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1. If I'm not mistaken, we are dealing with a one man band, when did you decide to create the band? Why did you choose the name The Nightly Disease and what does it refer to?

1) Yes, you’re right. TND is a one-man band, although I was helped by my friend Tommaso Franco who played some piano parts.The project took shape in 2016 while I was working on a couple of riffs that I had in mind. I didn’t have a particular goal, I was just trying to develop them as instrumental concept album, record it and give a copy to some friends. But when I listened to the final master I was very satisfied so, I wrote to Naturmacht Production and sent the album asking if they were interested in releasing it. Robert (owner of NP) was thrilled and said yes. This is how TND and the first album “Smell of Burning Wood” were born. “The Nightly Disease” is the second album of the Norwegian rock band Madrugada. I like them a lot, especially that record and its dark sound. I’ve always thought it was a good name for a band. When I had to decide how to call my project I had no doubts.

2. Although The Nightly Disease has been active since approximately 2016 it has not been until the edition of its recent “Delicate White Sound” and despite having released its first EP in 2018, it seems that everything has taken on a greater dimension around this project, was this favorable response expected from the public and press?

2) No, it wasn’t. Usually I tend to have no expectations. I don’t know if things have taken greater dimension, but I’m grateful for all positive feedback.

3. “Delicate White Sound” stands out for itself an album that manages to transmit different moods and sensations in a fluid and elaborate way. How has the process of composing and recording the album been? What brands of instruments have you used for the process? composition and recording?

3) The process was the same as on the first album, more or less. After programming the drums I recorded a demo, spending a lot of time trying different solutions for harmonies and arrangements in general, then I started the official recording. Electric rhythm/lead guitars, keys, bass, piano and effects. This is the order.I preferred to record “Part 2” acoustic guitars at the Mile Road Studio with the right mics and just stay focused on the performance. At the end of the recording sessions I sent all the files to the studio for mixing and mastering.My brands are a PRS electric guitar, Marshall Mode Four amplifier and Huges & Kettner cabinet. Music Man bass guitar and Mark Bass amplifier, Yamaha and Nord keyboards (lent, not mine). Seagull and Simon & Patrik 6 strings ac guitars, Aria  12 strings ac guitar and Eko classic guitar. I use Cubase 10 and a Shure 57 mic to record the electric guitars and bass.

4. The sound of the album from my point of view consists of two quite different styles or parts, on the one hand we have a style close to the more classic atmospheric black with a fairly direct musical section and on the other a more intimate, melancholic style, managing to sound All this in a melodic way. How would the album describe the sound for those who have not yet heard it and what sensations does it intend to convey to the listener?

4) Not easy for me describe my music, but I think what you wrote is correct. The album is a mix of electric and acoustic melodies that create different atmospheres. Probably a melancholy quietness is the main feeling in the record.

5. The album is instrumental, despite this many sections seem to be built to be able to couple voices, why the decision of an instrumental album? At some point did you contemplate the possibility of having voices on the album?

5) TND is intended as an instrumental project. I've always been fascinated by instrumental albums, especially Mike Oldfield's. Tubular Bells, Ommadawn, Amarok, The Song of Distant Earth etc. are masterpieces. Projects like Wongraven, Lustre, Northaunt, Burzum inspired me to create TND. As for the voices, I didn't think of having them. I prefer to let the music "talk". This does not mean that I will never insert voices in my music. I consider them as an instrument so, if a song or a part requires it, I add it. But not the classic “Verse-Chours-Verse”, so to speak and nor for the whole album.

6. At what point was the decision made to mix and master the album at the Mile Road Studio? What do you think GIorgio Maraia has contributed to the final result of the album?

6) From the beginning. Giorgio has a long experience both as musician (he played keyboards for years in Riul Doamnei black metal band) and as music producer, recording and mixing albums for many bands. The first time I worked with him was in 2014 when he recorded the third album of my black metal band Hyling. In 2016 he mixed and mastered TND “Smell of…” album, doing a great job. I was sure he would do the same on “Delicate White Sound” too. Very professional and his mixing experience was fundamental to the final sound of the record.

7. Why did you decide to work for the album artwork with Flavio Biondani? Do you think that the album cover perfectly captures all the sensations that you intend to convey with your music?

7) Because, like Giorgio, he’s very professional. Flavio has released many artworks for bands, including Hyling. In 2016 he did the artwork and layout for “Smell of Burning Wood” and the result was amazing. Many people have appreciated it. For “Delicate White Sound” I had this idea of an abandoned scarecrow in a snowy and isolated place surrounded by woods and I explained it to him. Since I saw the first drafts of the cover image I had no words, he immediately achieved the goal by doing an incredible job. Absolutely, the cover captures exactly everything I mean and perfectly represents the music and concept. 

8. Naturmacht Productions has taken care of the album edition, how did the possibility of working with them to carry out the edition come about? Are you satisfied with the editing and promotion work carried out by Naturmacht Productions?

8) Yes, I am very satisfied. Naturmacht is doing a great job for The Nightly Disease. As I said before, Robert was enthusiastic about TND from the beginning and when I told him I was recording the new album he told me he wanted to release it, even though he hadn't heard from it yet.

9. The Italian scene has a good handful of established bands that continue to endure the type, however it is also true that for some time now different projects have been emerging that bring new air to the scene. How do you think The Nightly Disease fits in? In all this process, how do you see the health of the Italian black scene?

9) I don’t know how TND fits, maybe listeners can tell. Personally I don’t think my music brings anything new in the scene. It’s nothing so original or particular. It’s only what I have in mind and I enjoy recording it. Someone like it, someone don’t. Obviously I’m very glad when people appreciate it. The Italian scene is in very good health. I don’t follow that too much to be honest, but the underground scene is full of great bands.If you and your readers want to know more about, I recommend the “Museo Del Black Metal Italiano” YouTube Channel. You can listen to many albums, reviews, interviews etc., it is really well done.

10. How was the editing and the entire process surrounding the album affected for better or for worse, coinciding with the restrictions imposed by Covid-19?

10) Like many other bands and musicians, I too had problems finishing my album. As soon as I completed my parts in January / February 2020 Covid arrived and we went into lockdown. I had to stop and wait for months to meet Tommaso and record the piano, and Giorgio and Flavio for the rest. A complete mess. The only good thing is that I was able to work further on some details. I sent the master to the label at the end of 2020, but Naturmacht was also on standby with the releases so the delays piled up. That's why "Delicate White Sound" didn't come out until last June.

11. How were your beginnings in music: first concerts you attend, first albums you buy? What happened in your life made you want to be a musician?

11) I saw my first concert when I was 9. My parents took me to see the American country/folk singer John Denver. Later, when I was a teenager, I approached many underground rock and metal concerts. Then some festivals and concerts by great artists like Pearl Jam, R.E.M and so on. The first albums I had were Europe's "The Final Countdown" and Neil Young's "Hawks & Doves", on tape. Then Iron Maiden, Mötley Crüe, Cinderella, Poison and many others vinyls. Thanks to my family I have always listened to a lot of music, ever since I was very young. I think it’s in my DNA. There was a classic guitar at home and at the age of 16 I picked it up and started learning chords.

12. Which album represents to you the essence of black metal? What last albums have you bought? 

12) For me the ones that most represent it are “Hvis Lyset Tar Oss” and “Filosofem” by Burzum. When I listen to them I feel like I'm in a snowy forest in the winter darkness. But I consider the whole Norwegian scene of the early 90s to be the essence of black metal. At that time it had a profound impact on me and many more records should be mentioned. The last albums I bought are "UFO" by ORB and the last two by Coldplay. 

13. What future plans do you have for The Nightly Disease in terms of upcoming releases, reissues, etc? 

13) I hope there are the right conditions and inspiration to start working on new music soon. I have some material to work on, but now it’s too early to know if and when a new album will be released for sure.

14. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions for Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for fans of The Nightly Disease this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.

14) Yes, they are. Thank you so much Black Metal Spirit for this great interview and to all the people who support The Nightly Disease. For those wishing to listen to TND albums or those of my black metal band Hyling, you can find them here:

- https://thenightlydisease.bandcamp.com

- https://hyling.bandcamp.com


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