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1.You created Side of Despondency in 2009 , why did you decide to create Side of Despondecy Why chose this name for the band and how it can relate to their music?
 - In 2009 I was a very weak person. Every day I thought about suicide and the music was my only salvation, otherwise it couldn't be. In those days, I listened Gorillaz and the title of their album "g-sides" gave me an idea, which soon became "side of despondency".

2.Almost from the beginning of Side of Despondecy he was assisted den voices and texts Malzus, what consequences have for you having to deal with the voices and music when Malzus left Side of Despondecy in 2011? Will it continue in Side of Despondency solo or plan to add other musicians?
 - When I was left alone, I decided to do everything myself. I don't think that it will change.

3.Dissociative Ideals is their latest release to date and comes to relaunch the activity Side of Despondency after the break between 2012 and 2013, is this "Dissociative Ideals" is a full stop with your latest album and it's just a continuity? You really thought at some point in giving ended Side of Despondency?
 - After the release of "The Main As Well That Is Not Very" I'm totally disappointed in what I do. New album, didn't gave me the strength and I decided to close the project. 
"Dissociative Ideals" is a turning point in which I decided to do something unique, but seems it didn't work again. 

4.How was the process of writing and recording Dissociative Ideals?. How does this work in the path Side of Despondency?
 - "DI" was recorded in May 2013. I had strange feelings while recording, quite different than before.. I wanted to do something very soft and tragic like the angel's hand. But the only thing that really tragic - is a lot of bad reviews that I have read about this after. Later I made ​​another version of the album, which became a little closer to what I wanted.

5.Shoegaze, depressive black metal and post are elements in your music and they transmit feelings of despair and decay, is this correct or not and define your music Side of Despondency? What are the main musical influences Side of Despondency?
- I don't fully understand what brings my music. Sometimes I feel like this is something bad. It is certainly true .. with every new album I rethinks it. Nevertheless some think my music is too soft and slurred.

6.Did you find it very difficult to take care of the texts and voices after abandoning Malzus? Why refer your lyrics and where to find the inspiration to write the texts?
- For me, it was not complicated. I didn't thought about the fact, will there be it's difficult. Those feelings inside me that were much stronger. In them I find the inspiration.

7.How do you remember your beginnings in music as a child, first cds you bought, the first concert you attended? Why he decided to become a musician?
- I never had aspirations to become something special, especially as a musician. As a child I didn't have a good tape recorder, and other things that could somehow affect my musical perception. Cassettes and CDs I didn't buy. In large concerts I've never been. I began writing music because I had not known what to do..

8.What you think is best format to bring his music to his listeners , digital downloads , vinyl, cds, tape , etc. ..?
- I don't know... Releasing on vinyl for me almost impossible, all other formats - as it will.

9.By their lyrics and music Side of Despondency you have a depressing view of human beings, as the man was trapped in the industrialized world and immersed in his mental problems, what does he have such a pessimistic view of life?
- You have answered it in your question, I have nothing to add.

10.What future plans has par Side of Despondency about upcoming releases, etc. .. ?
- Split with "5ml" coming soon. My stuff I recorded last fall.. In the future, I plan to record another full-length. I want to make a really good album, much better than what it was before.

11.Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Side of Despondency, this is the place . I hope the questions are to your liking.
- And thanks to you. Lately my music less interested to others. There are many of good bands and projects on which background "Side Of Despondency" gets lost. Thanks to those who fell in love with it, you have a very strong support. That's what I was missing.

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