments of plague
Arising fury gets them suffocate at the end of rope
Or on a heap of skeletal puppets and satisfied flies
Tanakh mourned over, blazing, urine vapours escaping from
Hougan's blood consumed by soil of endless fields
As the one, by the sand of the lower being
In days of yore, come to entertain crowds
Like worthless dogs, engraved in common moral
Human kind, under God's stare, inflicting since the dawn of time
Embers and steel for its magnificence and its decadence
Beyond good and evil
6. Ave Patria, Morituri Te Salutant 05:02
In a rain of steel and stars of terror Scraps of bark make way to a rough black sea Dark waves cover the corpses of the wretched Fallen such puppets thrown to the borders of torment Feet trample on chests buried in the mire Faces still streaming with blood and terror The melody of howlings of sorrow and hatred Hardly combine with the din of hellish detonations These fleshes which run, fly, fall for days and days Every condemmed one straight off replaced Give form to a ballet of lights and tortures Which the acts make an epileptic nightmare Minds forever engraved through lying companions Filled with pools from where distorted limbs come out Will make disfigured automatons of some of them And of everyone, men plunged into realities of human horror For a hundred years, green glass dresses the injuries of earth and bones Where hundreds of souls wander on a desert shaped of impacts
7. Desire Achievment 03:36
From a coldness caused by a soulless iron blade Her heart turns unbeating and stiffens her undressed body Stained with blood disguising a wound which sets entrails free Veins and arteries empty gradually and flood the sating spot A fearful glare escapes from the pale eyes of her And drowns into the night depth of her agonizing calvary Wide open mouth is evidence of depraved relief Fulfilled with passion and breeding insanity around On a bed of cobbles, the abandoned masterpiece of profligacy Lies dead as a carcass nibbled by a flock of vultures Consumed until complete wear and dilapidation A soul in pain is confined inside Legs rise in the air like a lustful animal Providing charisma of worms kissing a piece of decaying flesh 
8. As Below so Above 04:33
Eyes opening, finding out verdant expanse in a thrill
Struggling to keep the head above this liquid flesh sea
Pestilential waves which tentacles emerge from
Guts of a nameless and pervasive abomination
Decaying hands pulling me towards the endless abyss
Soul volutes veil my sight with milky blur
The struggle for air kindles my lungs, my mind
My hands grasp the velute of tatters and the redemptive rock
The unreal performance leads to the most unfounded frights
Spewing, indescribable limbs dance haunts me
The ground shirks, taken away the obscurity
And leaves me sink down, my skin running away
Getting these fingers bak on my skinned members
The shrill sound of the divine
Splits the gruesome faces clouds
Opening my soul on universe realities
Horror shimmers my body, the other I who's sleeping
Thee comprehension hits me on the ending
My organic matter flows, joining in the foul scum
No longer waking up, away from the waves where my remains stand
9. The Price of Faith 04:23
  The iron through the throat of the Forth, emptying his veins
Condemned his soul, condemned his body to torment
Inhuman kingslayer, from savior to disgusting dog
Acted to liberate his own, lynched by them all
Tampered togs, his shaking bones oozing fear
The mallet pressing wood into his flesh
But teeth cracking is his only answer
His pride flowing out tear by tear on his cheeks
Prostrated in sputum in front of his mute god
Candle in his hand, forgiveness implored to Justice
His hand disappears in fumes under molten Sulphur
His crackling skin, carbonizes, blisters, becomes ashes
Flanks, arms and thighs, his whole body fights against the red steel
As blood and saliva seal his dry lips
Horses rush to the four cardinal points
Muscles scream to death to let them go
The are through the air helps these sickly members
Perished in a thousand sorrows the one who killed for his God
10. Among the Void 04:40
  The sun is still not risen above me
But even though I wake suddenly
Impossible to feel any heat here
But just a smell of death around
Deep black looks down on this place
Useless and despairing to open an eye 
Breathing in and out goes harder and harder
Distress and thirst come straight to me
Giddiness lays hands on my lost mind
Dust drops down at the least motion
On my sweaty eyelids and my shivering jaws
Providing a sensation of entombment
The sides which keep me locked in
Seem to be infinitely thick by touching
Loudly screams of fear sound hollow
Then vanish without answer nor echo
Heart beating is the only distinct noise
Clicking like a countdown of my own release
And blends with crashing sounds of kicks
Against unyielding infernal wooden walls
A blind feel of bleeding invades my fingers
Shaking in an air shortage standing up
And sends my mind into a dull dream
Led by a silence worthy of a graveyard

"Mysteries" was recorded at the Black Chamber during the 10th full moon of MXIV.

MYSTERIES is dedicated to Portuguese Black Magic, to those who damn their souls summoning the dead, to fulfill their will of CHAOS and EVIL.

4th press on 140g 'ultra clear' vinyl housed in a 300gsm jacket with matte varnish and inside flooded in black. Includes a double-sided printed 250gsm cardboard insert and a A2 poster on 150gsm art paper.
Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.


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