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Origen: Colombia, Papayán
Formados: 2008
Estilo: Ambient, black metal
Temática: Ancestral, profanación, satán y trascendencia.
Enlaces: Bandcamp y facebook
  • Natt-Djevel Todos los instrumentos y voces

  • Silentium Aeternus CD 2012  
  • Dark Samadhi: The Quest of the Seeker EP 2017
Segundo lanzamiento para esta one man band colombiana después del álbum "Silentium Aeternus" de hace unos cinco años, regresando está vez con un EP de cuatro temas con una duración cercana a los veinte minutos. El Ep se abre con una breve intro, que da paso al primer tema del álbum "Soul Whispers", un tema bastante variado que se apoya en unas guitarras de factura melódica y al mismo tiempo triste, centrándose en ofrecer una canción repleta de sentimientos encontrados e inquietudes, tal vez adolece de cierta concreción pero sirve de calentamiento para lo que nos espera a continuación. A partir de aquí llega "Grey Waves... Desolation" un tema que si que suena mucho más logrado, rezuma sonido de clásico, de ritualismo y oscuridad y la presencia de unas voces hacia la parte media final que trasmiten desesperación son todo un acierto. El tema que cierra este trabajo "Farewell" es otro acierto, a las voces agresivas se le unen unos coros de femeninos creando una buena dualidad que se adentra en terrenos de la trascendentalidad y el esoterismo, mantiene el buen pulso en las guitarras, con riffs que al mismo tiempo que son melódicos tienen un componente triste y melancólico. Lo cierto es que estamos ante un Ep muy recomendable, sonido potente, buenas bases de guitarra que no tienen nada que envidiar a bandas escandinavas y que lleva al oyente hacia un viaje por el cosmos a través de la consciencia. (7,9).

1. Mantra (ॐ) 01:05  
2. Soul Whispers 06:50
Today, submerged amidst thoughts, Immersed in the cosmic consciousness, Seeking the non-existent “trifle”, Among gods and pagan demons, Meditating in an astral world, Between light and darkness. The wish of knowing dominating me Rummaging where life and death are in communion. I feel a guide in this path But I cannot see its face, I cannot hear its voice, Only a slight sigh, a slight whisper, An emotionless whisper, emotions whether human or divine. ¿Where am I? ¿Could it be the nonexistence? ¿Could it be the melting of creation and destruction? ¿Or is it just the Kriya state that leads me to this feeling? But if this is real, ¿Where do this whispers come from? Those that bewilder and enlighten my mind at the same time. It’s a state I don’t want to leave, It’s the existential ecstasies, It is deep bliss, It is to live in death. Time does not exist, distance either, What I desire materializes, I move through thousands of worlds And dispel in thousand words. Cosmic illumination, Infinite Darkness, Nirvana, Astral ascension. I do not discern my soul from my mind, I feel I am one with the matter, To be immersed in inherent cosmos, The end and the beginning of the journey of the seeker. Now I understand the whispers, I know who dictates them, It was the not-I voluntarily acting. I did not know it dwelled in me, I did not know its motives, It was it who provoked me to quest, To abandon the earthly world of the simple and mere feelings And explore the chaotic sensation of living the not… death... Now I know… Now I understand… I know what I want... I know what I wish... Today I bring myself back to life in the acausal journey of the seeker. “Now the journey starts, though I understood the whispers this path is not clear, forms I never saw materializes and vanish in front of me. ¿Do they want me to proceed or its motive is to prevent me finding The Forbidden? ….. I will find… out” 
3. Grey Waves... Desolation 05:16
Chaos consumes my soul and keeps it in ecstasy Leading it deeper and deeper in the storm, Devouring its emotions and freezing its warm, Allowing it to break through the cold gates of hell. Faceless demons, travelers of another ages, Trapped in the mystic labyrinth of madness. ¿Madness or reality? I do not know, but they look consumed by their desires, ¿Am I one of them? ¿Will I be one of them? Stay in Kriya, stay in ecstasy, Stay in the truth, stay in Samadhi. Seek for the path, seek for the dark, Only one way to madness. Insane minds, rotten hearts, Forgotten souls, eternal travelers, Seek for the path, seek for the dark, Only one way truth-wards. Frozen hearts awaiting the disclosure of the next state of conscience, State of nothingness, The acausal world where the soul is only a subtle remembrance of a past life. Stay in Kriya, stay in ecstasy, Stay in the truth, stay in Samadhi. Seek for the path, seek for the dark, Only one way to madness. Insane minds, rotten hearts, Forgotten souls, eternal travelers, Seek for the path, seek for the dark, Only one way truth-wards. But something changed …… ¿Where am I? ¿Am I dead? Those demons are not anymore, Hell’s now just the Void … SEMPER OUM ORAYHS I am alone, there is no light, there is no dark, only silence. Everything is a sea of grey waves, infinite waves advancing when dying. SEMPER OUM ORAYHS (There are no whispers, there is no Not-I, there’s no more my soul, there is no cosmos) There are no whispers, there is no Not-I, there’s no more my soul, there is no cosmos. Am I condemned to the infinity of the acausal world or ¿is it just the state of the conscience in Samadhi? SEMPER OUM ORAYHS Will burn, the infinity …. I will shrivel up in Nirvana…. I know well …. I know well…. AVE SEMPER YUKTESWAR AVE SEMPER YUKTESWAR SEMPER OUM ORAYHS……….
4. Farewell 05:40
Farewell Voyager, Only the remembrance of what once you were In that time, in that world, Only the minute presence of matter. Now you vanish, prevail over the infinity. Now your death, rebirth in cosmic blood. Farewell Voyager, We bow to you, to what you are. You are Universe in the vast sea Of Infinite Grey Waves that die at birth To be an Acausal entirety Without cosmic understanding. OUM…SEMPER LUX OUM…SEMPER MORS Voyager: “Now I can see the soul of the Universe raising and burning… at my side, My own soul, my existence, I can see with the eyes of a God, Exist in life and death Through the Infinity…” Farewell Voyager, The passing of time shan’t bring you into oblivion (We won’t forget you with the passing of time), We’ll only be keepers of the truth Through the cold deserts of death, Until perishing, when a new Voyager Awakens to start the Quest…. OUM…SEMPER LUX OUM…SEMPER MORS 

5. VALA 

Nekrokrist SS started 2001 by H. Nekrokrist playing primitive black metal. After releasing debut album “Suicide” by Primitive Reaction 2007, band has grown their status in underground scene with numerous split and EP releases. 2013 became time for second full-length album “Der Todesking”.


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