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Good afternoon, thank you very much for answering these questions, how's it going by Jakarta? 
Thanks and fine we wish you well also there.

1. Barzakh was born in 1998, at that time the training was Kiky, Yusuf and Rony, with a style that focused on black metal, it has been a long time since the band and after several lineup changes still active today with Getz and Agni lineup. At what point do you joined to Barzakh? And how was your integration group?  
I joined since the band stand.
I remain solid.

2. At any time did you get to be related to the original members of Barzakh ?. If I'm not mistaken all dead today, but what happened in their lives that precipitated the events that way ?. Is it for you a great responsibility to have to go ahead with the legacy of the band?              
We are always in touch and communication.
In our band who died two rony and yudi after that we are looking for new personnel.
Responsibility and the band is that we all continue to work    .

3. Although the band was created in 1998, it was not until 2001 that he released his first demo "From the Devil to Sin" and in 2004 his first album "Holy Heart in Hypocrite", two works that undoubtedly off the essence of Barzakh in sound, a sound is influenced by Nordic black metal from the mid-nineties, what memories do you have of this time regarding Barzkah? and How was the process of writing and recording these albums?
Always training and worked hard processor songs.
For the process of writing and recording we always get together and deliberations to produce the best.

4. Is it true you because of the large number of changes in training issues new albums have not been very common., Do you think have been a more stable within Barzakh the formation history of the band would be different?
Said is not common because we tried new programs
Different era and the era of constantly changing but we are trying to stay on track with black metal

5. Protocol after editing your first album comes the release of a compilation, a split and the second and so far last album Barzakh, "In a Meaning the Note", focusing on it, I think the sound of the band undergoes an evolution towards death metal, noticeable in the voices and the structure of music in general. Do you also appreciate this evolution in the sound of Barzakh on his latest album and how you face the recording of this album compared to previous?.
Of course we appreciate.
Each album in the recording process is almost the same but the album In A Meaning The Note is simpler than the previous album.
We try to strive for good results.

6. In 2015 comes the issue of split "6 Ways of Hell" where a handful of bands of black gather and death metal in Southeast Asia for just over forty minutes smashing the listener with his compositions, How did the possibility of making this split with other bands? does it respond to the comments above, ie the evolution of the sound of Barzakh more towards death, what you felt like it do this shared fairly aggressive bands and nearby sounds death? Do you keep some kind of contact with people "Suicidal" "Goresluts", "Savage Deity" "Horrific Disease" or "Shadowmirth"'.
The process of split 6 of hell we were contacted by one of the members of the split is suicidal tell us the songs and split 6 ways of hell in russia records satanath.
If vocal, we attempted for the best and exercises.
Our store their contacts in the split album because it is available .

7. If at first the concept of Barzakh venia influenced by the legacy of bands like Mayhem, Dissection or the first Cradle of Filth, today still are your main influences? What bands recommend us nowadays, especially focusing on your area?
Yes, our music, we are still heavily influenced Mayhem, Dissection, Crdle Of Filth, and some influence of metal music in the 80s, 90s a little too swedish metal and metal scandinavian
We try to influence the focus of a wide range of metal music for maximum results.

8. I was going through your head right now bands like Genocide Shrines, Draconis Infernum, Rudra, Infernal Execrator, noncombustible Impiety, or those closest to you Vallendusk, how do you see the extreme metal scene in Southeast Asia?
They are nice .

9. I guess the scene in Indonesia is moving at a fairly underground level but with a significant number of fans, is very difficult to give a concert in a place like Jakarta? You contemplate the possibility of acting outside of your country?
For the concert in Jakarta and in Indonesia remain.
Yes we want to overseas Europe, America.
What you can help us through the Black Metal Spirit.

10. Referred to the name of Barzakh and how it relates to the music of the band?
Barzakh is natural immortality.
Connection of music as black metal band synonymous with darkness and immortality.

11. The letters and the theme of Barzakh venture into lands of Satanism and the occult and mysticism clearly related to the tradition of your country, what myths and cultural traditions influence when you write the texts for Barzakh?
We did not take a theme like that.
Our lyrical themes tend to be the life of the black and the lives that are less fit.

12. I understand that the intention of the band is ready soon be launching a new album, how advanced is the release of this new album?
We always try to create as you wish, but the work that we are judging others.
Continuation of our new album, the songs we wanted to release labels from Europe, America.

13. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Barzakh, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.
Thanks also to Black Metal Spirit.
We try to answer your questions and wish you well deign.
If there is wrong we are sorry.
Thank you very much and thanks for your support.

A little info from us :


Debut 7” from this blackened/death/ sludge behemoth from Seattle, WA. Started in 2014 out of a mutual interest in exploring dissonant and punishing sounds and inspired by bands such as Portal, Incantation, Blut Aus Nord, and Swans. Hissing guitarist: Joe O’Malley is the younger brother of Sunn O)))/Burning Witch/Khanate/KTL guitarist Stephen O’Malley and yes the grimm darkness runs in the blood….


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