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Origen: India, Mumbai
Formados: 2011
Temática: Culto al demonio, espiritualidad, guerra, naturaleza y satanismo
Enlaces: Bandcampfacebook y Solar deity
  • Aditya Mehta Guitarra y voces
  • Animesh Das Bajo
  • Yash Pathak - Bateria

  • In the Name of Satan EP 2012   
  • Snowless Single 2012   
  • The Darkness of Being EP 2012   
  • Devil Worship EP 2013
  • Unspoken Single 2020
  • Mahayagna Single 2020


Este último Ep que nos ocupar de Solar Diety demuestra una evolución y madurez en el grupo muy a tener en cuenta para futuros lanzamientos, han dejado el pabellón muy alto. Tres temas de oscuro y tradicional black metal, de enorme peso y atmósfera satánista y ocultista pero sobre bien ejecutado. Cama tema es superior al anterior y no es tarea fácil ya que el comienzo con Raise the Horns es espectacular con unos riffs y blast beast increíbles, pero al siguiente tema se superan con esos riffs hipnóticos y melódicos acompañados de unas voces que son oscuras y dinámicas. Aunque el último tema simplemente se sale, once minutos de black de atmósfera opresiva, riffs que arrojan maldad y oscuridad a cada nota, incluso se distingue algún guiño a la música tradicional. Un ep en definitiva que desprende un hedor a Marduk en sus tres temas y que nada tiene que envidar al black más tradicional escandinavo. (8,6).

1. Raise the Horns 08:45
 Awaken the centuries to this time 
Reign of terror begins from now 
Satan emerges from a sea of blood 
Slaying mortals will quench his thirst 
People of the blackened kingdom 
Look to the sky and their fate they curse 
The end of all they believed in is here 
Cannot stop it with mere prayers 
Seize the children 
Teach them all to 
Raise the horns 
Sing the hymns that praise the One 
King of our kingdoms 
Call upon the hordes 
Our axes thirsty for fresh blood 
Demons, raise the horns 
As angels die by my sword 
Paradise is filled with blood 
Humans will perish in chains 
Condemned to a life of pain 
A world in darkness is engulfed 
As we are blessed by Lord Satan 
He lifts his heads, his eyes have a gleam 
With my devotion He is pleased 
Enslave the women 
Impregnate them all 
Raise the horns 
Dedicate your life to evil 
Exist for Satan 
Obey the Unholy One 
Sacrifice all your gods 
Demons, raise the horns 
From the fountain 
Drink the water of wisdom 
Knowledge is power 
Might is right 
Spill the blood 
Demons, raise the horns!
2. Supreme Evil 05:08
Black temple in the moonlight in the middle of the forest Guarded by deadly reptiles abode of the demon goddess Priests of five, intoxicated begin the ritual She awaits the chosen one naked at the altar In the darkest shadows even blood appears black In the face of the goddess pure evil does reflect From midnight till morning the virgin is sodomized Penetrated, desecrated defiled beauty divine In the darkest shadows even blood appears black In the face of the goddess pure evil does reflect  
3. Through the Hallways of Narak 11:17
Dark are the paths that open wide from the end of eternity Even as fires burn bright to light the way beyond the gates Corpses of angels scream your name as they dangle from dead trees Demons unknown to mankind await the majestic beast Lord Satan! Perched atop a throne of stone, pointing a finger to the sky The emperor spreads his wings and welcomes the obedient priests The faithful are fed and praised and for their devotion granted boons Dying stars ablaze in the flames from which He controls the sun and the moons Satan… bless my soul Father… we are yours There is one god Dark lord, you're the one! There is but one king of this world And we bow to you, god of all gods Satan… bless my soul Father… we are yours There is one god Dark lord, you're the one!  

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