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Encorion se formaron hace cinco años de las cenizas de otros proyectos llegados a su fin.  En el 2008 y tras algunos cambios en el seno de la banda, se disponen e grabar su albúm de debut, albúm que comentabamos hace unas fechas en este blog. A día de hoy están acabando de grabar su segundo trabajo que verá la luz el próximo año. Si el albúm de debut me pareció cuando menos un soplo de aire fresco en la escena, solo espero que el nuevo trabajo iguale al anterior. Danny, guitarrista del grupo nos atiende muy amablemente, desde aqui darle las gracias por su tiempo. Boas noites.

1.Could you tell us a little as has been the process of composing this work? What issues have motivated you when composing?

For this album most of the music and the lyrics where already written by Michael, Raymond and I before Tessa and Jark joined Encorion. Michael and I wrote all the music before Raymond wrote the lyrics. When Tessa and Jark joined we changed the music a little to make room for the violin parts and to suit Jarks drumming style.

2. What can we expect from the new job next year?

A more mature and balanced sound, bigger composition, more different instruments, and even some guests. Most of the previous album was already written by Michael, Raymond and myself without a lot of compositional input by Tessa and Jark. The new album will really make the most of all of our writing and musical abilities. If you like ‘Facing History And Ourselves’, you are going to love ‘Our Pagan Hearts Reborn’!

3. Tell us a little type of equipment that you use in the recording sessions and live performances.

We have used the same gear for a long time now, in both live performances and recording sessions. They do the job very well, so no point in changing anything there. With the recording of the upcoming album we did start experimenting with modeling guitar amps, which still is pretty new to us, but has given great results!

4. Me seems wonderful musical contribution gives Tessa the group, especially in the parts of the violin and cello. How did the addition of it to the group? Difficult to fit parts of Tessa, softer, with the rest of the band's music?

Thanks, we are really happy with Tessa in the band. We’ve had some difficulties with the first album to incorporate the violin, but Tessa is a very good musician and can always make things work. On our upcoming album we had a different approach to writing music, we now al write music together during rehearsals and we all have a lot more influence on the sound as a group. The violin parts are created naturally during writing and Tessa is really good in adding to the mood of a song.

5. How is the public response to your music? How are your shows?

The public response to our music is very positive. We always want to give the audience an energetic performance, and so far that worked out great.

6. How were your beginnings in music? Groups and disks What are your inspiration and what would you recommend us?

I think most of us started listening to music because of music lessons or direct influences from our parents. We all started listening to metal because of different bands and we still listen to some different bands but our common interests are for example Moonsorrow, Eluveitie, Immortal, Taake and Ensiferum. Besides our common interests most of us also listen to other genres other than Pagan/Folk/Viking/Black metal like Death- and Progressive metal, classical and Irish music and we all take a lot of inspiration from a lot of different kinds of music.

The new Moonsorrow album “Varjoina Kuljemme Kuolleiden Maassa” Like most Moonsorrow albums is an album we can all strongly recommend.

7. How difficult is the coexistence within the group, although good being cousins help you guess? Who is the leader of the now compose, or all aportáis ideas and you respect?

Michael, Raymond and I have known each other our whole life. We don’t have to use words to describe how we feel and what we think. In my opinion that given fact makes the ideal foundation for a band. The addition of Tessa and Jark to the band didn’t change that foundation, it just made it stronger. In composing we all have an equal share, if somebody has a great idea then we’ll work with that.

8. Your lyrics revolve around honor, history, battles, wars, what else can you tell us about them? Why did you choose this subject?

Raymond always writes lyrics after we have written the music and tries to express the mood and emotions of the songs in words. We do not really choose a specific subject before writing the music, but both our first and our upcoming album happened to have a similar subject.

9. Thank you very much for your time, if you want to add something for people who like Encorion this site, thanks.

Check up on our website for the pre-release of the new album: “Our Pagan Hearts Reborn”. If you like the music we make, please support us!

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