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1. How did the idea to form Gebrechlichkeit back in 2004? If I'm not mistaken at first a project which also formed part Pestengel, but you decided to go it alone disagreements with the group, how do you remember that time? Do you feel comfortable taking control of everything that surrounds Gebrechlichkeit? Can there be future additions?

 I have discovered quite a young age the black metal. A discovery which revealed to me newways. Black Metal has drastically changed and influendced my life!
I wanted to savor this newly discovered lifestyle and formed the band „Gebrechlichkeit“.
A question that ask in every interview, the past with him will probably stick me forever. There werea lot of disagreements responsible for the separation. For the first on the human hand, because of knowing each other still not long. But this fact changes during the intensiv joint working for the  album and I noticed that he don´t understand the music of black metal like I do and he has not the respect which belongs to the genre and I would expect from a musician of the band Gebrechlichkeit. Build on this, his interests in music were not only the black metal adhered. In principe this is okay, but he often had no time for the samples, because of attending on other projects far away from black metal and this is the fact I begin to think there were worlds between Gebrechlichkeit and his interests.
So I decided after the album, it´s time for a divorce.
I won´t tell I was pleased or saddened about the divorce, but it was an essential step for the today sound of Gerechlichkeit. I had used the time for learning much about me and the music, growing and develop myself and my black metal.
Listening to my first black metal solo album – “Gebrechlechkeit” – I aptly named so in order to lay  the foundations of the real Gebrechlichkeit sound, you will quick feel that something has changed. Writing and producing alone makes the music different, becoming more pure, it comes all out from within.
It´s quite clear an advantage for me working alone, because of no more making compromises with anyone, only running my ideas free. But on the other side, it also means for me to work harder, because of the long way from the idea of a song till finishing work.
„Gebrechlichkeit“ is definitely the mirror image of my soul, so it can not ever happen again that someone else becomes a solid member of „Gebrechlichkeit“.

2. How was the writing process of this "Glanz und Elend"? Are you finding it difficult to have to deal with all parties to record What You can find the listener developments regarding "Antichrist. Sadist. Menschenfeind. ", His previous work, 2009?

The writing process was lengthy. I have songs on this cd also published that buzzing around my head for years, but where I now only have the knowledge and be able to implement this!
The cd itself takes a long time, because I had technical problems and had to completely re-record the whole cd!
Thats annoying, but about to the new record, I can use new experiences and thus produce the sound better!
What you hear on the gloss and miserable - especially the manifested sound gebrechlichkeits. And again give insights into the depths of my soul!
The difference antichrist sadist misanthrope - the entire sound of the cd is mature! So I also have my own mixes is improved attributes!

3. What were your beginnings in black metal? What bands were their source of inspiration? Do you think that black metal is an attitude towards life?

My inspiration are not other bands but is the life.
I do not think the black is a way of life or attitude - I know it! Black Metal is definitely a way of life, and if you dont recognize it notyou can not write good music!

4. Are they still valid today motives prompted you create Gebrechlichkeit? What is your opinion on today's scene black?

The scene is dead!
Wannabes dominate the picture of the scene! Coupled with people who do not belong to the scene! Another reason why I'm introverted and I am not interested to get in contact with human beeings.

5. What are the five cds consider within the black key?

Very subjective question.
I think bands like Burzum and Gorgoroth have shaped the scene from the beginning to the present.

6. Who designed the cover of "Glanz und Elend"? How does the music and the concept of Misanthropy, Anti-Christianity, of the band?

In addition to the musical conceptualization I also take care of everything graphic, whether logo, lettering or artwork!
I go to my studio and just play guitar, depending on my mood is created corresponding music! What I would dub you betitelst as a concept and as a way of life.

7. Can we ever hope to see Gebrechlichkeit take your proposal to a concert? Have you seriously considered the recruit any member to give concerts?

This is the current focus of my work - to be able to present my songs live!
A disadvantage of the solo making music one has to rely on appearances on other musicians!
Yes I am still desperately looking for someone!
In addition to the musical talent for me is holding the correct and serious idiologie regarding the importance of Black Metal! In thought of the scene it´s hard to find people like me.

8. So far all the material had been desktop publishing, but his latest album will be released by Asatru Klangwerke, what can you tell us the record label? Why Asatru signed Klangwerke? Will you continue working in the future?

The search for a label was long overdue! In addition to the points to write the music, record, mix and make the graphics stuff is for marketing and so little time, so I was looking for a label to the professional istribution channels to use.
Asatru was the only label which recognized my potential. What the future holds nobody knows!

9. What are your future plans with Gebrechlichkeit, as to "concerts", upcoming releases, etc..

Reach a larger audience!
And especially live performances!

10. Thank you very much for your time, if you want to add something for people who like Gebrechlichkeit, this place, thanks. I hope the questions are to your liking.

So I end with a quote from me: "some stride blindly through life, others are destined for great deeds to bring full ...!"

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