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Después de casi diez años de carrera y sobreponiendose a la trágica desaparición de uno de sus miembros, Acarus Sarcopt siguen adelante, como demuestra la edición hace unas fechas de un doble album en donde se recogían tambien sus dos primeras demos, pero sobre todo la confirmación por parte del grupo de que en el 2013 editarán nuevo trabajo, mucha suerte. Boas noites.

1. I wanted to start by asking for the name of the group. How did you decide to call you Acarus Sarpot? Want to refer to this name?

Serge : The name comes from the book « Les Chants de Maldoror » written by the Count of Lautréamont in 1869. The acarus sarcopte is the parasite that causes the scab. Goncourt said that under each bubo, under each revolutionnary bubo, under each riot, there was an acarus. This idea seduced us a lot, under each riot, there is an acarus. This perfectly matches.

2. You have not published widely in these nine-year career. Is it complicated the process of composition within the group? What is this process?

Serge :The main reason is that during the recording of our second demo « Our Words », our drummer Mathieu passed away in 2007. This dramatical event forced us to stop all atctivities during monthes, and even years. We did not rehearse anything. But our metal needs were still intact, and we decided to compose without a drummer. We started to write « The First Day with no Sun » in 2010. During the mastering, we found Fred and we evolved step by step in a Death Metal way. We were very found of the bands as Death, Entombed, At The Gates, Bolt Thrower, Morbid Angel, Dismember, ...
This evolution seems very natural, even if the writing of Black Metal tracks is still a possibility.

3. I think it's good idea to edit together the new album and include demos as second cd. How did this idea?

Serge :The label wants to release a whole stuff with the opportunity of supply some very old tracks no longer available. We thought it was a good idea.

4. What stereo you use in the studio? Is the same as live?

Serge :The recording was very DIY, we recorded everything by ourselves, the mixing and mastering were headed by Christophe Galès of KlangAudioLab. We've planned to release the album by ourselves so we choose an economical way.

5. Did you presented live disk?, If so, how has been the response of the public?

Serge :We never played this album on stage because we've found a new drummer after the release of « The First Day With No Sun ». And it's quite hard to perform metal without a drummer on stage.

6. Tell us about the groups that influence you. What are your favorite bands and how they have influenced you?

Serge :We are very influenced by the Norway Black Metal scene of the 90's, such bands as Emperor, Immortal, Arcturus, and of course Enslaved. But we have strong Death Metal roots as I told you before. If I have to speak for myself, I am a lot into Industrial Music, I manage the label Steelwork Maschine dedicated to Noise, Ambient and Industrial, so I am a huge fan of metal stuff from Black Sabbath to Napalm Death, but also Industrial as Laibach, Throbbing Gristle, NON, or even dark folk as Death In June.

7. L'Ombre du saccage was the beginning of Acarus right? Whatever happened to this group? Disolvisteis because what?

Serge :Yes, LODS was the beginning, this bands gathered Remi & Pascal, founding members of Acarus Sarcopt, but also Matthieu G and Thomas C founding members of Asmodée. LODS simply evolved to Acarus Sarcopt.

8. Tell us about the French extreme scene.

Serge :The French scene is more and more interesting, and we have some impressive projects like Offending, Withdrawn, Angmar, Funeraille, Sael, Annthennath, Belenos, the old-school maniacs of Manzer. I also like very much Gojira, this is a huge band now, but I still appreciate the way they manage their art.

9.The concept of nihilism is present in your lyrics and the inhuman, what is the significance of these concepts for you? Who writes the lyrics?

Serge :I write the lyrics, the main idea is the end of all, the end of human race, the end of earth, the end of life just because nihilism (destruction, warfare, hate, violence) is the domain in which humanity is still innovative and successful. So nihilism is a perfect thema for extreme metal music

10. And finally that song will represent

Serge :Huh, that's quite hard to chose, but, I will pick « Upon the Void » in The Firts Day With No Sun. It's a short track but it summarizes quite well the music of Acarus Sarcopt.

I hope your readers will enjoy this first release, and I hope we'll have the opportunity to play in your country.

Serge, vocals, Acarus Sarcopt.

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