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Origen : E.E.U.U., Missouri
Formados : 2002
Estilo : Black experimental. noise y ambiente
Temática : Muerte, guerra y naturaleza
Enlaces: bandcamp, myspace
Miembros :
Adam Kalmbach                -                  Todo
Discografía :

  •  Apidya CD 2006   
  • Colossus of White Tar EP 2007   
  • Where We Go When We EP 2007   
  • Arakan CD 2007   
  • Thanatron CD2008   
  • It Was a Great Marvel That He Was in the Father Without Knowing Him EP 2008   
  • Old Ways CD 2008
  • Subcon CD 2009   
  • Broken Door EP 2009   
  • Ghost Sickness CD 2010   
  • Young Eagle CD 2010
  • Ritenour's Earth CD 2010   
  • Communicants CD2011   
  • Verstiegenheit CD 2011
  • Wounded Snake CD 2011   
  • Faunscan CD 2011   
  • Impermanence CD 2011
  • Andreyev's "Lazarus" CD 2012   
  • Volplane CD 2012   
  • Isolation CD2012
  • Witzelsucht CD 2012   
  • Senescence CD 2012
  • Noctis Labyrinthus CD 2013   
  • Metonym CD 2013   
  • Discontinuities CD 2013
  • Vast Chains CD 2014
  • Jute Gyte / Venowl Split 2014 Ressentiment CD 2014
  • Dialectics CD 2015
  • The Night Door Under Lock and Key/Laocoön EP 2015 Ship of Theseus CD 2015
  • Perdurance CD 2016 Jute Gyte / Ecferus Split 2016 Works and Days Recopilatorio 2016
  • The Sparrow EP 2017 Oviri CD 2017
  • Helian Split 2018
  • Penetralia CD 2018
  • Birefringence CD 2019
  • Respice Finem CD 2020
  • Diapason CD 2021 The Rib Recopilatorio 2021 Laocoön Recopilatorio 2021 Helian Recopilatorio 2021
  • Soul and Form Recopilatorio 2021 Mitrealität CD 2021
  • Eclose CD 2023 Krun Macula CD 2023
  • Unus Mundus Patet CD 2023

Prolífico grupo que va ya por su cuarto trabajo en lo que va de año. Los álbumes del grupo están compuestos por una amalgama de sonoridades, que van dese las guitarras distorsionas, a una batería machacante y una voz muy gritona, lo que quizá diferencie este trabajo de los anteriores sea que por momentos se baja un poco el ritmo y hay como pequeños oasis donde el oyente puede descansar una vez lleva un tiempo escuchando los temas, tampoco es que estás partes abunden, pero si que ahora están más presentes que en el pasado y se hacen necesarias, para tener un poco de variedad. A su favor también hay que decir que Adam se atreve a experimentar con un montón de instrumentos y estructuras con mejor o peor acierto pero eso no se le pude discutir. (7)

1.The Natural Poverty of Our Feeble and Mortal Condition 09:57 
The past is dead
A corpse cannibalized by the present
To be regurgitated in fear and greed
In endless justification and apologetics
Human agency and its offshoots
The years grind jumbled and broken
Regret, nostalgia, grief-at-nothing
Grief and sleep, combined, enchaining
Care itself, in its very essence,
Is permeated with nullity through and through
2.The Silence of Infinitely Open Spaces 09:34 
As autumn deepens and darkens
I feel the pain of falling leaves
And the silence of short days
The deep oblivion of earth’s lapse and renewal
The silence of infinitely open spaces
The wandering through endless nothingness
Careless years
Precious days
Oh, for any patent from oblivion
In preservations below the moon
3.Striated Rubies 09:16 
The spiders dead in their webs
The birds fallen from the sky
the monstrous putrescence,
physical and moral,
of everything in sight
Silver strips of bone
golden adipose tissue
Striated rubies of muscle now obsolete
The indignant refusal to countenance
That which is guaranteed
but now, upon receipt, cannot be believed
4.Senescence 04:29  instrumental
5.Frozen in Matutinal Light 08:50 
Defeated by our own feebleness
Service and reward
Granting and forbidding
Frozen in matutinal light
When cold clear morning threatens
An ape in the graveyard
Free in the tearing wind
Without Eden’s lurid walls
6.The World Falls Apart Into Facts 10:01 
The precincts of the city have rotted
The work of giants is rotting away
No coiled gold
Nor splendors of the earth
No ravening grey wolf
No sad-faced man tasked with burial
One easily divorces what was never united
Body from body
Particle from particle
The world falls apart into facts
Time fades away
Grown dark under the helm of night
As if it had never been
7.Griefdrone 09:49 
It grows again
Faces in the windows
One window without light
In black park of bed
Handing back the ticket
Shadow of death
I kissed his shadow

Musikhaus Thomann Linkpartner 

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