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Origen: Rusia, San Petersburgo

Formados: 1998

Estilo: Black

Temática: Anticristianismo, satanismo y visiones

Enlaces: Blackdeath, bandcampfacebookinstagramtelegramVK y youtube


  • Abysslooker Guitarra
  • Maya Batería
  • Para Bellum Bajo y voces

  • Saturn Sector CD 1998
  • Promo '98 Demo 1998  
  • Grave of the Light EP 2001  
  • Fucking Fullmoon Foundation CD 2002  
  • Bottomless Armageddon CD 2004
  • Desecrated by Satan's Lust / Sun Is Setting in the North - Total Split 2004  
  • Mortifera / Blackdeath Split 2004  
  • Satan macht frei CD 2004
  • Horna / Blackdeath Split 2005  
  • Totentanz II / Portrait in Scars Split 2005
  • Fanatical Demo 2007  
  • Vortex CD 2008  
  • Chronicles of Hellish Circles Recopilatorio 2009  
  • Katharsis: Kalte Lieder aus der Hölle CD 2010  
  • Jesus Wept EP 2011  
  • Φόβος (Phobos) CD 2013
  • Satanas ∴ Retro ∴ Vade EP 2014  
  • Gift CD 2015
  • Totentanz Recopilatorio 2016
  • Chronicles of Hellish Circles II Recopilatorio 2018
  • Mein Inferno Recopilatorio 2018  
  • Phantasmhassgorie CD 2019
  • Also sprach das Chaos CD 2021

El décimo álbum de los de San Petersburgo es una obra que de alguna manera rompe con todo o anteriormente ofrecido por la banda pero que de alguna manera también mantiene ese aroma a black clásico. Un álbum construido sobre dos temas mastodónticos en cuanto a duración y que cuenta también con una soberbia ambientación con un trasfondo que tiene que ver con al cosmología, trances y muerte. Ofreciendo por un lado un apartado musical sin apenas fisuras en donde el black, digamos que primitivo en esencia y en estructuras se deja influenciar por sonido que tanto le deben a un aporte de heavy como elemento que podemos vislumbrar como vanguardistas sin perder en ningún momento la esencia del sonido black más clásico. La construcción de los temas en un perfecto equilibrio entre una guitarra que se adentra por sonidos del black de los noventa con gusto por elementos progresivos y que no puede ser entendido sin la perfecta simbiosis que alcanza con el apartado vocal, este último ofreciendo muchos matices y secciones que podemos tildar como vanguardistas en un tono casi que experimental hasta que secciones corales y habladas acaban por cobrar protagonismo. El trabajo de Maya a la batería eleva y abre el plano de la música a terrenos tanto progresivos como más ambientales. El resultado de los dos temas se va descubriendo al final cuando las partes digamos que más experimentales acaban por cobrar mayor protagonismo llevando al álbum a secciones más ambientales que acaban por rodear la música de un halo tanto de misterio como de oscuridad. Un álbum, dos temas que dan para mucho, ofreciendo ambos desarrollos completos, aumentado la intensidad a medida que se van desarrollando hasta eclosionar en terrenos ambientales y ocultistas. (8,1).

1. Paralysiertes Äquinoktium / Мир рухнул 14:28
  The leaden fantasies of unborn children
Erect a volcano to pour out their yearning
The raptured gaze of the King of Ice Abyss
Carves out the hammer to break the Diamond Eye

Black spots on the Sun
Winding burrows are deep
The poor worm-eaten Sun
Parasites laugh in its catacombs

You look joyfully at the Sun –
You have worms in your brain
Gods come and then leave –
Worms circle together with the luminary

Come on
The King and children know no mercy in their righteousness

If you didn't know
That the Sun could be turned inside out
Then it's time to learn about it
For the amusement of the new gods

The worms will stay in their place though

The dead gods stand in ranks
Trying to remember the hymns
With which they were debauched
While the idolaters groan in despair

New Gods will come, whose names no one knows yet
New Aeon will come – ah, with the bloody firmament

One illusion replaces the other
Every dream petrifies in the time loop

That is the glorified vicious circle
A round dance of the Golems
What is Reality?
I don't know that

The Great Puppeteer pulls the strings
The Sun is a speck of dust for Him

The truth is hidden behind the backdrop
The poor painted sun
The endless worms lick off every thought
So the sun shall flatten out us after all

Everything has come from Nothing
The King sits on his throne
But who needs Nothing?
No one hears the crying of children

The Equinox swims in ecstasy

The Diamond Eye undresses unabashedly

There is a new paralysis of will in the dead fireworks

Only then it's possible to destroy
When it's too late to begin

All the King's people
Dance in the dream of unborn children

The Sun will change roles with the worms
May the endless day become equal to the night in an instant

Tabula rasa

The volcano will explode
The Ouroboros will break its ring
The Diamond Eye will shatter into shards
The Black Serpent will find itself

Once I had a vision of the future
I saw in flames the Equinox of the Gods

"The day of wrath, that day
Will dissolve the world in ashes
When therefore the judge will sit
Whatever lies hidden will appear
Chaos of fearsome majesty
Who gladly saves those fit to be saved
Humbly kneeling and bowed I pray
My heart crushed as ashes"
2. Im Labyrinth 19:32
  I am a dead man
Who hasn't been born yet
My hands, like ice lumps,
Are locked together on my chest

I got lost
Where there is no past and future

But the walls, like alien tablets,
Are rising around me

Fears with different names torture me
Someone howls at Moon tirelessly
Maybe Pan is the son of the Black Snake?
I would like to see his face now

As before, I lie in the leaden coffin
Oh, so cold
But what if I'm wandering between these walls?

Everyone gets lost here between their images in the mirrors

I breathe stealthily
Gasp for air like a thief

Dust, dust, dust
The play of fancies makes me deaf
The illusion hides its prey

The dead wander in the dark
I see them clearly
Those who know no fear
They talk to me

The dead taught me
The cosmic monolith is paralyzed with fear
"With the dead in the dead language"
I try to remember everything

But the walls breathe!
The Labyrinth pulsates!
It doesn't give up
Its temptations lure

Obedient stars tempt me
Like angels of the non-existent heaven
The cold sirens sing to me passionately
The milky way is so sweet and bitter

Cosmos presents with the sea of lights
It's easy to get lost in these phantoms

The Guardians roam everywhere
They're seeking for me
The eternally hungry Guardians
They hunt for the dead

The dead seed has been sown
I am a dead man who hasn't been born yet

Proudly I wear the Crown on my head
My crown is the Axis of the World

It's so cold

The Infinity shrinks to a point
The whole Universe is my coffin

The Abyss called to me
The Black Flame engulfed me
My heart has exploded millions of suns

With hatred I wear the Crown in my heart
I am the Rat King in the center of the Universe

There I fly
I fly like a dead bird
And there is nothing but space rubbish everywhere

The Ice Golgotha, frozen to the very core
The Heaven shimmers like blue corundum under my feet
The whole world has capsized and turned upside down
Or is it I who's hanging upside down?

There is a simple pride for the dead
We have everything and nothing
Wood for coffins!

Everything is where it should be
Learn to breathe the Dark Light

I teared out my Third Eye with my own hand
And threw it to the Hounds of Tindalos to devour
May it help me
Find a way out of the Labyrinth

The Black Flame
Who will see it in the Dark?
The white light spectrum
Whom will it satisfy?

Dissolve and precipitate!

Invisible signs in every breath
Transparent ciphers in every memory

I ignore the messages of the stars

I am where kings rot in the wombs of their mothers
Lead turns into delight here

Everything here radiates glory

Leaving the Labyrinth is like the smile of the Sphinx
There are no walls for the dead
Nothingness is the opposite of existence
But everything that exists has come from Death

Remember the time
When the stars were dust
Be ready for what never existed
Leave all hope now

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