martes, 24 de marzo de 2015


Origen: España, Barcelona
Formados: 2009
Estilo: Black
Temática: Antireligión, conspiración, guerra, nihilismo y satanismo.
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  • Hamramr Voces
  • Häwkmoon Guitarra
  • Kannonball Bajo
  • Morgul Batería

  • Into the Eternal War Demo 2009  
  • Doomsday Juggernaut EP 2014  
  • Dominum Ex Mortis CD 2015
  • Ov Future Wars & Echoes from the Past CD 2017
  • The Extinction Order CD 2019
  • Fleshdozer Dimension CD 2021
  • Edenkaiser VS Demolator Split 2022
Hace un tiempo que le black de este país se viene renovando con nuevas hornadas de bnadas black metal que están aumentando la calidad de la escena de manera considerable. Edenkaiser van poco a poco tomando posiciones para comenzar a despuntar en la vertiente más auténtica y clásica del género, con unas claras influencias del thrash de los ochenta y del black escandinavo de comienzos de los noventa, nos ofrecen este años su primer larga duración. Después de una demo y un Ep, y tras haber superado algún que otro problema en la batería, los ocho temas de "Dominum Ex Mortis" son todo lo que un fan del black clásico podría desear. No hay lugar para adornos innecesarios y aunque han colado algún sonido ambiental, en general el álbum va directo, con riffs afiladosy variados y una batería que construye un base bastante firme, sobre las que Lianne escupe su voz, tremendo este apartado, sin olvidarnos de lo Innuveth claro. El sonido ofrecido es sucio y primitivo, no del todo frío pero si variado y brutal. Bandas como Destroyer666, Celtic Frost, Bathory o Venom son totalmente reconocibles como influencias en álbum de puro black. (8,3).

1. Ov Chaos and Imagination (Intro) 01:36  instrumental
2. Eternal Martyrium 03:45
  Eradicate is our duty
Apocalypse has come
Fucking christians, you'll suffer 
The wrath of the horde
Eternal torment by pagan's hands
You'll taste the martyrium 
Of your beloved Lord
Your pleas are shackles to freedom
Flames what you deserve

Eternal Martyrium
Insane devotion, nails in entrails
Ropes immobilize your movements, 
Rough and unbreakable. 
Blood in nails adhered
At my mercy you are, rest...
3. Blacksteel Legions 03:55
War, born to dominate Revenge to those who indoctrinate Sword in hand, powered by defiance Cause and effect is my reliance Death to the false heretic Fallen brothers were left behind Sorrounded by despair Mad will win the blind Pain makes man be a man Wounds heal, tanning our body They act as a shield Branding our destiny until our expected end Wind roars furiously It's fanning the flames War, torchs in high Our lands is our claim War, torchs in high Our lands is our claim We are Blacksteel legions We are Blacksteel legions  
4. Hail to the Godslayer 04:12
I breath that disease called faith, Devourer instinct grows up inside me. Disease mesmerizes my senses. Empires born of lies, a way that should not be. Wasted time searching the truth, Your life will be nothing but grief Morbid illusions, lying and false Depravity hidden behind beliefs. Army of rejects athirst of angel's blood Chaos, my name; Godslayer doesn't know sorrow Conquering the thrones, feeding on storms Opening the gates, badge of the slain Hail to the Godslayer! [Amalthea, Lykurgos, Hamedicu, Dievs, Enki, Somnus, Ku'Urkil, Istanu, Mithras!] Time has come, countdown is over Night has fallen, moon arises And devils growl under the mystical mater Just one God has survived to my wrath He who kneels in front of me Pleading for his sordid existence Proudly I'll wear his stinky skin Divine denial, extreme ecstasy Your God died, we will live!
5. The Witch and the Beast 06:16
Long winter, cold and raw Woman looks the pale moon Bloody tears falls in the snow Her soul is possessed by the beast Who she had loved. Wicked daughter, tempting flesh Witch and beast, eternal disgrace. Ancient hunger, unchained anger Satan bastard, nightfall master Lovers howl was her damnation Black magic, inheritance of ancestors. Fault of destiny, cruelty of beast Blessed sins, unholy witch Long winter, cold and raw Bitch looks the pale moon Essence of delight stains the snow Her body is possessed by the beast She had invoked.  
6. The Blademaster 04:01
 Seeking death I waste my breath
By a wasteland I roam
Living without fate, seing without eyes
My flesh is here, ethereal being is gone.

Flattered to this hopeless and anguish ground
Eliminate the purity that befouls the world

Agony is my pleasure
My sick mind is chasing you
I feed of suffering
Blademaster is chasing you

Nor dead you will rest
In your worst nightmares
You will die over and over again
Do you remember me?
Ten lifetimes ago I begged for my life
But your mercy was denied

Agony is my pleasure
My sick mind is chasing you 
I feed of suffering
Blademaster is chasing you
7. Nekrozone (For the Blood of the Future Fallen) 05:14
Shattered inocence, disturbed sanity Impaled nature, skinned fidelity. Beyond repair damage, far from change No time for regrets, words based on dread One thousand million volts tears Necrozone will take its debt. [Water, air, fire, earth Water, air, fire, death] Mother is betrayed by the son Your pain is now burning in your guts Your heart is torn apart Mother, destroy our lives. For the blood of the future fallen we'll mourn For the blood of our progeny we'll bemoan Mother Earth listen our words The stars keep the secret of our faults  
8. Oblivion Remains 04:28
Oxide and blood permeate the ruins Of what one day were walls Damn smell that keep me awake My immortal condition is my squall Of guiltiness Blast from the past bursts into my brain Ripping my condemned soul Oh, it hurts, so grievous My fury was my hole Oblivion remains Remains inside me Assassin's deceit Deceit is the only way Bloodlust persist Sharpening the knife Oblivion remains The only thing that exist Ruthless void, What do you want from me? I gave you my indicted spirit, Wicked for aeons I'll be Pain I spread Is eating me now Voices forced me Devil told me. Oh so grievous It hurts Bleakness... Oh hatred   

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