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Origen: Suecia, Umeå
Formados: 1992
Estilo: Black melódico
Temática: Apoacalipsis, mal, misantropia y oscuridad.
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  • Andreas Nilsson Guitarra
  • Kristoffer W. Olivius  Voces
  • Marcus E. Norman Bajo, guitarra y teclados

  • Stellae Trajectio Demo 1994  
  • Promo '95 Demo 1995  
  • Vittra CD 1995
  • Maiden Slaughter Demo 1996  
  • When Autumn Storms Come EP 1998  
  • Diabolical CD 1998
  • Ex Inferis EP 2002  
  • Sheol CD 2003
  • Pariah CD 2005
  • Harvest CD 2007
  • An Extension of His Arm and Will EP 2012  
  • Téras CD 2012
  • Principium Recopilatorio 2018  
  • Cerecloth CD 2020

Séptima entrega para los suecos después de un período de casi ocho años de silencio, en un regreso en toda regla con un álbum de sonido black melódico que destaca por su brutal sonido gentileza de Dan Swanö en sus Unisound. Es cierto que la carrera de los suecos se acerca peligrosamente a los treinta años y no lo es menos que su formula pude dar muestra de agotamiento, sin embargo mantienen sus señas de identidad en cuanto a sonido, logrando transmitir la esencia del sonido que los dio a conocer a mediados de los noventa sin renunciar a la inclusión de cierto elementos más acordes con al época actual que logra que su black se adentre por otros terrenos dentro del metal extremo. "Cerecloth" es un álbum compacto, sin apenas fisuras en donde predomina un black melódico que esconde un trasfondo frío, melancólico y oscuro. El álbum esconde algunos arreglos de teclado, que aunque no estén presentes de una forma clara y en primer plano, si que juegan un papel fundamental, acompañando las guitarras y al bajo para añadirles un tono más profundo y épico. Resulta interesante comprobar que los riffs de guitarra se acoplan perfectamente a un trabajo de bajo que se muestra muchas veces presente para llevar el tono melódico de la música hacia un ambiente más sombrío. Batería perfecta, capaz de ofrecer un tono rápido e incendiario con blast-beast impenitentes y de acompañar sin reparos en  la partes más lentas, sin llegar a sepultar el resto de los instrumentos. Las voces se centran en ofrecer un tono agresivo y frío que cabalga entre los riffs ofreciendo aspectos como la desolación y la oscuridad, sin un registro variado, pero capaz de ofrecer una simbiosis perfecta con la música. Y es que el álbum sólo se puede entender en conjunto, como un todo, en donde no hay elementos destacables individualmente, sino que lo importante es el conjunto, un conjunto de black melódico que recoge el buen hacer de la carrera de Naglfar desde su formación en 1992, incorporando algunos elementos actuales a su sonido, para ofrecer como resultado un álbum rápido e incendiario, pero que sorprende con inspirados riffs de corte melódico que emergen en medio de la tormenta de su sonido. (8,3).

1. Cerecloth 04:05
Old shadows rise
And shroud the world in blackest night
In bitter hearts once confined

Trapped deep inside
Since before the dawn of time
Now free to poison mankind

It feeds the grasp of lethargy
Life slowly comes to a grinding halt
Words of sanctity
Turned into inanities
And faith is naught but dust

The reaper's breath
A crushing weight upon their chest
No reason left to exist

Seek comfort in the blade
In herds they walk along their way
The path towards an early grave

A cancerous plague begot
Spreads dread and spiritual rot
And the stench of cerecloth
Thus follow in its wake
As man succumbs to its dismal fate

A cancerous plague begot
Spreads dread and spiritual rot
And the stench of cerecloth
In this place now resides
As all things slowly die inside

Silence looms
The testament of our demise
A barren tomb forever cursed

Chalice of doom
Poisoning the fountain of life
For none shall walk the earth 
2. Horns 04:38
 This is what I chose to be
There is a demon inside that is possessing me
It lets me see what you cannot see
Know what you must not know
And be what you can never be

You, children of Satan
The endtime battle is near
For I am here, evil is everywhere
Ring in the new age of war, hate and fear

You will never be free
Sound by your flesh and your morality
Foolish believes in that eternity
Can be achieved if you hold the right key

There will be suffering and tears, hunger years
People led astray, like sheep they follow and obey
Humanity's future holds nothing but loss
As they fight amongst themselves over a god that never was

Hell forevermore
The blood has been spilled
The oath has been sworn
Chime now the cymbals of vengeance
Sound now the horns of war
You stepped into the shadows
Walked into the void
Emptied your mind
Left all reasoning behind
Doomed are the living who follow the blind
Cursed by the demons who hate mankind
3. Like Poison for the Soul 06:31
  So my path is chosen
No more false affinity
The time has come to leave
Your worth are the equivalent of a dead insect to me
Indifference be my name

All hope forever lost
No redemption in this place
I cut your presence away
The outcome of your burdens
Are no longer mine to face
I shun your kind and leave you all behind

To gain some peace of mind

Man is an island
This is what I believe
The absence of other humans
Is what I truly need
So I gradually turn inwards
Treading paths unknown
Through catatonic caverns
A haven I can call my own

So I am going deeper
Down into my own world
Where I can be alone
And your voices go unheard
I can't stand them no more
You're like poison for my soul

I was trapped within a nightmare
My life felt like a lie
Like drowning in plain sight
Your voices overwhelm me
In a cacophonic drone
My cup hath runneth over

A yearning for the silence
And the grace of solitude
Far from this worthless place
So the time has come to exit
To finally fade away
To find reprieve in an unresponsive state

I am going deeper
Down into my own world
Where I can be alone
And your voices go unheard
I can't stand them no more
You're like poison for my soul
4. Vortex of Negativity 05:02
  I dream of death and the end of everything known
For the greatest of value is found in nothingness
So I go and fall into the gaping maws of darkness
Torn by the silent roar of Charon, it permeates me

In the bleakness of existence I drown
This world was never meant for me
So now I take my leave to finally
Be one with the vortex of negativity

A dream of Death
And the end of all that once was
To be gone and one with insignificance

In the bleakness of existence I drown
This world was never meant for me
So now I take my leave to finally
Be one with the vortex of negativity

I pour gasoline on bridges already burning
And put use of your good intentions
They pave my road to Hell

In the bleakness of existence I drown
This world was never meant for me
So now I take my leave to finally
Be one with the vortex of negativity
5. Cry of the Serafim 04:25
Pride cometh before the fall
And he fell hard
Into the dark
Into our waiting arms
Our blades have hungered
And lo, the Serafim bleeds

Words of sin
Carved deep into angel skin
Thus the end begins

Gaze upon his father's temples
Now laid to waste
No place of worship
In this forsaken place
His herds are hunted
Behold, the lambs fall prey

And so his cries were heard
All around the world

Blood soaked and torn
Struggling for breath
Upon his battered celestial form
An aura of death
Once bound to the highest of thrones
Flagellate the holy flesh
Six wings shorn away from its bones
Feathers now fall in crimson rain

Unto the night of nights an offering
A divine sacrifice
In his eyes a dying light
Such a wondrous sight
The sinews and flesh are shattered
By the crushing blows
And the tattered remains discarded
To the hungering depths below
6. The Dagger in Creation 05:07
There is no turning back now All is onwards from here Forbidden words of rebellion Are being spoken out here, spoken out clear Feel it burning inside you Heed the call from within Visions are coming through You realize what you have to do Break the chains that bind you Leave the lies of this world behind Tear the veils that blind you Reset, rebecome, be reborn, clear the mind Drown deep in its power Feel the demon inside take hold This is the devil's hour There's no return once you've sold your soul Unholy hateful spirit You know the hearts of men The devil's wind Now usher in the pain You are the poison in the ether The warm internal flame The radiating darkness Most unclean with thousand names Feel the warmth of the fire Bow down before the moaning flames Perform the secret spell Breathe in and breathe out then go to Hell Oh, mighty soul corrupter You know the hearts of men Satanic wind Now usher in your reign You are the dagger in creation The scorching hellish flame Sorrow on this earth You are wisdom, you are pain
7. A Sanguine Tide Unleashed 03:54
Men of Isa Your end is fucking nigh Like a surging wave we come for you With murder in our eyes Vermin filth Bastard sons of the virgin whore You're the plague that walk upon this earth And we are the cure A sanguine tide unleashed Deceitful tongues False words spreading like disease So I would rather suffocate Than share the air you breathe Shameful stains of Adam Your god was never here And the shackles of your morals Were never mine to wear The sanguine tide unleashed Invoke the inner beast Their blood shall be spilled The cold howling wind Shall sing through their bleaching bones A hymn most ethereal A funereal dirge So here we are gathered Upon this charnel ground To end the line of Abraham The horns of damnation now sound A tide of death is now rising Feel it coursing through our veins Let loose its glorious power And let it send you to your graves Their arms reached towards Heaven Pleading safety behind the gates With fervent prayers left unheard They fall prey to our burning hate The sanguine tide unleashed The sanguine tide unleashed The sanguine tide unleashed 
8. Necronaut 03:29
Gateways pierced And left behind Transcend the flesh And cast off the chains of life To gaze into the void A vast infinity The final journey awaits It beckons and calls on me  
9. Last Breath of Yggdrasil 06:30
   Love lies cold and murdered
Followed by winters thrice
The sun and moon devoured
As the firmament collapse and dies

And the mountains are crumbling
With slow resolve they're coming down
The world tree heaves and sighs
As it draws its last breath

And the grey one lies fallen
A broken body marked by wolven claws
Once proud and strong
Now lost in the arms of death

Cradle and shelter of life
Your fate shall be denied
Roots engulfed in Surtr's flames
To all of mankind's demise

And the oceans are churning
Untamed and ravenous grave so wild
The serpent writhes
As the crushing waves collide

And Tiwaz, one-handed
Went forth to face the feral Garm
Almighty warrior god
Now reduced to food for dogs

Ashes fall in a world rendered still
The last breath of Yggdrasil

And the eagle is screaming
For he knows that the end is nigh
The world tree heaves and sighs
As it draws its last breath

And the wielder of the hammer
Bane of the Jormungandr
Nine steps of triumph and victory
Then succumbed to misery

And the flaming sword of Surtr
Now cleanses all with fire
The world tree heaves no more
As the world now has expired

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