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1. The beginnings of Infernal Execrator must be placed in 2005, why did you decide to form the band? Why did you decide the name Infernal Execrator already referred?
Infernal hails! Before execrating INFERNAL EXECRATOR, I formed Demonic Death but dead. We have line up issues and most of them are unable to commit towards the band. I’m also a session guitarist for both Kraton (RIP) & Istidraj in 2004. I’m more to black/death metal and already composed 3 tracks and so, I decided to formed INFERNAL EXECRATOR and gave 666% full satanic force towards the legion with extreme irreligious hatred and that’s why I named it INFERNAL EXECRATOR. AGAINST ALL!

2. Despite being in other bands as Imperial Tyrants, Istidraj or Kraton, start Infernal Execrator decide what offers Infernal Execrator regarding the bands previously mentioned?
I’m only a session guitarist for all the bands you mentioned above. 

3. Throughout these years, you've edited enough material: demos, EPs and splits with Infernal Execrator in different stamps, including one Spanish, but especially striking different versions and editions of these launches, at what is should all these different versions and why you do it?
There were other versions for Demo, EP and split with IMPERIAL TYRANTS which is different format. Most of our releases are strictly limited and we want to maintain the limitations of every releases we commence. And most of them are rerelease with permission. We had 3 different version / pressings with different bonus tracks and cover for our album “Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent” and both versions CD / LP are limited to 500 copies with different bonus tracks exclusively. Reason is, the label, INFERNAL WAVES from France supposed to release the recent album and he went disappear after he got the master copy. No reply from him via email and also Jewbook and so I decided to have this album pressed on 2 difference pressing with exclusive cover & bonus tracks via EASTERN VOICE PRODUCTION from Malaysia for Asian pressing and DUNKELHEIT PRODUCTION from Germany for European pressing. Both CDs are strictly limited to 500 copies and 12” LP were released by APOCALYPTIC EMPIRE RECORDS from Norway. A BIG FUCK OFF to INFERNAL WAVES!

4. "Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent" is your first album, how was the process of writing and recording? Why now nine years since your creation, decide to edit your first album?
We took 3 days to record all 9 tracks including mixing & mastering. Why nine years? First of all, we have other commitment beside the legion which is WORK and money. And we lack of rehearsal studios in Singapore. We are not a band to keep producing an album every year but ending up with shitty tracks and shitty recordings. We are not a band for fame or planned for thousands of albums and RIP with shit. We are very serious on both releases and live ritual we desecrated. It doesn’t matter to me if the band would takes another 3 years to dominate another album. 

5. How would you describe the sound of "Satanic Adherent Ad Infinitum" How has evolved the sound of the band from your first demo "Thy Demonization Conquers" until "Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent"?
What I can say is the album “Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent” has a mixture of both clean and raw sound and that is what we wanted. A totally different concept and sound from our previous releases and demo. Our first release which is our demo in 2005 “Thy Demonization Conquers” have a poor sound quality and also we recorded in a budget studio.

6. From my point of view we can find your sound clear influences of bands like Marduk, Satyricon in its infancy or Impiety, for ¿which you are the main influences in the sound of Infernal Execrator?
Absolutely correct. Our main influences are IMPIETY, MARDUK, ANGELCORPSE, INFERNAL WAR, (Old) ENTHRONED and BELPHEGOR.

7. Your lyrics have a strong anti-religious component, why such direct attack on religion?
We denounce religions and its shitty laws and it is part of the legion ideology! Exterminate the weak! Death to the false! 

8. Do you use the same tools to record it for a concert? Regarding concerts, which guards a better memory?
No! Every live rituals we desecrated comes with a sound engineer and that is how we communicate on our sound and etc. And all these depends with the sound system and monitors. We have experienced a shitty sound man with shitty equipment. The best ritual and most memorable is Davao, Phillipines, with 400+ crazy yet true bestial maniacs and they are real INFERNAL EXECRATOR worshipper! 

9. Tell us about your distributor Demonization Distro, why did you decide to create it? What criteria do you follow when bands make material?
I’ve started Demonization Distro in 2008. Reason is many here worship Mp3 shit! And not many collect CD/LP/Cassette. I have many contacts on both bands and labels and I will either do trades or bought it from them and spread their blasphemy here with a reasonable price. This is not about business or money making. It is part of my passion and blood I’ve sworn and the Distro still prevails since 2008 up till now. You may check Demonization Disto via our Distro page:Demonization distro

10. How did you get started in music: first concerts, cds you bought, etc ... Why decide to be a musician Do you keep the same enthusiasm today than when you started?
I remembered clearly I was 11 and I bought an Asian blackmetal compilation CD featuring SURRENDER OF DIVINITY, MANTAK, DEMISER and etc, Metallica CD and King Diamond tapes from a shop named “Lavanita” which were introduced by a friend. Made a few new friends to do tape trading and trading of zines. I gained more knowledge of bands and label via the zine I read and start emailing them or by using the old technology which is either Myspace or MSN. It is so hard or slow to wait for them to reply. But with full patience, I managed to contact quite a number of old and new bands as well label. Unlike now, most are using this new technology which is Jewbook! You get to know many shitty and great bands or komrade. Not to forget RIPP OFF scums as well. I don’t rely much on Jewbook! My contacts are still contactable via emails! 
My very first show that I watched together with Fauzzt, Firaun and Shyaithan from IMPIETY is at a community centre. A very small show with local acts and we enjoyed the show very much. From there, I started to learn more about guitars and started my basic practices and started to do a cover songs such as Slayer, Emperor, King Diamond and etc. Day by day, I invoked my inner soul for more extreme satanic metal bands and I managed to listen to many killer bands and also attend to local and overseas shows. The blood of pure satanic hate runs in my blood and will forever prevails!

11. Genocide Shrines, Draconis Infernum, Rudra, Vallendusk, bands all geographically close to you, how is the extreme scene in Southeast Asia? Particularly in Singapore, which bands we recommend?
I know Genocide Shrine & Chathuranga as well Chris from Draconis Infernum as we are in contact. Great bands! For Rudra and Vallendusk, I only knew the band name and have listened to their music but I don’t know them personally! Nothing much going on with Singapore scene. Full of political shits and polluted with scumbag and poseur rats! Only few bands are still active and a real hordes that deserve an eternal support! These are the band that are recommended! IMPIETY, IMPERIAL TYRANTS, BATTLESTORM, PURBAWISESA, TANTRA, ISTIDRAJ, NOCTURNIZED & DAMNED ETERNAL!

12. "Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent" was edited in principle by the seal tape format Eastern Voice Production, although few months later was reissued by the German label Dunkelheit Produktionen how the possibility of working with Dunkelheit Produktionen arise?
“Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent” Asian pressing tape & CD was only released by Eastern voice productions from Malaysia. The Asian pressing tape are limited to 150 copies and are already sold out! Warhemic Production from USA, released it on 3 different coloured shell which are RED, BLACK and YELLOW GOLD tape shell with a limited embroidered Infernal Execrator logo patch. Only few copies left via the label. Dunkelheit production only released our CD format and 1st 100 comes with and A3 Heavy poster. Before commencing our Asian pressing CD / tape via Eastern Voice Production, I contacted Baal from Dunkelheit Production, and so we made the deal with a different cover art and a different bonus track! We are very satisfied!

13. Tape, CD and vinyl, all three formats in which we can find edited your material, what for you is the best what?
All Tape, CD & vinyl format are the best! All comes with different artwork, different bonus track and for the vinyl, there’s a hidden track. 

14. What future plans do you have for the band in terms of upcoming releases, concerts, etc ..?
The legion are planning on a European tour in 2016 and we will announced the dates once everything has been 666% confirmed! For releases, our 2005 demo “Thy Demonization Conquer” will be released on a 7” format, pro CD and also limited pro tape and these will be released under Witchery Records. At the same time, our upcoming blasphemies will be our 2 new tracks on 7” limited to 150 copies will be released via Gempita records. In 2016, we will have 2 splits and 1 Ep. More news with unholy attack soon! 

15. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Infernal Execrator this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.
Infernal hails and massive thanks for the killer interrogations! DEATH TO THE FALSE! FUCK YOUR GODS! 

Limited to 300 copies with 12" inlay.


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