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Origen: Brasil, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais
Formados: 2014
Estilo: Black
Temática: Filosofía, gnosis luciferana y ocultismo
Enlaces: BandcampFacebook y soundcloud
  • Algol Guitarra y voces
  • Grave Violator Batería
  • Thiago Vaz Bajo
  • Stormy Tide CD 2016
  • Alianza maldita sudamericana Split 2018
  • The Endless Eye CD 2019
Primer larga duración de esta banda procedente de Brasil que se presenta con un álbum de black metal con diferentes influencias y que por momentos se acerca a una propuesta más melódica para otras sonar más crudo. Desde el tema inicial queda bien a las claras que estamos ante una banda que ha sabido plasmar en ciertas partes la impronta de la segunda ola del black metal, pero con un sonido bastante actual y en donde los riffs están muy presentes, sonando variados y aportando ese dosis de melodía a su música, por momentos más cercanos al metal, otras al rock y otras al thrash, pero siempre fieles a propuesta del grupo. Las voces se adentran en terrenos agresivos y directos, encajando perfectamente el propuesta oscura y melódica muy influenciada por la obra de Nietzsche. A pesar de las diferentes influencias anteriormente comentadas, también es cierto que el combo tiene un sonido propio que da como resultado un black melódico, de sonido bastante actual y que transita por diferentes estilos, variado en lineas generales,  no exento de buenos riffs que no dejan de sorprender por su buen hacer y que trasmite un aura filosófica. Tal vez no sea del agrado del publico más purista del género, pero en lineas generales el álbum cumple. (8,1).

1. Stormy Tide 03:11
Navigator, you travel all night long Your challenge has just begun Tired of dead waters You embraced the stormy tide. In my eyes insane flames Shadow of madness lurk in my head. Standing in the abyss we will remain Navigator, you’re not the same Your Scars came by the flames You Embraced the stormy tide My hand against the cross. By the lord of flames and formless, king of fire spirits The beauty that is one black flame The justice that surpasses shame. 
2. Faceless 04:30
 Beyond the veil of gorgon 
It’s what men want 
Becomes stone 
Return to dust 
Come Maenad 
Let your home behind 
Come Maenad 
Drink the wine again 
The clouds he speaks 
He challenges the eternal 
Come Maenad with songs tread the path 
The Darkness throne is my throne 
Feel the force of evil 
Open the gates of hell 
The eternal hell revives 
And with him the crows and I 
I’m the faceless
3. The Eternal Hourglass of Existence 03:16  
  I founded my rite in choirs dancers 
God-demon, disguised in man. 
A sorrow pleasurable as a painless pain. 
Demon bringer of the mysteries 
This life as you live it 
You’ll have to live it countless times. 
The eternal hourglass of existence 
And you with her, dusting from the dust 
Put on the fire mask 
Put on the fire mask 
The endless turn calls for all
4. Ecce Homo 04:50
Yes I know from where I came Ever hungry like a flame I consume myself and glow Light grows all that I conceive Ashes everything I leave Flame I am assuredly Your excess of light Is also your obscurity Wanderer The furthest world deserves your shadows For you compassion is a crime The path ends; Abyss and deathly silence Your will strayed to its doom Wanderer Believe in danger now and you – are lost Never Beg Take, take, take instead If you want to spare your eyes And your mind Follow the sun From the shadows behind
5. Forged in Fire 03:55
  We are from the second fire 
We are the mirror liar 
All that we see or seem 
Is a dream within a dream 
Things that comes from the heaven 
As others were; I have not seen 
As others saw; I could not bring 
Feel the kiss of a snake 
Cold gliding in the thorny brake 
When you can see the light 
You’ll have no more eyes 
So, don’t believe in truths 
A fuck messiah 
Not for you 
Not for us 
No survivors 
Dear nightmares take me 
To the ends of spirit
6. Frozen Path 04:30
Desperation or a journey to death? Cursed those who are on their knees And remain gripped by fear Slaves of this world be for me One more step Cause the cold that feeds me Keeps burning The frozen path Is a permanent desire Listen the chords of demise He is the anthem of life Desperation or a sigh of shame? Here is my devotion forged in blood and pain 
7. Narrow Soul's 03:28
Father I felt you across the moor, Like a crows over the cross. Father, bring me from paradise What was stolen from the abyss: the life at its most natural form. Drive your coach and your plough over the bones of the dead. You feel my bones ,my past, so you're closer to the death The Change begins in the hell and everything's vibrates. Father Your blood shall be upon them like the wind running through the rain Fire skin, untouchable Artful spirit invincible

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