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1. Gloomy Grim was born in 1995, what memories do you have of those first moments of the band? Why did you decide to create Gloomy Grim and why did you choose this name?

First my plan was not to do band. I just wanted to create my own music to horror movies. I did it with VHS, proper cable and synth. Then I bought computer and GG started from there.

I thought since GLOOMY and GRIM means basically the same and I wanted to cretae that kind of music, that would be perfect name, since in my mind it meaned etremely double GLOOMY and GRIM music ever made. Even thought wheb I didi first demo, I knew I was not, I still kept the name. 

2. Practically 25 years of career with Gloomy Grim, has it been very difficult for you to keep Gloomy Grim active? What have been, in your point of view, the best and worst moments of the band throughout these years?

Time runs, yes. Actually it has not been difficult, but sometimes I have lost my interest. Like we had 8 years break when we did only some gigs & "Grim Fate" single + Grimoire demo bt myself, but no full-lenght between 2008-2016. I can´t say any particular highs or lows, maybe the start of all and now, when I have decided that "Agathonomicon" is our last full-lenght.

This has been my lifes work and now it end at least in this form. Something might still come, but not in full working band scale.  

3. In fact, you spent a year inactive during the 2019-20 period, were you really thinking at that moment about putting an end to the band? Was the Cocid-19 period of restrictions an incentive to put Gloomy Grim back in operation and carry out this “Agathonomicon”?

We had lots of problem with release of "Agathonomicon", because ot covid. It was supposed to be release 28.4, but first the factory went closed, then it took over a monthb for CD´s to arrive to Finland etc, so the release was 26.7. problem was, that we had quite lots of pre-sales for that first day and I personally felt that I have failed those who had pre-paid it. Also some promotings, etc went fucked up, so now we are in situation that some people whose would like to buy it are thinking if it is available or not (is), or don´t even know that it exist.  

4. “Agathonomicon” is an album that in a simple way can be defined as symphonic black, however its sound encompasses other deeper aspects as well as different perspectives. Is this album the fruit of a sound that you have perfected over the years? the last twenty-five years to make it your own and recognizable? How has the process of composing and recording the album been? What brands of instruments have you used to record and compose “Agathonomicon”?

I had certain sound in my mind first, but Micko did a guitar sound we started to follow more, with drum and bass at mixing stage. His sounds was so great, sometimes it sounds that all is broken, but still it is solid. We wanted to keep all quite harsh, but still that listener can recognize everything. I think that it must be listened with headphones, read the lyrics and go into that world fully, it is not that much meant to be as party music. At this album there are lots of guitars played by me also, from my demo guitars to band. And this is first time. Normally band guitarists have playede my demos again, because I am not a good guitarist. Also there is a twist! I don´t know what they have left at final mix. Micko decided those. I have a clue for some of the playings, but I am not sure.

5. Somewhere I have been able to read that “Agathonomicon” is going to be the last Gloomy Grim album, is this true and if so, why this decision?

Yes it is. Now I feel that it is right time. GG has been my lifes work and now I want to do something else. It takes lots of time and efford, since I do everything by myself. 

Songs, lyrics, promo, gigs, media, interviews etc etc. Too much work, too less fun. But it does not mean that GG is dead! We are alive as long as someone listens us and and I personaly keep it up as long as I live, at social media etc. Also there is possibility for something new to come out, but not full-lenght. Thats the line Have to see. I personally keep this little bit of an release for me. I have enjoyed, of course, of creating and living this, but I knew this when I wrote last songs for "Agathonomicon" and especially lyrical part will summary all GG albums and also my life.


6. I mentioned previously that you have been active for twenty-five years and you come to edit an album with a temporary sound, capable of collecting influences from symphonic black and classical elements within black, while opening your proposal to purer terrain within black How would you define the sound of your latest album for those who have not yet heard it and what main influences have inspired you when composing the album?

I think that it just have to listen, can´t describe it much more.

7. With the sound offered by “Agathonomicon” you have managed to build a very dark soundscape that at times resembles a horror movie due to its setting, how do you collect these influences to translate them into your music and how do you work on the study elements such as the setting?

Thats was the point too, great to hear if we have succeed. Maybe just watching lots of movies and listening those soundtracks have just developed something in me and I have managed to tell the feeling to those who finally pull & push the knobs at studio table. Musicwise I have to say that I don´t know, since I just do what I feel. I have certain vision and start to do it, then someday all is ready, no plans, no nothing,I just do. Don´t think, when I start, that this is going to be fast, slow of midtempo for example. I gave a feeling of "something" and then I start to do a song. It comes out how it comes, I am just a body which does it. Of course I do not use all the stuff I write, but thats how the songwriting process go.


8. What themes do you mainly deal with in your lyrics? Do you have the lyrics ready before the music or do you adapt them to it?

Blood, Monsters, Darkness and Death, religion & occult. At this album I did all the music for whole album, then lyrics.

But there are also lots of songs done other way and I have tried to do lyrics, so music could be heard without music, just by reding the words. 

9. “Agathonomicon” has been co-released between the Italian label MurdHer Records and the Russian Satanath Records, how did the possibility of publishing with them come about? Are you satisfied with the editing and promotion work enhanced by the labels?

Murdher firs released my own printed "Grimoire" demo, then Satanath came along with the full-leght later. 

10. Who designed the album cover, what do you want to represent with it and how does it relate to the content of the album?

I do mostly all the artwork & design layout etc, except Lord Heikkinen has painted few covers.

11. As a band that has been active for a good number of years, how do you see the health of the black metal scene today, not only in your country but also globally, and how do you think it has evolved in these years?

I don´t actually listen that much new music, I have stuck into old ones. Sometimes I check from Tube what kind of music people are making,maybe get excited for a while, then go back to old ones. 

12. How were your beginnings in music: first concerts that you attend, first albums that you buy? What happened in your life made you want to be a musician?

First gig was Saxon at 1983, then went on to Venom and thats pretty much it!I don´t know what actually happened, I just wanted to play drums and I started to have bands where to play, then later started GG. This has just came, I haven´t kind of planned anything, this is how all was meant to go.

13. Which album represents to you the essence of black metal? What last albums have you bought?

Maybe old Bathory before Hammerheart, but then I´d say Venoms first 3. Mix of those is kind of what I have tried sometimes + added synths into it, so it would be more my own thing. 

14. What future plans do you have for Gloomy Grim in terms of upcoming releases, concerts or reissues?

Last full-lenght has been now done, but maybe some music is coming. Have not planned any gigs since my brain tumors, but you never know. 

15. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions for Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for Gloomy Grim fans, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking

Hope people find time to listen Agathonomicon as whole as it has been meanet to be listened that way. Lay down, listen music, read lyrics, watch cover art and dwell into the world of GLOOMY GRIM


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