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Origen: E.E.U.U., Florida

Formados: ?

Estilo: Black

Temática: Mitología cristiana

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  • Lord Gothryd Guitarra
  • Thaumiel Guitarra
  • Tillson   Guitarra y voces

  • Apparition CD 2020  
  • Samael CD    2022
  • Via Dolorosa EP 2022
  • Messiah CD 2023
SAMAEL (2022)

Segundo álbum para los de Florida que mantienen a grandes rasgos la línea marcada en su anterior "Apparition". Un álbum que desde sus inicios sorprende tanto por lo cuidado y bien ejecutado que suena así como por la capacidad de recrear historias relacionadas con el cristianismo de forma concisa y sin desentonar. Los comienzos del álbum, sobre todo en los tres primeros temas, podemos hablar de un black metal profundo, de sonidos que rozan lo melancólico y que tienen una influencias clara de elementos doom, tanto en ciertas secciones bastantes densas, repletas de una batería contúndete y pesada, así como una afinación de todas las guitarras que construyen el sonido de esta parte inicial del álbum, grave y profunda, no exenta de acertados riffs pero de ritmo cadencioso, si cabe acentuado por unas voces robustas y potentes. Después del cuarto tema de corte instrumental, parece de Gravenchalice no abandona del todo esa parte densa y profunda de su música, pero si que quieren ofrecer un sonido más centrado en el black, haciendo aparición elementos que pueden recordarnos a secciones más ambientales que logran dar un carácter tanto más melancólico como oscuro y frio al resultado final del álbum. El sonido de guitarra sigue estando presente en esta segunda parte del álbum pero se muestra más incisiva y dinámica, sin renunciar a un tono más directo en donde se cuela algunas acertadas partes melódicas. El resultado final es un álbum es preciso y denso y nos sumergimos en una ambientación lograda, con un soberbio trabajo de guitarras, sin renunciar en ningún momento a una profundidad de sonidos capaz de trasmitir tanto desazón como oscuridad. (8,3).

1. Icarus 07:27
  Threads of dawn weave the heart and bind the soul to morning's flare
I will kiss the sun in all of her splendor and she will scorch my lips
Rending my soul asunder

Falling through empyrean, feathers cascade from seared wings
Salvation obscured, may shackles never unclasp
A severed hand emerging from the depths
Its fingers forming a crown and its palm a throne
Bestowing the names of Adversary

A third of every halo forsaken
By the sweeping of serpentine tail
Angels weeping o'er their punishment; abandonment

Behold, Oh Lord, the descent like lightning
Scratching cerulean sky
So that the void may bleed through the cracks
For this world has been given unto me upon my crashing
And they will worship me as the Most High

The lowly clay brought forth to flame
A heaping of carnage to sing Your praise
Their entangled limbs erect an altar
Devoid of obeisance, devoted to violence
They stare at the sky with blank expressions

I am undismayed though my midst be ablaze
For You will uphold me within Your left hand
Do not delay, my Lord, to torment me
A lamp for my feet and a light for my path
My heart treads burning coals
Reflecting my upmost admiration; You whom I serve through enmity
Staring at the sky with blank expression as if to hope
2. Samael 04:38
   Alas, has the Savior come to die?
To bash my head with the weight of His heel
I look into Your eyes, aligned with ailments of men
Shall they bring You to stumble and fall?
Calamity spews forth from inner vexation
So serpents shall slither from Eve's putrid womb
With lies we shall tempt her and bring her to fall
And they will know sin like a scarlet mark
And He will taketh pity on them
Reaching with dead man's arms

Reason with them, show them a road white as snow
Where all is forgiven and shame is none
And they shall become a bride for you, ready for my opposition

For indignation stirs from within
Upon a will reborn scorched eyes lift
This chastening has sharpened my resolve
And my resolve seethes with vehemence
Because Thou has bound me in chains
I will attack them from every side upon Thy straight path, from which they shall deviate
Gnawing on their tongues, ripping out their hearts

Here he comes, a roaring lion
And here you are, a trembling lamb

A petal of the rose, this bitter enmity
A field of ashes and dust to surround
There is no hope and there is no peace
Not for me and soon not for them

Atonement demands for the blood of innocence
Holdfast, and I will break You
Hammering nail through wrist
Salvation drips from splinters
Father's abandoning hangs Your head
And Mother's caressing closes Your eyes
The worms shall weave their veils to adorn Your shredded face
Maggots shall drown Thy sockets
Cloaking Thy back of scars
Why did You not turn stones into bread?
Why did You not leap from the edge?
3. Cain 06:23
Hear their fervent prayers whispered in veils And witness the rivers of tears I will enter beneath shadowed foliage into Eden On belly, through dust, approaching Your reflection Enticing their lips to drink from my offering drawn from a wellspring of knowledge Where I laid the foundations for the first and final revelations Let he who is without sin cast the first stone as he himself is cast from the cradle of existence Another son scorned in testament to His righteousness Cursed and banished as I, you are marked with abomination My open arms welcome you and close in to tighten around your neck Constricted by fear Shaken by wrath Kill your brother and tarnish the crops with his blood Wailing to Abba From this field of bones you shall erect Enoch Enlightened by the words of unknown fury Strangle compassion and tear her insides Relentless, she fanatically gasps, "please, please spare me!" In acts of domination are you satisfied? You will die in your own sins Gnashing of teeth You will weep The forbidden fruit and its purity begin to rot Amidst those truths I sowed Truth I sowed You who taste its succulence will succumb to tasteless desire And all your days become vain pursuits Vain pursuit  
4. Soli Umbra 02:59  
5. Bellum 05:20
Inevitable death We will take joy in dashing the infants against stone As flowers of joy bow down to wilt I have heard the war trumpet's cry with pounding heart and itching tongue Swords raised against the Lord Spewing blasphemy's vortex Given authority to bind them And given a blade to slay them Worship the beast you conquered nations And the dragon standing on the shore Opposition crushed by his teeth Who of you can stand against us? We will kill you, you sons of men Making icons of you, icons of vanitas We will kill you, angels of above Dragging you to abyss, mangling you Oh, blameless, Son of God Let us meet in the valley of death where I'll cast my crown upon Your feet to suffer defeat Yet I'll hang not my head, for there is reason to rejoice For as we stand the flames begin to lick the stars And it was agreed that few should be saved and many should perish in pain A clamor of clamoring to smother the gasping These restless days are like clouds on the sun Their hands stretch out to skim Thy healing garment Yet Your back is turned, so that I may devour them and spit out their bones for ravenous dogs to gnaw upon Bretahing sulfur plagues, reaping slaves I render them dead before You Silent anticipation Endless lamentations flowing from my palms Laid to waste as disposable piece Consumed by plague, you pine away Upon their skin, the teeth of beasts And within their veins, the venom of serpents crawling through the dust He has delivered you a thousand times Yet a thousand times you return to me 
6. Tartarus 08:25
A mirror to the titans of old who begat their own usurpers
And so were seceded by their sons
Seceding where I could not
Helel's name is lost, masked by abysmal pitch

Thus folds the wings of alluring beauty
Thus smothers the flame that engulfed the world
May Your scribe account the sins of my epoch
And the millenia of illumination

Look upon me one last time
And clutch at Your chest as a third of creation descends
Following me in severance from You
Drunk off wormwood, filled with bitterness
Here there is only desolation
A dwelling place made in the dark
Where fiery waves clash against the shore
And the wind like knives lacerate the skin over and over again
Lining my arms, lining my throat
A suffering without relief of death
Hence my prayers are none
And even if they were, You wouldn't heed a word
What light remains becomes a vignette
As I collapse in the black hole of Tartarus

May You bring them to writhe like worms
May You bring them to curse You with moans
May You utterly reject them
And may they know damnation
Just as I have known all of these things
7. Lamentations 09:26
   Twisting wisdom for splendor
As rivers shall thy tears flow
Strength and joy cease to be and you groan, exasperated

Laden with chains that cut the skin and grind the bone
An embracing of ash, to kiss the dust and say, "this is my newfound rest"
You wove fabrics of sin to ensnare me
To hang by my neck as a yoke and to harden my spirit against You
Besieged with hopelessness for there is no salvation for the angels
We could never return home

Flesh withers from all sight and every hidden bone protrudes
Waste away like a garment devoured by moths
A stairway built unto the sun
Crumbling beneath her rays
Shriveling beneath her light

Lament this ending

Cast below where utter despair resides
A maze of tunnels without lights
Eyes widened in terror for this is the fate set in stone before my first breath

Crying in the abyss
Wading in flame

Know your death hath come
Cling your palms and pray for dismay
Let your troubled soul be still and want not
As you bask in a shrouded sun, may My will be done
Hold to your transgressions for they all are you have
And tend to your open wounds for no other can
Thou be damned

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