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1. How did the idea of forming Eoront? What gives Eoront relative to other bands in which militas such as Frozenwoods or Breath of Beherith?

The idea of Eoront appeared many years ago when I was at school. Years later I got musical experience and understood that now I can realize old and new ideas for Eoront. In difference from the others metal projects, here I open all the main creative part.

2. Eoront is his personal project, will it continue to be so in the future or is open to new members? Do you think you are taking care of all the musical aspects of the group has more control over it?

Eoront always will be the project reflecting personally my imaginations. But I don't deny participation of other people in creative process in different roles.

3. Following the release last year of "Journey. Part I ", this year editing" Neverending Journey ", how was the process of writing and recording this new work? Do you find it difficult to have to deal with all recording yourself how has the band's sound evolved in that time?

I recorded an album very quickly (in a technical aspect). Big time was occupied by the problems with the edition.

4. The theme of the album revolves around a fantasy world invented, how did this subject? What could we have on this world? Will continue in next job?

Yes, I invented this world at school about 12 years ago. I am very big fan of journeys (I am engaged in active tourism over the nature of Siberia), I like literature, mythology, history, esoterics. All these hobbies poured out in one idea to unite in something single whole and independent. In the following works it will proceed certainly.

5. Their sound is reminiscent of Scandinavian bands mid-nineties, What are your main sources of inspiration when composing? What bands have influenced the sound of Eoront?

Speaking about black metal of the ninetieth I will mention the following groups: Aeternus, Abigor, Limbonic Art, Emperor, Summoning, Kampfar. also I derive inspiration from folklore music, ambient and music of many other bm bands and projekts – Drudkh, Wolves In The Throne Room, Draugnim, Echtra, Blodsband, Hellveto, etc.

6. Krasnoyarsk is a city that we can place in Siberia, but I'm wrong, how is the extreme scene in this area? Is there a real interest in this type of musical proposal in your area or is it all to a very underground? How important are your roots folk in your music?

Siberia – special place. Rich nature. Mountains, woods, lakes, rivers. In the summer – heat, in the winter – chilled to the bone frost. Place of contrasts. I honor the nature in its initial sense. Nature without any human roots. I think this is best place to play black metal. However we haven't enough worthy representatives.

7. What reasons led you to want to be a musician? What was the first CD you bought and what you feel the most proud of having in your collection?

It seems it was SUFFOCATION cassette in the mid-nineties. But now I am proud of two albums Drudkh "Forgotten Legends" and "Autumn Aurora". Probably, it is the most important albums which have forced me to play black metal.

8. Are you bringing the proposal to direct Eoront? How otherwise there are chances in future, recruit musicians to give concerts?

In the near future I don't deny live line-up for concerts.

9. Cover congratulates a success, whose is the design? How does the lyrics of the album?

The layouts and cover design developed by maestro from St. Petersburg known as Alex {Mayhem Project}. The lyrics to an album was written by me.

10. The album has gone through Kaoswork published Adeptsect Productions, what can you say about this stamp?

It is my label which I created for the edition of own projects, and also for realization of musical production here, in Krasnoyarsk and Siberia.

11. What future wills Eoront about upcoming releases, etc...?

Now I work over the second album and I think that I will be able to provide to listeners something this autumn. Meanwhile I won't reveal any and all secrets…

12. Thank you very much for your time, if you want to add something for people who like Eoront, this is the place, thanks. I hope the questions are to your liking.

And you thanks for questions..
Let the moon will always shine your auras.


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