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Diez años de carrera avalan a la banda californiana, su sonido se mueve entre pasajes naturales y la trascendecia astral, no vamos a descubrir nada nuevo a estas alturas. Siempre es un placer contar con la colabaroción por parte de los grupos, aqui no va a ser menos, una lástima eso si al final no poder completar la entrevista con la participación de las otras dos bandas restantes, Darchon y Lorn, que dieron forma al split "Enshroudment of Astral Destiny", otra vez será, enjoy.

Hello good morning, how are you?, Thank you very much for agreeing to answer these questions

BSB: Greetings and thanks for your interest.

1. Tell us a little as has been the writing process with the last split Darchon and Lorn. How did    the contact for help?

BSB: The songs from the split we’re written during the same time as our 2nd album. On these tracks we decided to use a slightly different approach in sound. It’s a more raw and primitive interpretation of the same ideas from “Ancient Wraith”… Our track “Nocturnal Elegy” has the vocals of Elzeril from the Hungarian band Vérzivatar, much gratitude is owed to him for capturing a great desperation on this track! Initially we planned to release different splits with both Lorn and Darchon, but seeing that we all shared the same vision for a split, it was better to unify all three entities into this creation. The CD was released in incredible fashion by Kunsthauch Productions (Russia), much respects for their high-level approach.

2. Despite wearing as a band since 2002 believe that you are a bit unknown, how did the band? Until 2007 you published not material, that is?

BSB: Black Metal has been a driving force in my life for many years now, before I formed Battle Dagorath I worked behind the scenes for many years at various record labels, then I started my own label “Mercenary Musik”… Battle Dagorath was born when I decided I wanted to explore ideas that had been revolving in my head regarding Black Metal. Running a record label requires maximum sacrifice, thus in the early years, time was limited to develop the band. I would make demos of material, but none of it I found was satisfactory for release, as time went on I began to concentrate more energy into the project, different members helped me to develop the sound and this has eventually led us into the present state…

3. How has the band's sound changed since your debut on today in this split?

BSB: The mystical embodiment of Battle Dagorath remains intact and the same as the early days, the sound has developed in a natural process. With new members comes new input and progression of the ideas. 

4 What do you like best in your compositions? How difficult is the coexistence within the group? Who is the leader of the now compose, or all aportáis ideas and you respect?

BSB: We prefer long monolithic type of compositions and also a minimalist approach. We enjoy letting a good part sink in, and dwell within it rather than throw too much technicality around. There really aren’t any creative difficulties within our group. I would suppose our biggest challenge is the geography of working on music across different continents. That is one good thing about technology that we can afford to create such a project as we have done.

5. What does it mean to you aspects around which rotate your lyrics?, I mean the cosmos, the winter war and desolation
BSB: This is all the fundamental struggles of our human existence. Music is an obsession to express the unexplainable. It’s a internal struggle that contains the energy of our destructive emotions. We live within the grasp of our conscious state but within us everything is happening in micro/macrocosmic parallels, the unconscious, the astral plane. We only can seek to offer a brief glimpse into our philosophy. The mysteries of our journey are symbols of the endless path into the infinite darkness that awaits!

6. How were your beginnings in music? Groups and disks What are your inspiration and what would you recommend us?

BSB: As a youngster I was obsessed with Heavy Metal and of course then thrash & Death Metal, Black Metal. Later I began to understand psychedelics and experimental music, classical music, ambient music, drone & noise, I grew hungry for more music with a deep atmosphere. People that listen to our music know exactly where we are coming from so I don’t think I can recommend anything to them because they listen to the same stuff. But in case they haven’t heard Vérzivatar, please go give it a listen. Also I’ve been listening a lot to Wolfsschrei, Klage, the new Lorn album that is coming out next year, the new Vinterriket, new Lunar Aurora, Darchon, Aus Der Transzendanz, Pravus Abyss, Aun, Nadja, Tangerine Dream, Weird Fate, Hypothermia, Lustre, Sadistic Intent, Almofar.

7. Tell us a little type of equipment that you use in the recording sessions and live performances.

BSB: BC Rich guitars, Ibanez guitars, Mesa Boogie triple rectifier, Roland JC-120 combo amp, Fender twin-reverb, various efx, various synths, various recording software..

8. How is it being received by the public of this work and not only in terms of sales but also live?

BSB: For the most part we have gotten a good response from many people who have shown their appreciation for our work. For us this is inspiration to continue, we appreciate them.

9. What song would you like it to sound at your funeral?

10. Would you have taken a turn in this split to your theme?, Ie most previous work revolved around aspects of nature, though the latter seems to forsake a little this and you give more priority to the cosmos, for example.


Battle Dagorath will always represent the Darkness of the universe and the pure misanthropic dreams of a dying winter. Black Metal is destruction; we perform Black Metal Landscapes that represent darkness, solitude, the infinite void, the chaos of eternity, and our fleeting existence!
An atmosphere of prophecy is what we invoke. Dreams, provocation, unreality, and psychoanalysis. The subconscious collective of histories myths, landscapes not yet offended, planets that do not yet exist.

11. Are you locking on new material what can we expect from it
We are nearly complete with our 3rd full-length album. It will be a double-disc released early 2013 by ATMF (Italy). This will be a Monolithic monument at the gates of the cosmos. A beast of Pure Astral Winter Sorcery. Radok of Lorn is the new drummer for Battle Dagorath.

Thank you very much for your time, if you want to add something for people who like Battle dagorath this site, thanks.

Thanks to all the true supporters, we shall all revel in misanthropy!

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