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Origen: U.K., Sheffield

Formados: 2013

Estilo: Black depresivo, funeral doom

Temtaica: Atrocidades de las religiones, miedo a la muerte y soledad

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  • Joe Hawker Todo

  • Absolution|Emptiness Demo 2013  
  • They Became the Falling Ash CD 2015
  • Lanterns Single 2020  
  • Trisagion CD 2021
  • Albums 1-3 Recopilatorio 2022
  • Lanterns Single 2022
Estamos ante el segundo lanzamiento de esta one man band inglesa que por otra parte ha recibido un número importante de buenas críticas desde su lanzamiento a pesar de ser un álbum que puede llegar a ser complejo en ciertas facetas. Un álbum de cuarto temas y de casi ochenta minutos de duración, no esta hecho para ser de consumo rápido y espontaneo y mucho menos cuando logra sumergirnos en su atmosfera perfectamente construida que nos trasporta a un estado de soledad y desazón repleta de intensidad. Un álbum en que Joe logra crear unas intros repletas de melancolía, construidas tanto por secciones de teclados o guitarras limpias que poco a poco aumentan de intensidad hasta lograr explotar cuando hacen acto de aparición tanto batería, como voces y guitarra en forma de un abrasivo y perturbador sonido que se entreteje en estilos como un black de tintes depresivos, repleto de atmósferas tristes y de soledad, como por influencias doom. La extensión de los temas permite que estos puedan ofrecer diferentes intensidades y sensaciones a lo largo de los mismos, cuando la intensidad esta en su punto álgido Joe logra mantener una atmosfera desoladora del todo presente sin renunciar a riffs acompasados que van añadiendo aspectos de melodía son renunciar a la desolación que trasmite este álbum, sin embargo también podemos asistir a secciones más lentas en todo el conjunto que funcionan a modo de catalizador de la intensidad desprendida en el álbum. Un álbum tanto inmenso como inmersivo que transita por un black que logra ofrecer un apartado de desolación, soledad y tristeza, con cuidadas secciones atmosféricas y en donde el sonido desprende un aroma a melancolía. (7,7).

1. Chasmal Fires 27:47
  How wise the God who trades his son for lesser men
Who seek no temple, only avarice and permanence
Judge not the heart, but thy devotion
Keep those who remain
As close to salvation as to destitution

I can't explain what it means to be whole
You took that virtue away from me
A kingdom adorned with the thorns of thy idol
Who scorn the breath of truth and reason

We cannot pretend
That the rules are the same
For the blasphemer and the saint, the blasphemer and the saint
We cannot pretend
That the rules are the same
For the commoner and the priest, the commoner and the priest
The toils I've endured are so far beyond meaning
There is no greater voice, only tenets and blood-stained stones

Your archaism dies this day
You are but the shadow of a lie
Feeble and brittle like silence
Bending the fear of earnest held faith
You took the world from us
From cracked and sullen hands
As hope slipped through our fingers
And sank beneath the sands

Fire sows the fire
Wrath rends retribution
Effigies casting shadows
Likening tyrants to deities
Befelling monuments
To prove hence from this day
What's written in stone
Can crumble to dust

To what end was I made this way
If my nature is a transgression

I cannot build myself up again
To watch myself fall apart at the seams
I cannot walk if I'm destined to fall
Through trials by design of cruelty and hate

You are so frail
You hide behind your fear
Your faith is a mask for your insecurity
And you wield it like a sword

Summoning the flood, the call of the raging seas
Apollyon's wake before the world
We ache, we fear and we suffer for naught
Undue and unjust is the the folly of Christ
Transient echoes from a long lost era
Cannot conceive my fate

I suffer the want for a better world
And the need for compassion in terrible times
Great is my weakness to punish myself for
A love forbidden by those who bore me
Behind the weight of this cage of bones
Is a heart that sinks at the sights of greed
Of a Lord who damns his beloved creation
For sins he determined his sons to commit

I cannot pretend
That I am the same
As I once was
As I once was

If dreams lie in tatters
And a soul knows no purpose
What can I hope for
What can I live for

There was a time where
I could forgive
But I've lost so much
So fucking much

I hate that I hate
As it brings me closer to you
I am not what I am
I am not what I am

I am so lost in this place
These vast surroundings compel me to dread
As I sink within myself
Forging an irrepassable path
I can't regret what I feel is just
I am one with the sword you held to me
Reflection in the steel

I am not what I am
Forged and contorted
I am what I am
Forged and contorted
2. Discarnate 13:54
I lost myself in fear of the unknown An enigmatic constant of a cold malignant form To rise within me as a rush of boiling blood I seethe at the sight of your face But it might as well be a mirror Unyielding... I cannot contend with the instinct to hate my fellow man for his nature Who are we to justify these means if the end is counting the dead? Within ourselves is the choice to love or hate To use one's faith as an impetus for scorn or a guiding hand To cast light with it or cast a solemn curse I chose to suffer Without form, without remorse We are alone I am not afraid to fall I am not my fears Humanity's weakness is a curse to carry with grace But it will not be my ruin Within ourselves is the choice to love or hate To use one's faith as an impetus for scorn or a guiding hand To cast light with it or cast a solemn curse I chose to rise We are one You are nothing Absolve yourself of your pain You are stronger than your oppressor Their insecurity Will be your triumph As the fire burns Creating smoldering ruins Bring righteous light Bring righteous hope Within ourselves is the choice to love or hate To use one's faith as an impetus for scorn or a guiding hand To cast light with it or cast a solemn curse I chose to stand Only the weak would let fear rule their hand Only the frail would hate their fellow man Without form, without sight, without light You govern mind and man In your discarnate form, your influence has guided hands To wield swords with wrath If I alone can see your futility Then you see it yourself I am stronger than I was years before From when I knelt before you 
3. Astral Mariner 22:34
I'm asleep in a fog
That nothing can cut through
The constant of time standing ever still
Waters pristine, oar rippling stars
An endless expanse
Empyreal mirror
What is this light
Piercing heaven's sky
I cannot see
I cannot see

If only I knew
What this weatherworn face would see
I'd have set sail for another shore
These seas tumultuous and merciless
Those sent to guide me only drove me deeper into storms
Beset into defeat, gripped by paralysis
Pumelled by relentless rains of doubt and despair
Despite the weight of it all
I'm not sure if I felt it at all

And as I sank like a stone
I feared too much to ask of you
To reach down and pull me in
Or to turn away and let me go

Leave me here
I'm the only one I trust
Not to deepen these wounds
Cast me adrift
I'm safer alone
I can guide myself home
Wherever that may be

Why am I so numb
To the terrors I've seen
To the pains I've felt
To the fear I've known?
Countless in number they are
They say they are my strength
But each scar is a weight
Pulling me further
Each make me sink

Forlorn visions of bygone times are lost in the swell
Reality's rawness is lost to the daze
Bring me sleep

You are lost but I have found my own place
In this maladjusted world we call our home
I hid in the stars
I conjured a world
I made my escape
You cannot hurt me here
I longed for the same as you
But I'm at peace now
Whatever story they tell of me
Through the lens of misjudgment
Means nothing to me here
With doors open wide
Come find me
4. Lanterns 13:37
 What answer do you have in sorrow's wake
But to abandon all beheldest dear
Time ever longer in the coldest night
Withdrawn behind my mind's enclosure

It is kinder to accept one's nature
Than to inflict unto others your poisons
It is kinder to be destitute
Without a light to carry through the fog

If I held up a light, you would see me unravel before your eyes
Embittered and distanced, embers barely holding the glow
To tremble at the thought of one more day
Distant lanterns glow in the mist
Their warmth all but alien to my skin

Longing fingers grasp at the golden glow
But are soon pulled in from the burning heat
Back to a chest as cold as a shadow
Its familiarity a comfort as well as defeat

Take what is lost, gather what's left astray
Husk of a beating heart, clinging to a namesake
Still are the waters that flow throw the veins
Waiting for the warmth of a fire I keep far away

Lucidity grants me with certainty that this will pass
But oh so distant is the hour
And far beyond reaching is the world I have undone
This empty path bears not the answers that I seek
There is no solace here

Your distant warmth will return to me
As soon as I let you in
When the darkness lays down arms
Bring light
For mine wanes before the day

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