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Otro escalón más en la carrera del grupo, con un sonido apabullante y en donde la velocidad aumenta de manera considerable. Las guitarras suenan mucho más rápidas con un aumento de la distorsión también considerable, la batería aunque parezca mentira también se le ha sumado un punto de velocidad y en cuanto a la voz se desgañita más que nunca aumentando también el todo agresivo. Las guitarras por momentos recrean riffs de orientación tharh pero lo que esta claro es que dejan un sensación de frialdad y violencia en el oyente. El aspecto en el cual se nota una mayor evolución es en de la voces, si las guitarras suponen ya un paso adelante el de las voces desempeña una labor importante para situar este ábum en un lugar por encima de la media. Trondr Nefas (R.I.P. 2012), logra unos registros que hielan la sangre del oyente con una agresividad y violencia nunca antes conocida en el grupo. Otro buen trabajo de black metal  que aunque no supone nada que no se haya hecho antes si hay que reconocer que es un trabajo que sigue los patrones establecidos y supone un trabajo muy disfrutable. (9).

1. 666 00:47  
2. Possessed (Raped by Evil) 02:29
  Feel it nesting inside you
Taking control
Something else in charge of your
Body and soul

Be aware of the mirror
Of what you might see
This thing inside
Will never set you free

You're riding on the wave
Of the supreme Satanic pain
Death would be a sweet relief
From this harsh internal rape

Immense pain boiling under
Your skin
As if demons rush through
Your veins

Insane on pain (fear)
You're demon now
3. Raise the Symbols of Satan 06:21
  Upon mankind weakness I choose not to follow
The tragic book of lies don't tempt my soul hollow
Upon the cross you wear I see your thousand fears
The churches burn tonight, so cry your searing tears

Lust for death
Flesh for the beast, Satanic feast

On the unholy election I am the chosen one
I must collect the five triangles
Of the sharp edged pentagram
It's our deadly weapon through war and desecration
Support our gruesome terror and sadistic violence

Lust for death
Flesh for the beast, Satanic feast

I choose to bear this burden
Upon mankind's funeral

Oh hear the discord of doom is near
Riding the damnation march

When stars hide their fire and the moon is dead
My soul of dark desire, my time has come for carnage
Triangles five fulfill me
Two horns inflames the night
The devil sears inside me
I have unlocked the gate of Hell
4. Invasion 08:23
 Invasion storming through the land
Invasion coming from the coast
Invasion coming through the air
Invasion everywhere

Can you hear the bells of Armageddon Tolling?
Feel the end is near, holocaust is coming

Motorized death machines probe the soil
Destroying everything is its way
Armies of insame soldiers kills on command
Raping the old bitch mother earth
See the dead bodies lying rotting on the ground
Hear the alarm of war, it's the devils sound

The metal birds on dead wings are coming
Hear the sound of messerschmith-death
So run for cover cowards or stand and fight
For the glory of your land
...The glory of Hell

...And the invasion probes the soil
5. Through Thick Fog Till Death 04:06
  In the years of grace
Under the gods feeble command
A holy crusade chased the soil
For salvation and incarnation

The poor man who didn't believe
The poor words of resurrection
He who felt the justice of gods hand
The same man were killed upon the cross

In the course of the years they haunted the shores
To convince others doubt
But far and away in the shadows
Were the creatures
No single man had ever seen, but feared lurking

It turned out to be their last steps on mother earth
As the woods turned dark
They gathered for the night
A bleak fog glides (so silent) through
It was like the whole world just opened up beneath them
Every man and woman, children, priests and nuns
Were slain by a vehement force
It was something so dark you couldn't imagine
So dark that you would die just know it
It damned them all forever

It was the swing of Satan's sword
Who devoured their waspish wail

Into the rotting forest of Urgehal
Through thick fog till death
6. Mirror Satan 04:22   
Totally alone I wander by each pillars of hell
Sunken deep beyond the devil waves
Blessed be hellfire and royal satanic dwell
Possessed and vanished
Into the darkness of pentagram caves
Invocation, desecration and ritual conjuring of the goat
Oh father, lick my blood that from my cuts deep float
It's 666 paths to almighty father Satan
Becoming the crooked waves on the horror sea
Purveyor of unholy blasphemic light
Just what almighty Satan wants me to be
By the nocturnal shores the angels screams and dies
With hundred and thirteen tons of might
Our destroyer strikes
And quiet the choir sung
The cordial satanic cipher

Mirror Satan, hail Satan
Mirror Satan, hail Satan

Now when I've usurped the Satanic hell drive cult
Watching and commanding
From my black throne of thousand Christian skulls
It's just the beginning of everlasting murder and insult
So it became, now the reflection is the same
As I kneel down, do the sign and pray
Almighty father Satan, I am now your left hand
For you I will obey and this in hells ever domain
I will never regret now when the curse and the circle is set

Mirror Satan, hail Satan
Mirror Satan, hail Satan
7. Satanic Deathlust 05:50
The hair on my arms rise and my skin turns pale
My heart pounds infernal and my penis erects
In these silent hours as I think of you
The feeling is the same as when I killed you
My mind was in a haze, intoxicated
Your were the chosen so my visions told me
By each read line from the unholy bible
The urge for death grew too strong to resist

So I chanted the demons from the underworld
To possess my soul
To grant me the power, strength, will and courage
To take the final step

I found you by the river under a pale moon
Your spellbinding beauty were of another world
And the look you gave me with those steel-blue eyes
Spellbound my soul and set my heart afire
But still I found the power and will to rape you twice
And slit your throat, sacrifice your unpure corpse
To master Satan

Your were the key to my last journey
My portal form earth onto the flaming threshold of hell
(The key) to enter the realm death, hell
But still I am here as a mortal in despair
Though countless sluts has suffered my wrath
To complete my sacrificial ritual
(But) of all the bloody faces, you are the one
I remember
No single starlit night has passed
Since I pured your death
Without you haunting my dreams and sodomize my soul
Your death became my curse

Haunted by immense nightmares
Filled with bestial fear
Drowned in necro-sorrow
Possessed with infernal blasphemy
8. Dead Cold December 07:41
 Thirteenth of December a night of full moon darkness
A empty dead world sigh in the silence
Mesmerizing magic Luna mirrors herself in my eyes
On the edge of sanity depths of cruelty

Dead cold December embrace me bold
Dead cold December possess my soul

It drove me closer to Hell, further from heaven
Dreaming high on mushroom madness
The flames dances, trees around me whispers
This forest fades to grey decay

Dark void illusion, this a nigh is my nearest
Dark void illusion, this night is the dearest

Ritual, I evoke thy evil spirit
Sacrifice, the shepherdess decorates my altar
Ghastly skin I caress
Dead cold December grace

A mixture of lust and death teases my senses
A quite weird smell indeed
I effuse my seeds and negative hormonal energy
A necrophilic invocation of lustful passion

Another winter to come
On different ground
Surrounded by hells fire
Subterranean desire
9. Død, Død Og Atter Død 06:17
Du har aldri før følt en slik ensomhet Som den dagen gud forlot deg Stakkars menneske der du vandret I kaoset All mening og håp visnet etter åpenbaringen (Satan skal voldta deg til evig tid i helvete) Englene fra himmelen brakte kun dod Og elendighet med seg Guds lovord var spyttet ut av en forgiftet tunge (Mens din mor ser på og kveles i sin egen latter) Det fines ikke lenger noe godt her i verden Og det fines ikke lenger noe håp on lik på denne jord Så kjenn smarten når Satan river ballene av deg Og føl frykten når helvete hamrer på din dør Satan skal voldta deg til evig tid i helvete Mens din mor ser på og kveles i sin egen latter
10. Supreme Blasphemy 04:40
  Grim satanic blessing
To all the sons of hell (Satan)
Strive to see the blood of Jesus flow
All hail the grand unholy lord supreme

Join our war against the fucking feeble
Kill them all and burn their fucking churches
Drink their blood and smell the flaming fire
Emancipate your hellish vile desire

We shall spare a few
And make them leave their fucking holy god
We'll shit them in their face, still they will love us
As sexual slaves of hell they all shall serve

Gather around the blood-red pentagram
Sacrifice the fucking Christian slut
Chant the magic rites of necronomicon
Together we shall fuck the virgin dead

You shall see our wrath
As we sodomize Maria
And you shall feel our hate
As we strangle you all

Crush their crucifix
And desecrate their fucking holy graveyard
Summon the dead
Then emancipate your necrolust

Enjoy your loverly orgy with the dead
Revel in the blood of a thousand Christians
Run barefoot in the (glowing) ashes of their churches
Celebrate our vile satanic triumph

The night shall come
When the hammer of Satan rise
And with infernal power
It shall smash the skull of Christ!
11. Mankind Murder 05:44
 In decadent darkness I grew black wings
Wings of Destruction, a sign of devastation

My ripping claws itched to scar and slice
In infested flesh through the soil of death

Open the ten thousand coffins
Reveal the power of the dim tempting deeps

Sight so far, yet so close
Lurking so gloom, emerge throughout doom

As a discord wave of a massive violating noise
I rise destitute for abomination
Join my quest to live life over tuned
Forever connected to the bounds of suicide control

Enter a new supreme time
Filter the weakness which lies within mankind

Creating the ultimate machine
With flesh, with blood, and misanthropic discipline

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