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Origen: E.E.U.U., Denver

Formados: 2017

Estilo: Black melódico, dungeon synth

Temática: Fantasía, leyendas, magia y temas medievales

Enlaces: Bandcampdeezer y spotify


  • Apokteino Guitarra
  • Lord Dahthar Teclados
  • Nebula Husk Bajo
  • Nightmare Imperator Batería
  • Otheyn Vermithrax Guitarra, teclados y voces

  • Promotional Tape MMXVIII Demo 2018  
  • Galdrum EP 2020  
  • Tales of Othertime CD 2021
  • Lost Relics EP 2023

Los de Denver ya habían dejado buenas sensaciones con el precedente "Galdrum" y este primer álbum que da continuidad el EP les permite desarrollar su sonido con mayor solvencia si cabe. Estamos hablando de un trabajo en donde se dan cita un black metal de corte épico y melódico sin renunciar a secciones que reproducen escenarios próximos al black sinfónico, todo ellos aderezado con partes de música limpia y emotiva, rodeado todo ello de elementos de Dungeon Synth. "Tales of Othertime" se refugia en un mundo de fantasía con un apartado musical rico en matices y variado en su puesta de largo, logrando recrear gracias a las guitarras limpias y sintetizadores un paisaje de ensueño en donde tanto la emotividad, como la melancolía van de la mano, sin olvidarnos tampoco del carácter más épico que aparece cuando la parte más black de su música entra en acción, en esos momentos la propuesta cobra por un lado mayor empaque y concreción, sin renunciar a toda un amalgama de arreglos que dotan a su sonido de mayor dinamismo. Las voces se muestran en líneas generales directas y crudas pero no renuncian en algunos momentos a aproximarse a terrenos más limpios y por ende más cercanos. Todo el álbum rezuma un carácter lleno de épica y melodía, alejado a lo mejor de terrenos más fríos y oscuros, para sin embargo, recrear un mundo de fantasía, repleto de épica y de pasajes acústicos perfectamente engarzados en el resultado final del álbum. (8,4).

1. The Seer 09:16
  A Wizard, Wanderer
Traveler, Searcher, Seer
Sojourner, to the lands beyond

Riding through woods, snow and mountains
Plains of lingering frost, wolves and north winds

Homelands of old, lost and forgotten
The reach now in ruins lie, covered in starlit skies

Master of Magick, Alchemist, Maker
Seeker of Truth, Wisdom and Knowledge
Ascetic, Windwalker
Fateful designed, into history forever bound

Seer of Visions, Dream Traveler
Shadows, Clouds, lurid waters
Forces of Darkness, Shades of Evil
Deception, Despair, a restless sight awakens

Battling Foes ancient and cruel, malevolent creatures of evil
Beasts carved from Ice, born of malignant witchery
Nathaarian marauders, gnarled and grotesque
Wielding weapons forged in the black sands of eternity

Defeater of iniquity, Bane of the wretched
Mage and Warrior, Caster of Spells
Champion, Knight, Slayer of the wicked
Guardian of the Eternal Well

A wizard, wise and powerful
He will bring peace once again
Providence, cursed through time
Ushering balance to the 
2. The Citadel 03:10   instrumental
3. A Journey Through Storms 11:25
The Winding Path Groves and Hills Lands Beyond the borders of Men Finding Lost relics and timeworn tombs A Road, A Quest, A Journey Through Storms Many trials ahead, into the unknown Tests of magick, steel and strength Adventure awaits Passage across the Strait of Storms To the Castle on the rock of Orn Seas ravaged by winds and tempest Lightning, Blizzards, and Thunder Crack the vault of the Sky The Firmament in Chaos Empyrean Bewitched Celestial Cascade White and Grey, the Gale Descends The Winding Path Seas and Hail Lands uncharted, Perilous Trails Battling cold bursts and blades of ice Sailing onward, A Journey through Storms Freezing Moonlight through the flurry Sorcery in the air Ancient Magick Entangled in Element An impassable tide The Hand of destiny beckoning forth Through words spoken, a beacon appears I weather the Storms Through Will and Spirit Fear will not take me I am the waves, I am the Storm A light through the clouds cuts the night From staff in power expels, darkmoon chaos A causeway towards the isle, The white and bleak haven, Out on the sea, on the shore I weather the Storms This clandestine adversary With only my strength and my mind I am the Wind, I am the Storm  
4. The Serpent's Stone 08:13
 Towers rise from crystalline frost
Spires crown the stronghold
Archaic power within

Castle gates guarded by wyvern forms
Stone creatures, a specter calling
Ancient walls, mystic and cold

This task, the way now shrouded
An evil presence
Through abandoned courtyards
Looming death

In the highest tower, an emerald glare
Atop a column of marble
The Serpent's Stone

"This world is not as you see
Thine mortal paradigm deceased
Fall into the tunnel of eternity"

Black magick reckoning

On contact the power revealed
Verdant bolts pierce sanity and steel
Antecedent, imminent
Aeons pass, one thousand stars burn and collapse

So the cosmos unfold
Their secrets and knowledge untold
As space-time unlocks in my soul
I channel the Stone
One with the earth and the stars
My mind soars and travels afar
And so now I see it all clear
I have been betrayed

Awakened, Self-disintegration
Inward, into nothingness
Dimensions unveiled
Outward, infinite passage through time

An answer most foul
The vile conjuror, a foe
Betrayal - the truth
The voice within the Serpent's Stone

Poisonous, Treachory, Traitorous, Deceived
Treaties now made with a long lost dynasty
Generations past, a forgotten scourge
The choice is nigh, a sulfurous pact with The Night

The great bane of Man
An Ancient Power
The Serpent Emperors of old
Dark legends of antiquity
The Dragon Kings shall rise once more
5. An Ode to Dragons 02:45   instrumental
6. Eternal Majesty Manifest 08:20
On wings of fire and ice The wind of the north to guide An army of beasts, ten thousand strong The Dragon Kings ride on Cavalry of Dragons summon the storm Lightning and shadows follow the horde Ophidian Soldiers of antiquity past Serpent Battalion gathering at the gates Siege of the Citadel King Conjuror, Mage-slayer Usurper, enthroned through malice Clash of armies, war of wizards Teeth met Talon Battles in the Sky On Wind We Ride Carrying Frost and Flame Bringers of Light Eternal Majesty Manifest In the wake of the welkin of chaos Our Might Descends From the tower he commands Conjuring magical creatures and lawless men Conjuror, breaker of Oaths, Collaborator with darkness On Wind We Ride Carrying Frost and Flame Casters of Blight Eternal Majesty Manifest In the wake of the welkin of chaos A Fight to the End Magic and spells collide As Enemies attack War, Destruction, Upheaval The walls of the Citadel crumble and fall "Now in the 9th Age of Elda, asleep for a millennia, I am now awakened, a conqueror, A New Era, A Black Dawn. I shall rule for a century, this is my domain!" Blood Soaked fields Of Smoke and Ash Dragonfire smoldering The Citadel has fallen The Queen made Empress Now the rule of Ancients Anointed in the ashes of the slain The grip of a new despot One evil supplanted for another's plot The evil of the Conjuror gone A new reign of terror had begun

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