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Diez años como banda dan para mucho, entre otras cosas para tener que sobreponerte a las dificultades que implica el tener que ajustar la formación de la banda varias veces, pero sobre todo para disfrutar de la vida en la carretera y poder ofrecer un montón de buenos conciertos. De todo esto quien mejor nos lo puede contar es su batería Ezra. Boas noites.

Could you tell us a little as has been the process of composing this work? What issues have motivated you when composing?
Ezra: After playing a lot of shows to promote our previous album, we needed a break from playing live shows. So we decided to write a new album instead. The composing was very natural, no restrictions, nothing forced. We wrote the new album in a total of 6 months. We booked the studio when 1, 5 songs were roughly composed… The last song we composed was 2 weeks before the drum recordings. So it went quite fast, knowing that our previous album took almost 4 years.
Let it clear from the beginning that you do not have any political ideology, do I still have had problems when acting, the type of which I vetoed a concert?
Ezra: I don’t really understand the question. But I think our statement is clear: No politics and no religion in our band.
Tell us a little type of equipment that you use in the recording sessions and live performances.
Ezra:I play on Pork Pie Percussion drums, Amedia cymbals and Balbex drumsticks. Those are endorsed, but I also use Pearl Demon Drive twinpedals and Remo Pinstripe drumheads. Our guitarists used Dovetail strings, Marshall Superlead and Marshall JCM 900 amlifiers, Marshall 1960A and Hughes&Kettner cabinets. Daniël played a PRS custom guitar in the studio, with a Boss GT-6 effect pedal and Dries played on his Maxxas guitar with a Korg Toneworks effect pedal. The bass was partly recorded with a BC Rich Beast and partly with an LTD F54. Dario plays a Kurzweil keyboard. We also used an accoustic Cort guitar and a Siorat Hurdy Gurdy. Most things were recorded with Pro-Tools and some with Logic. About the microphones and other studio equipment, I don’t really know.
What concepts include your lyrics?
Ezra: The topic of our lyrics on Às are about a local occult organisation or gang that existed in our area a few centuries ago. They were called “Bokkerijders” (that means “Goatriders”). People believed that they flew through the air on goats’ backs to plunder churches, rich farms and rich convoys. The lyrics were written from different perspectives: the “Bokkerijders”, the government, and the people. One of the lyrics is the occult oath that the goatriders had to pledge before becoming a member. That song is called “De Eed”(the oath).
How were your beginnings in music? Groups and disks What are your inspiration and what would you recommend us?
Ezra: For most of us, NATAN was our first band to perform and record with. A few months after I started drumming, I formed the band together with Dries and original vocalist/violinist Jonatan. We were completely inexperienced, and -except for Jonatan- musically completely uneducated.
In the beginning we were mainly influenced by melodic Black Metalbands such as Enslaved, Dissection, Emperor, Satyricon and the likes. But we always composed music in our own way, without forcing the songwriting too much in a certain direction. Bands that I would personally recommend to readers of this magazine are bands such as Solstafir, Enslaved, Primordial, Borknagar, Arcturus, Klabautamann, The Doors, Norah Jones, Moby, Paul Simon and especially Pink Floyd. Other bandmembers might want to add bands like Devin Townsend Project, Led Zeppelin, Mastodon, Neurosis, Tool and others… Our influences reach much further than Metal.
How difficult is the coexistence within the group? Who is the leader of the now compose, or all aportáis ideas and you respect?
Ezra: It’s quite easy frankly, there’s no real leader in the band. Every bandmember has his influence musically and his tasks in the band when it comes to other things than playing or composing music.
The group formed in 2002, how has been the evolution in the band's sound in ten years?
Ezra: There were a lot of changes in the line-up through the years, so that might have had an impact on our music. But I think our view on music in general was of more importance through the years. Plus the fact that in the beginning, we had less technical abilities and less experience than we have now. We’re also more openminded now compared to the beginning of the band.
It seems that you are a band that gives considerable weight to live, what has been your best gig as a band? What other groups have better memories at concerts?
Ezra: We’ve always considered ourselves a live band, so it’s hard to pick a best concert out of all of those gigs. In my top list of great concerts would be Nepherex Fest(2009, with Skyforger) in Flanders, Finn’s in Weymouth England(2009 with Gorath) and TNT in Santiago Galicia(2008 with Kathaarsys), but I could name a lot more shows that were absolutely awesome. We played big shows and festivals, but also small club shows like TNT for example. All of those gigs have their charms… I’ve got great memories from other bands we’ve played with like Eluveitie, Kathaarsys, Dark Funeral, Thyrfing and a lot more. All nice bands with nice bandmembers and a professional attitude.
What would be for you the five basic disk in black metal.
Ezra: I’ll just write down some of my favourite “Black Metal” albums(or subgenres). Nemesis Divina from Satyricon, Ordo Ad Chao from Mayhem, Monumension from Enslaved, IX Equilibrium from Emperor and Storm Of The Light’s Bane from Dissection. But I must confess I don’t listen to Black Metal too often these days.
Thank you very much for your time, if you want to add something for people who like Natan this is it, thanks. I hope the questions are to your liking.
Ezra: Have fun and come check us out if you’ve got the chance to see us live. Thanks for the interview! CHEERS


Natan - Het Zicht Van De Dood
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