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Origen: Australia, Melbourne
Formados: 2007
Estilo: Black
Temática: Anticristianismo, iluminación, oposición, rebelión y trascendencia.
Enlaces: Facebook.

  • A.S Voces
  • D.A Guitarra

  • Offering Demo 2009
  • Birth EP 2011  
  • Inverse CD 2011
  • Aosoth / Order of Orias Split 2015  
  • Ablaze CD 2020
ABLAZE (2020)
Segunda entrega para los australianos que sigue la linea de su anterior "Inverse", dentro de una carrera con pocas fisuras a pesar de su corto número de lanzamientos. Este "Ablaze" contiene seis temas que recogen el sonido más añejo dentro del black escandinavo de los noventa y lo fusiona con influencias más recientes, todo ello logrando sonar oscuro, sucio y ritualista. El trabajo al bajo se antoja imprescindible en esta obra, su presencia es constante y dota al sonido de una aura entre ritualista y putrefacta, del todo necesaria para recrear la atmósfera cargada de hedor y podredumbre aquí presente. Los temas son densos, suelen comenzar de forma lodosa, con pesados riffs y con influencias de estilos como el death más primitivo, gracias a riffs que languidecen y se arrastran hasta la extenuación. De forma inesperada el tema vira hacia terrenos más dinámicos, conservando siempre ese aura entre ritualista y mística que los acerca a los griegos Achrorontas, pero ofreciendo mayor velocidad, algunos escarceos con el thrash y sobre todo la entrada en juego de la batería a cargo de Jarro Raphael, totalmente acorde con la propuesta, pesada y contundente. Las voces de A.S. se muestran implacables en un estilo entre el death/black, moviendose por terrenos entre la agresividad y la brutalidad, alternando entre ellos perfectamente. Un nuevo trabajo de Order of Orias completamente recomendable, moviéndose entre la más profunda oscuridad, combinando diferentes estilos de forma acertada, capaz de mantener un pulso entre la melodía en segundo plano y la agresividad del todo presente y siempre manteniendo el pulso en un ambiente entre ocultista y ritualista. (7,7).

1. Blood to Dust 06:36
  Ground to dirt,N/Ever to fall!

Drowned in the fires of a wrathful God
Consume me, thy flames complete me
Make me ash upon the grave of life

Crushed to dust, never to crawl
Angel sing the psalms of a burning God!
Immolate this flesh, extinguish the spark

As ashes fly forth, a low herald
Of the birth of a rising sun!

Anguish shall visit,
Our barren hearts
Our blood, our skin,
To be burst apart

This day, heaving with life under sulphurous skies,
Hangs the sword of death
And anguish shall visit our hearts,
As the dust begins to fall
Cloaking the flesh of the quivering earth

Cursed my heart and cursed my womb,
And cursed my light and hope beneath this gathering doom

This is my blood, my skin, my heart,
Gleaming bright with poisoned life
Thus I am desolate within desolate lands,
Cursed, sundered and made as ash upon a thousand blades
2. Gleaming Night 07:21
  And I will pluch out your heart like a rotting fruit,
Retching forth the meat into the mouths of the sick
And I will heave your children into the purity of fire,
Ending hope with a blade through the cunt of GOD
Dead and doomed, thy soul is broken and doomed,
No call, no cry, no roaring scream for true salvation
Your lethargy condemns thee, I curse and abuse thee,
I have no hands to lay upon thee, no truthful gift
Beside the relief of poison through thy veins

So I will make thy soil waste
Choked with the bloody waters
of a thousand throats
And I will tear from your crown
Fistfuls of brilliant light
To wear as my own

Resplendent, I am shining bright
A vile glow to eclipse your own!
Forever above all
It comes, it comes for you!
Rays of death to burn your flesh,
And drag you to see

I will drink my death from the cup of new found life

Come to me with eyes of need,
Tongue cracked, broken, sore
And I will turn water to sand,
To feed the mouths of my own
Come to me with lungs of fire,
Fierce with scorn, fierce and loud!
Roar with me before the pyre,
Speared with thorns, high and proud!
3. Raging Idols 05:43
Stinking streams of burning blood This rotten incense of lowliness Torn from undying sin Curled around my heart This night of nights for evermore A fervent darkness inflamed Beneath the stare of raging idols The heaving mass moans Cast inward, toward the depths Lurk horrors before my altar Thus I see, And swarm as a tide of locusts, Choking a thousand throats In me, through me, of thee! The unbowed tree, of putrid fruit In me, through me, of thee! Spreads the shining venom of God Twisted hope, Broken and made anew Communion, Of broken blades Stinking blood, And ashen mouths Hopeless Boundless Eyeless I am the serpents tongue, Dragon blooded - fire veined Devouring beast of burning waters, The fervent darkness inflamed  
4. Snares and Thorns 07:09
A wicked glow explodes! Amidst this churning haze, The tangled limb grows Ripped from snares, thorns, My grail of life is turned, Heaving hate and scorn Come now, let it begin! A thousand throats will roar, On this day of sin! Let every faithful man, Be wooed for the pyre Crowned in brass, Reign of stone, Entombed in glass, The dead enthroned Streaming - ceaseless flood, I am born again within this blood Freed now from chains of regret, To hang around another's neck Soaring - cracked and bent Weaving strings of sin, Flung forth as golden nets And so righteous judgement comes, To rape the hope of tomorrow Raging fires, blackened limbs, Hell has come to lay itself, As an iron weight of ruin, Upon an infants' back Blessed to burn in eternal fire Savage pride, vicious glory, Bear it now with joy and might As the tongue of death cackles, Like a jubilant plague
5. Crowned in Brass 05:25
Worm, reveal thyself
as the craven spirit,
of the corrupt and weak. Who viciously
bleed the sinking twilight,
of the holy mind.
Lord, come. Weep and tremble
with a righteous fury at this decline.
Claim your retribution.
Rotten Angel, revered opposer, O Angelstar,
Grant me the Abyss.

Descend and upend
the bronze cup of rebirth.
And scream with a voice that is thunder!
Etched in skin, sin of sins,
Plunge thee deep into the veins of wonder.

And thy false sun
will crack as glass,
And surround thy head
with a shameful crown
Of glittering brass.

There, beneath life's shattering weight
Spine twisted and bending low,
You who toil on the squirming path
With heart gasping and slow,
No peace, no respite, no hopeful hours
Come swiftly upon thy head.

For I will be your scythe
With eyes burning like a thousand stars,
And my path will be washed clean.
Immaculate with the steaming blood,
Of a reforged heart.
6. Dawning Light 07:22
Here and now! High and proud!
The molten blood of kings,
Rages, with strength most dire
Life through rotting veins
Disaster flesh, put to the fire,
Purging the sins of endless need
Sucking holes to rend and bleed,
And be born again

Cold and dark! Within and without!
Above broken stone and mold,
Hanging low the sword of death
Wound me now, tear within...
Dawning light, an exile here,
A weak relief that bears ceaseless shame
For the beast that shines need only,
To hear his name

The signs of the end are all around us,
etched in fire by the left hand of God

Wail! The lord of light,
Has declared disaster against you!
Failed! Our words prevail,
As silver drawn from the sour earth!

An empire at it's height, reflected in polished gold
Coughing up the dust of dead devotions

Return, Return!
Breather of Light
Bound and Blind!
Rejoice in Fire
Return, Return!
Mover of Light
Bound and Blind!
Ignite my Pyre

Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition to 500 copies, Dark Clear Blue

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