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Si Arma Christi los situó en un lugar destacado dentro de las bandas de black metal, este Massive Terrestrial Strike los acaba por asentar definitivamente en el lugar que merecen dentro de la escena. Su sonido sigue sonando impresionante, cualquier seguidor de Bathory o Darkthrone sabrá de lo que hablo, pero es que ahora se notan mucho más maduros a la hora de manejar lo tempos de los temas y suenan increíblemente bien. El mejor sonido que logran sacar a esta grabación no hace más que conseguir que el oyente pueda disfrutar de unos riffs endiablados, de unas voces rasgadas y desesperadas así como el inconmensurable trabajo de las batería, todo ello se logra también gracias a un mayor cuidado de los detalles, incluso por momentos bajan la velocidad de los temas para recrearse en pasajes más lentos de puro black a base de majestuosos riffs. Lástima de su corta duración, ya que este álbum resulta una pieza muy inspirada, aunque la carrera de la banda dará para otros grandes momentos. (8,3)
1. The Sodomizer 04:45
  Torture, slavery, molesting, endless pain
You'll feel them all scum, as you bow down before me
Feel my whip as it shreds the skin of your back
Making your blood stream, out of your wide open wounds

I'm your ruler, you're a fly to my face
A plague for me, i've got to get rid of you
I'm no beast, i'm worse than a beast
Therefore i'll sodomize you like i've sodomized the fluffy sheeps of god

Sodomizer! The fucking sodomizer!
2. The Saturnine Denomination 04:59  
 For distant centuries ago
When long forgotten kingdoms and reigns still existed
Our clandestine denomination probed the face of the earth
And discovered the entrance
Our knights entered the passage
Entered another dimension
Stronger and violently powerful

With awe, they looked upon the mighty fortifications
of the pandemonium
His fortress
he granted them
and prophecy

Now the mortal descendants of this proud ancient people
Seek annihilation of those weak in mind
Of those who defile the soil with their existence
Those who give their souls to Jesus Christ

Steathly entrada success
Wipe the jewish mess
Fucking zionist disciples
Semite rabid rabbi
I exceed excessive pain for you

In one swift stroke the new order of knights
Will seize those who are true anathema

Their shrieks of agony and beseechment for their lives
Will be long remembered as the day of triumph among us, when the new
order has banished them all
To cold void vacuum
And they are truly betrayed by their pity god

Then a new prosperous era will begin, and a powerful empire will be built

The prophecy of a forthcoming millenium
3. Supreme Evil 06:49
  Riding on the waves of a hundred souls pain
he does.
He rape the pure thoughts
of those fucking christians

And he penetrates the pure cunts
Of those delicious little nuns
He feast upon their fear of darkness
And he arouses himself in their woe
4. Image of the Horned King 05:40
Slumbering through the burning desert, total lack of liquid
Oh gods of this place, please bring me thy vine
I could almost drink the blood of Jesus
I would dry his veins until he fell down in a pile of skin

I fell down out of exhaustion, my face met the ground my mouth was filled with sand
And my skin was boiling from the sun
The vultures stared circling above me, I was almost ready to give my body to the birds of doom
Lay myself to rot in the burning sand fields, I was dying....

...but then, a mighty dark shape rised before me and gave me shelter from the sun
It was a god - the god of them all, and indeed he had brought a bottle of vine... the blood of himself
He spoke a distant language and granted me the bottle
I received it with my shivering pale hands... I drank the vine, and as I steadily came to myself
The god slowly vanished with the dust, except that of him which he had left in the bottle.
5. Tellus Død/Armageddons Svøpe 02:02
en himmel fylt av de sterkestes sjeler som fra tellus dro hvileloest maa de sveve i evigheten i denne dimension finnes ikke lenger noe sted aa hvile paa bare kulde-tomhet - stillet -evig doemt til aa svee i moerke- da armageddon la sin haand over jorden da armageddon foldet ut sin haand 
6. Apocalyptic Destruction 06:41
...what if, Milleniums ago a dying sphere bursted into a galactic explosion, and left a hole in space Every single piece of the sphere made a rain of meteors and took it's own course of them towards earth Sands of time and vast dimensions away from earth The meteors sourced through space at infernal speed While the ages on our planet swept along like the oceans In our second millenium a "prophet" discovered a galactic meteor It had entered our galaxy, and would soon hit the earth The humans was facing destruction, the whole world was in chaos No man of astrologic knowledge has (ever before) discovered this gigantic nova Who would bring us the apocalypse, all time was lost, nothing could be done Who would ever believe a piece of stone from space would Be our last grasp of view before our lids would be shut forever Every single humanbeing faced the sky (in disbelief and shock) When the meteor entered the atmosphere Then destroyed the earth and killed all with a massive terrestrial strike 
7. Flames of Black Candles 05:47  
 This darkness, so slumb (and) this atmosphere, my hands were numbed
The only movement was the flames of black candles
Who cleansed the air in this chamber of death

My head was slunt as I gazed into the flaming candles
Visions filled my mind
Visions of a rising desecrated power
In this chamber of death, black roses grew
Up from the ashes of souls who lost for my lust and desire
There they will stand as a monument for victory
Over our christian annhilation

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