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Origen: U.K., Leeds

Formados: ?

Estilo: Black metal épico y atmosférico, Dungeon synth

Temática: Fantasía y Tolkien

Enlaces: Bandcampdeezer y spotify


  • Caradhras Voces y teclados
  • Fanuidhol Bajo, teclados y voces
  • Silvertine Guitarra y programaciones

  • The Crownless EP 2020  
  • Beside the Roaring Sea EP 2020
  • The Lady of Light EP 2020  
  • The Crownless / Beside the Roaring Sea Recopilatorio 2020  
  • By the Waters of Awakening CD 2021
  • White Frost and Elder Blood CD 2023
Después de tres Eps iniciales editados el pasado año, los de Leeds se atreven con su primer larga duración. Un  álbum de carácter épico, inspirado por la obra de Tolkien, sabiendo mantener un equilibrio acertado entre las partes más épicas y el black en si mismo, todo ello sustentado en un entramado de sintetizadores que lleva el peso de la mayoría de composiciones al tiempo que saben añadirles un componente atmosférico al grueso de las mismas. Los temas son extensos, permitiendo desarrollar distantes facetas y aspectos dentro de si mismos que se centran tanto en una vertiente épica o atmosférica en líneas generales, como por recorrer paisajes oscuros y brumosos con acertados riffs que no renuncian por un lado a un carácter también melódico, así como a cierta oscuridad que se atisba en cada nota. Abundancia de ritmos pausados, construidos desde la ensoñación de un paisaje de fantasía en donde abunda la soledad y el sosiego, sacrificando para ellos las partes más directas y metálicas de su sonido, pero cumpliendo en la faceta de ser un álbum de un carácter contemplativo, emotivo y evocador en muchos sentidos, en donde se funden la melodía de los teclados, instrumentos de cuerda y viento digamos con un caracter folk, al tiempo que no se renuncia a ofrecer una compacta línea de instrumentación que roza casi el sinfonismo por momentos, abrazando la épica y la melodía, con un tono de voces que se muestra lo suficientemente sombrío y oscuro para ofrecer un resultado final de contrastes entre la melodía, la épica y cierto carácter sombrío. (7,8)

1. A Forgotten Legacy 10:28
   And in the land that time has now forgot
Where trees once ruled the plains
A darkness grew, death and pain it brought
Now none dare to remain

Fear grew in hearts of those fairer than men
A shadow born of greed
Glory and fame cannot hide the birth of sin
Their lusting hearts unleashed

Gone are the stars and the morning light
Gone is the path so free
Lost are their hearts and their hopes to night
The years bringing misery

Fair is the night and the shadow grown bright
And so the world has changed
Chosen were the few to cherish the light
And now hope is betrayed

Blood stains the hands of mortal man
A curse he’s doomed to bear
By shores of sea, the killing of kin
That curse of death reclaimed

Gone are the stars and the morning light
Gone is the path so free
Lost are their hearts and their hopes to night
The years bringing misery
2. War of Wrath, War of Ruin 09:36
Marching to the end Flying t’wards their deaths A host of mortal men An army now condemned With fire in the sky Death rains from on high Black serpents, fell on wing Ancalagon turns the tide The land breaks beneath The might of Morgoth’s beasts The gods cannot withstand The horrors unleashed by his hand No more will evil dwell in the caverns of the world All terror will flee before the glory now unfurled Bright lights will shine again, revealing what was lost The world made whole again; but at almighty cost   
3. Ashes of the Golden Hall 11:48
Where is the rider?
Where is the drum?
Where is the kingdom, what has the land become?
Lost in the shadows;
The trappings of fear
A king paralysed by a mind made unclear
The golden hall is rotting
The cobwebs shall grow
The glory days of ages past buried by the snow
Where is our leader?
What has he become?
Where are the riders; we all fall one by one

We stand alone now
No aid from friends of old
No salvation from elvenkind; no men from northern cold
A treacherous road we walk now
To find that crumbling keep
A place in which we cannot hide, cannot escape defeat
The horror marches onward
Those demons from our fears
Courage cannot stand and fight; this doom of men is clear
Spears shall be broken
Shields shall break and fall
Bodies ripped and bodies torn; the ending of us all

Arrows fly in darkness
Death rains from the air
The tears of heaven falling down, echoing despair
The fires of the new world
Cast apart the old
Warfare like none ever dreamed; these horrors are untold

We stand together, facing the horror
Holding our steel to fight the terror
Marching forever till my dying day
Evil may triumph, we will not quiet
In our hearts we are defiant
Fight for our freedom till we win the day

And in the bloodshed,
With death abound
The men of riddermark shall hear the morning sound
Look to the east hill
Look to the sun
The loyal men return; the time at last has come
Hope is rekindled
Light shines on them
Can men reclaim the land, and rule it once again?
Yet in this moment
Of glory not defeat
The wizard’s warning has begun, the world is far from free

We stand together, facing the horror
Holding our steel to fight the terror
Marching forever till my dying day
Evil may triumph, we will not quiet
In our hearts we are defiant
Fight for our freedom till we win the day
4. Ruminations by Starlight 10:25
Serene dichotomy Of radiance and dark Shapes the world we see Aloft in Valinor We ruminate on the stars These tears in the fabric of dreams We’ve walked for miles under their light Felt their warmth in winter’s night; So bright, guide us home We’ve marveled at the noble sight Felt their strength and grown in might Take flight, lead us home Under the majesty The light that rings true All ages turn in time The doom of mortality, The tragedy of life All facets of the Maker’s design 
5. The Whispering Shadow 13:09   
Three Rings for the Elven Kings
Under the sky
Seven for the Dwarf Lords
In their halls of stone
Nine for mortal Men
Doomed as they are to die
And one ring born of Mordor
Where the shadows lie

From fire and death it came
And in shadow it will remain
A beacon to foes most fierce
A poison that cannot be healed

One ring to rule them all
One ring to find
One ring to bring them all
And in the darkness bind

They crossed the Misty Mountains
They try to hide it from his sight
I am the whispers in your mind
They’ll fight forgotten battles
Not knowing if they can withstand
I am the horror in the night
Betrayed by those who guide them
Ensnared by webs of pain and fear
I can drag you from the light
And on the fiery mountain,
Can strength prevail over the end?
I must return to the Eye

Climbing the mountain of its creation
Wrapped in the evil incantation
Struggles to free his mind from evil’s call
Stood on the brink of glory and wonder
Ring-Bearer’s mind beginning to falter
Whispering shadow echoed in his eyes
Surrenders hope to all temptation
Dooming the hopes of every nation
Evil triumphant where the shadows lie
One ring to rule them, one ring to find them
Deep in the darkness he will bind them
Forging a terror unlike all they know

Vinyl, Album, Limited Edition, LP
Limited to 500 copies on raw paper sleeve with printed inner sleeves!

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