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Despues de publicar su primer trabajo, la banda alemana Sekoria, por medio de su vocalista Tobias, en principio después también particiapan otros componentes, nos contesta unas breves preguntas sobre la banda. Por expreso deso de la misma la entrevista aparece publicada en inglés.

1. Well we have in this first street, how has been the creation process? Are working well sales system?, I see what you manage them yourself, was there not any offer from any record label?
Hi, this is Tobi from Sekoria. First of all thank you for the interview!
The creative process was very good and productive. The recording and the production of the CD were kind of longsome – it took about one year – but the result is really great and we also learned a lot from it. Next recordings will be way more efficient. At the moment we sell the CDs by ourself but we wouldn’t say no to a good label deal. Our decision to allow free downloads of the album probably scares labels. I think they just missed the 21st century. Everything finds its way to the internet. We would not sell more CDs if we wouldn’t allow free downloads. If someone really likes an album and wants to support the band, he buys the CD. No one buys a CD just to listen to it for the first time. You listen to it online first.At least the people I know do it like that. And after the long process of production we couldn’t wait any longer. We had to show people the result. We would have done better by searching for a label earlier.
2. You have a lot of influences in your music, from Dimmu Borgir to Ensiferum, what is the band that influenced you?.

We all have really different influences and the influence of every member was also different for each song. Some songs were written nearly alone by André or Felix and other songs have a strong influence of myself. While listening, you will notice that the songs from Felix are influenced by bands like Hypocrisy, Behemoth or Sworn (the Norwegian ones), while André’s songs are influenced by Windir, Pantheist, Colosseum or Arkona.Further influences are Death, Moonsorrow, Dimmu Borgir’s „Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia“. I also would like to mention the beautiful instrumental song „Mana“ from Equilibriums „Sagas“ relating to the orchestral sounds. Mathias’ drum tracks are also heavily influenced by many different Metalcore bands, what gives the music a very unique character.

3. ¿How being public response at concerts hacie you record?

We had just one gig since the release of the album, but the resonance was very good and we could also sell some CDs. Hopefully there are more gigs in future!

4. ¿On what the songs speak?

The two English songs tell a kind of short-story with a little bit of a sociocritical approach. But we went away from this sort of text while we started to write in German. Here, the content is more about human abyss, suicidal thoughts, hate and craving. So they have a way more personal background.

5. ¿What musical equipment you use in the studio? Is the same as in live?

We used the same guitars and the same bass that we used live at that time. But we did not use our live amps in the end. We experimented a lot with a reamping-box and with several amp simulations and in the end we stayed at IK Multimedia’s “Amplitube 3”. The drum set was first recorded regular but afterwards we decided to trigger the audio files and replaced the sounds with “Superior Drummer 2”. So the timing and the dynamic from the original playing is still there, but the sounds are better.

6. If you had to decide for a song that represents you, what would it be?

That is a difficult question. Our opinions vary here. It would probably be „Zu Den Sternen“. But one song cannot covert the whole thing. There are too many facets in the different songs.

7. How long have you as a band? Long I know How is the coexistence within the group?

The band was formed in 2009 as a 2-man-project by Felix and me. We recorded a demo of our first songs “Do You Repent” and “Summoning The Demon”. Our friends were excited and so we found fellows very quickly. André joined in the end of 2009, Mathias some months later. Unfortunately, André moved away from here and so things have been difficult lately. But Felix, Mathias and me share lots of time on weekends, too.

8 ¿Do you find it very difficult to take direct your sound? I refer particularly to the orchestral part

No, the sound just came by itself. The idea with the orchestral parts was born with the demo in 2009 and André and Mathias have helped to form a unique sound with their own ways of playing and composing.

9. Tell us a little bit of German black scene from your point of view.

Mathias: I guess, we have a rather big black metal scene compared to other European countries, except Norway and Sweden. Good german black metal bands are for example Der Weg einer Freiheit, Endstille and Imperium Dekadenz.

10 Do you think that new technologies like the Internet are beneficial for groups or else you do not believe that any good, contributing to the collapse of the music industry?

André: I think generally it is a good thing for every musician because all people in the world can listen to their music. So it doesn't really matter if one wants to earn money with his music or not. On the one hand sites like YouTube are a good way to promote music. One the other hand labels are not very interested to sign a band which is sharing their album for free, because of the money. But it all depends on the motivation of the musicians and so I am happy that we chose this kind of release. People from Russia, Italy or Spain are listening to Sekoria
and this is for me personally a great thing. We wouldn’t be able to make such things without the Internet.

Vielen Dank , ich hoffe, dass ich euch nicht gelangweilt

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