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1. The band was created in 1996, why did you decide to create the band at that time and referred to the name of Mor Dagor?
TORTURER:  At that time we just had the feel to do it. 

2. I'm wrong but are a perfectionist when it comes to composing and band work issues, taking everything almost ready to enter the studio time, how was the process of writing and recording of "Redeemer" and how it has evolved over the years?
LYKANTHROP: We always pay attention to every little detail when it comes to MOR DAGOR. Not only regarding live show appearance for example, but also of course the songs themselves when it comes to composing a new album. Before we enter the studio the songs are already 100% finished and to our satisfaction. 

3. You return to work with Andreas Classen for recording and producing the album and hicieras with "Mk. IV ", are you satisfied with the work done by Andreas Classen?
TORTURER:Yes, of course. I love the atmosphere there. Nothing around, just a small village. You are only focused on your work. Andy is very relaxed but at same time he forces you to give your best. I already recorded with other bands there. So it’s always great to be there again.

4. How would you describe the sound of "Redeemer" someone who still has not heard and what major differences can be found with respect to its predecessor?
SCHMIED: It´s quite as brutal and harsh like “Mk. IV”, but in fact the sound got even more intense and there are way more details in “Redeemer”. The folks can expect a heavy and brutal piece of black/death metal.

5. "Redeemer" is a short and direct album, only thirty-seven minutes, is this the best way to provide such a direct style like yours, no fillers or additives?
LYKANTHROP: We don’t waste time with fillers or additives. No mercy all the way. The album contains 10 skullcrushing songs which are all right on the spot of what we wanted to express with them. Expanding the playtime would just weaken this opus in an unnecessary way.

6. When speaking of influences in your sound becomes impossible for me not name both Marduk as Belphegor, these are your main influences in the sound of Mor Dagor or is there more? About Belphegor that relationship continue to have the Austrian?
TORTURER: I really love Belphegor, but it´s not really an influence on my drumming or the songwriting. In the past Marduk had been an influence, but we transform it into our own sound. Of course you´ll be compared always with the big bands. But everything is influenced by something. 

7. Your lyrics revolve around the theme of war and weapons, what attracts you to this subject to focus on writing about them? Have you ever had any problems because of your texts?
SCHMIED: I was always interested in conflicts and struggles within the mankind. It´s an everflowing stream of inspiration for me. There are always some morons which are complaining or even whining about these kind of lyrics. The lyrics and lyrics had to fit together, so for us it’s the way it should be – no fuckin´ mercy!

8. Do you have already outlined fully the tour to promote "Redeemer" for this year? What date meet these impatient?
LYKANTHROP: We will play a few single dates this year still, but no tour. There might be a tour through europe next year, we’re still working on that. I personally look forward to every single show, no matter if big or just average size. It’s always total war on every stage and requires the full dedication in order to succeed.

9. What brand of using instruments at concerts? Is there a difference with which you use to record or composing?
LYKANTHROP: Gearwise I like to keep it simple, yet unique. The gear I use on stage is the same I use to write and record, since I always try to bring the same sound onto the stages that you can hear on the album. Live I use a custom Jackson RRMG pro with 18V EMG81 and a Peavey 6505+. That’s what comes closest to my studio rig, where I used the same amp, but also a modified Ibanez S-520 with a Seymour Duncan Dimebucker and my custom ESP.

10. How were your beginnings in music and why did you decide to become a musician? Today preserves the same enthusiasm as when you started?
LYKANTHROP: Music is my life ever since I can remember. I started playing guitar when I was five years old and it always came to me naturally, so today there’s no difference in my enthusiasm as it was before.

11. Mordak, Sektemtum, Goat Torment, Inferius Torment are other bands in which you are involved, but what Mor Dagor has priority over the other bands?
LYKANTHROP: In every band I am involved I give 100%. MOR DAGOR is my number one band though.Of course Mor Dagor. But for every Band i give 100 percent in studio or on stage.

12. What does the album and how it relates to the content of the album? 
SCHMIED: The album-cover is the quintessence of “Redeemer” – straight, powerful and one of a kind. The whole concept on “Redeemer” is about Mr. Oppenheimer and the “Trinity”-test in 1945. So it was just logical for us to choose “Trinity” as the cover.

13. How the ability to edit this album through the label Osmose Productions?Satisfied with the work done by the seal? Emerged how the idea of ​​theexclusive pack of 66 copies including a machete and the vinyl edition comefrom?
SCHMIED: We got in contact with Osmose in late 2014 and we´re glad to work with them, and they came up with the idea to place an vinyl edition. We always wanted to create some unique merchandise. A machete is an honest and brutal weapon – like our music.

14. What future plans do you have for the band in the coming months?
SCHMIED: There are some more shows this year and we already started to contemplate about the following record for “Redeemer”.

15. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if youwant to add something for the followers of Mor Dagor, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.

Iron Bonehead Productions ‎– IBP227
Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered, Repress, White.
"Mysteries" was recorded at the Black Chamber during the 10th full moon of MXIV. 

MYSTERIES is dedicated to Portuguese Black Magic, to those who damn their souls summoning the dead, to fulfill their will of CHAOS and EVIL. 

Second press on 140g white vinyl housed in a 300gsm jacket with matt varnish and inside flooded in black. Includes a double-sided printed 250gsm cardboard insert and a A2 poster on 150gsm art paper. 
Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies (copy number is written on the sticker attached on the protective sleeve).

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