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1. Svartkonst was born in 2012, however, its origin must be found in an earlier project called Warg, which was active during the period 2010-2012, editing an Ep entitled “Vermin”. What can you tell us about this seminal group?
Warg was my first dive into this one-man-band world. I was very young when I wrote it and had limited knowledge about songwriting and production. But at the time I was very satisfied with what I had created.

2. In 2012 you decide to change the name of the project to the current name of Svartkonst, why did you decide to change the name of the project and what does the name of Svartkonst refer to?
In 2012 I decided to leave my old project Warg to look ahead and started working on something more serious and refined. So the namechange was a way to start fresh with a different concept. Svartkonst is a swedish word that translated to "Black magic" or "Black arts".

3. However, it is not until six years after he publishes his first full length, what happened in his life in this long period of six years so that he did not have new material ready before?
In these six years I was writing songs for what would become "Devil's Blood". I was working on my prodution and songwriting skills, and would not stop until I was satisfied with the sound of my production. My goal was to leave the demo sounding trench and produce something more professional.

4. And in 2018 the edition of “Devil's Blood” finally arrives, an album that has garnered rave reviews for its balance between the most classic death and black, and which is striking as a single musician has achieved such a brutal sound, How have you managed to record yourself and result in such a powerful sound? How was the process of composing and recording the album? Somewhat surprised by the impact achieved by the album? Is there any sound left? of "Vermin" in this "Devil's Blood"?
I worked very hard to find the "right" sound, wich is why it took a couple of years to refine this and gain knowledge enough to make the sounds I had in my head. I wrote this album only for myself and my own creative outlet, I had no especially whatsoever. And to my surprise it was very well recieved and got great reviews, especially here in Sweden.

5. And this same year 2020 comes the edition of the second album under the title of “Black Waves”, an album that if possible still takes its sound to a higher level. However, if it is true that for this work he has had the collaboration of external musicians, on vocals, guitar and bass, how did the possibility of these collaborations arise? Has these collaborations influenced in any way his way of recording new subjects? And what do you think these musicians have contributed to the sound of Svartkonst?
These musicians did not influence the album much since it was almost complete when I brought them in. The backbone of everyhting was already there and I just needed some extra touches from my talanted friends. Marcus Wiklund (Ulfven) helped me with some solo leads. Daniel Brundin (ex-Ulfven) did some fantastic backup vocals and Henrik Almgren helped me look over the drums.

6. With two albums like "Devil's Blood" and "Black Waves" having received rave reviews, are you praised for it or is it something that doesn't bother you?
I was very nice to see that "Black Waves" recieved great reviews, even better than "Devil's Blood". It has been overwhelming and i'm very grateful for that. 

7. It is true that many of the black / death bands prefer to sound violent and forceful in their productions and end up keeping both styles well differentiated, but this is not the case of Svartkonst and in my point of view this is due to the weight that Has in your music the most underground and primitive death that serves as a catalyst for your proposal, which classic death metal bands are a reference for you?
I have to say Entombed, they have been a huge influence since they invented this sound. But also newer band like Black Breath and Trap Them.

8. You come from the city of Härnösand that does not bequeath to the twenty-thousand inhabitants. Is it very difficult to create an extreme metal band in your area or do you still have an interesting extreme metal scene?
It almost an non-exsitant metal scene in Härnösand exept for Svartkonst and my friends in Ulfven. And that is also why I started making music on my own.

9. Have you weighed the possibility of at some point and more now when you have these collaborations from other musicians, to offer a concert?
Yes I have. I am working on putting something together that hopefully can preform live.

10. Where do you find the inspiration to write the lyrics for your songs and why do you consider them interesting?
 Well I wrote my first album "Devil's Blood" as a way to cope my fathers death. And the lyrics mirrored that very much. "Black Waves" continues in the same vein.

11. Who was in charge of designing the cover of “Black Waves” and how does it relate to music?
The artwork was created by the very talanted Yasinviolet. It is a reflection of life and death, and as I said before is mirrored in the lyrics.

12. The edition of “Black Waves” on CD and vinyl was carried out by the Swedish label Trust No One Recordings, how did the possibility of working with them arise, satisfied with the promotional and editing work done by Trust No One Recordings?
Tim at Trust No One Recordings (or TNOR) contacted me after I released "Devil's Blood" and we have been working toghether ever since. I am very satisfied with our partnership.

13. How were your beginnings in music: first albums that you bought, first concerts that you attended? What did you do in your life that made you want to be a musician?
I have always been a creative person and have always loved creating things. So when I discovered metal in my teens it was natural that I wanted to create something myself. 
If I don't count on classics lite Metallica or Judas Priest, the first metal album I bought for myself must have been In Flames - Clayman. 
First metal concert was Satyricon and Grave I think, wich is pretty funny now that I think of it, because those are pretty much the exact styles I try to blend in Svartkonst.

14. What future plans do you have for Svartkonst regarding future releases, reissues, etc?
Getting together a live band. In the meantime just trying to spread "Black Waves". And of course working on new ideas.

15. Thank you very much for the time dedicated to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something more for the followers of Svartkonst this is the place. I hope the questions have been to your liking
Thanks for having me. Dyrka döden

Cassette edition. Limited to 100 copies. Hand-numbered.

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