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Origen: Iraq, Bagdad
Formados: 2009
Estilo: Ambient, black
Temática: Mitología sumeria y babilónica y pensamientos antireligiosos
  • Erragal Todos los instrumentos y voces

  • Demo Demo 2009   
  • Erragal Demo 2010   
  • Dedicated to My Lost Soul EP 2010   
  • Anthems of Isolation EP 2011   
  • Nin Hur Sag EP 2011   
  • The Forgotten Land CD 2011   
  • By the Fiery Scimitar of Shammash Split 2012   
  • Shamash CD 2012   
  • Dedicated to My Lost Soul (Regrabado) EP 2012   
  • Realms of the Underworld  CD 2013   
  • A Land of Chaos and Despair Split 2020
  • The Sunrise of Mankind CD 2022
Erragal lleva desde el 2009 ofreciendo un black metal de corte ambiental en donde las tradiones antiguas de su pais afloran en cada nota y donde nos transmite unas sensaciones inquietantes y siniestras a base de unas sonidos de corte oriental y con reminiscias antiguas a los que añade unos gruñidos cula bestia encerrada en las profundides de un desierto a donde van a parar las almas de los extraviados. Así trancurre un álbum lleno de matices y ambientes profundos e insondables, solo alterado por momentos por unos riffs de guitarra pegadizos que no desentonan en el conjunto de la propuesta. El grtan handicap de un trabajo como "Realms of the Underworld" lo podemos encontrar en que es una propuesta tremndamente personal, lejos de los patrones del género y bajo la prespectiva de una mente inquieta, y que seguramente no será tenido en cuenta en su juesta medida por el publico black. (7,7)

1. Realms of the Underworld 04:47  instrumental
2. Neti 08:34
 when water falls into deep chaos
as thy tribes marched from nowhere above 

thou shall open the seven portals of destiny 
to inhale thee power at thy silver stones 

merging death through that begotten maskim 
as her eyes were sunk in darkness 

beware of my slavery ,, i cried ..
as ki smells my eresh 

i gave u thy choice of fire 
in terms of force u thou power

once that ream is real
it shall be the land ov no return ..
3. Dumah 09:49   
in dark visions of loathsome 
thy loathed hearts shrunk in thee

dumah almighty fear gatherer 
smash thy fourteenth portal 

in shines of that bloody scimitar
and mourns of thy dark shelter 

triumph thy birdu on above 
and drown my life in thine dawn 

break the tablets , burn the lands 
to slay thy heads in mine 

and thou shall scream 
ati me peta babka
4. Gallu 10:59
guide thy lady ov the sky oh , almighty seven offspring of irkalla shade the masku from thine shamsu and follow thy wardum of ersh ki gal seven hauled of torture of the exiled unfortunate race to conquer thee ..wolves ov slavery to end that ravishing glimpse of hope wake ishtar , they follower is asag a journey would never end by shadows ov the land almighty ninurta enchant they foe sharur will slay him in two parts  
5. Belet Seri 09:34
 words of that eternal passage is echoing
which lies before my hands

troops of race records ...
as i scribe their end 

ki of the top and bottom in wonder
as i write the sound of death

belet seri i shouted ..
the shrill siren of the dead ...

eli baltuti...ima' 'idu mittuti 

i served with tears of nature
to balance the great number ov hope 

equalizing the truth into failure
and shadows of misery in mourn
6. Kurnugia 08:37
gal portal ov Arali
open thy grim gates ov death

thou gain my earthly utuk 
to shine my heats and well in wisdom 

thine whom allatu whispers
the eternal moan of thee dark shelters 

Gilgamesh, oh almighty spirit of glory
seek thy light in that darkness

to light the heartless minds of desires 
at the fourteenth portal ov hatred 

those dead realms shall be awaken 
for thine organs ov xul
7. Ukur 08:52
i brought you my rusted crown 
reforming thy path in reflections of asbu 

stolen visions purified in lies and mutation 
to praise thine ..lights of yehweh

i ruled my gray lands with vengeance
i crush thy moulted spirits in gold 

to melt in those roads of terror 
in verses of howling your skins and rotten blood 

Ukur.. I'm what sand tales can offer 
to light that portal of the realm 

to break the talisman of that power
flaming my body like a barren
8. Manungal 08:13
  voices of ekur is shivering 
on thy wicked judgment

carried that tablet ov life 
in thee paths ov akkad 

manungal redden thou… hearts to nergal
by thy life dwells in battles 

absorbing thy souls in aralu
to fresh that mooted soil 

nise matati kisitti qatiya 
peta babkama luruba anaku

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