domingo, 28 de octubre de 2012


Origen : Australia, Victoria
Formados : 2012
Estilo: Doom, black
Temática:Naturaleza, atavismo, anarquismo verde
Enlaces : bandcamp, facebook
Shamus Toomath                  -              Todos los instrumentos y voces
Discografía :

                                                           MOTHER (2012)
Buena batería, riffs de guitarra muy trabajados y pasajes sonoros soberbios. ¿Porqué digo lo de soberbios?, pues porque lo que Shamus consigue con ellos en dejar el oyente el sentimiento de sufrimiento y agobio del padecer de la naturaleza a manos del hombre. En contra de este trabajo podiamos hablar de que las piezas a veces se hacen un poco largas, faltaría un poco más de concreción. Popuesta interesante, de sentimiento regresivo que se consigue todavía más en los momentos más doom del album, al mezaclarlos con los sonidos ambientalistas.( 8,5)

1.Day 11:58  
 Diurnal flame licks sunburnt wood.
Insects conduct a cacophonous drone.
Architects of web, nest and cave.
Instinctual dances of avid spirits.

Eucalypts exhale through trembling veins of detritus.
Lungs are cleansed through roots in the undergrowth.
Healed blood flows in suffocated islands of forest.
(Thylacinus senses foul play in the air.)
Narratives of human enterprise witnessed by black lenses of an owl.

Only 4 cries are heard over the thunder.
Rains drown the voices of eternal origin,
returning role of earthly steward to those who have no say.

Indigenous ochre painted across the land,
ignored, washed away, modernity instead served cold.
2.Dusk 17:06  
 Dim light of the estranged, a colossal end, a silent rebirth.

Shimmering from the canopy, silent eyes of anticipation.
Sliding through the soil, hardened plates of ancient coil.
The drone is ever quietened by encroaching dark and cloud.
Sine waves grind and zephyrs vibrate, wood and stone is mould.

Screams of an infant, pierce and blind guilt.
Imposition of a celestial limbo, inescapable, ungraspable (eternal).

Lucidity of the unknown, marks acceptance of mortality.
Decisions, power, consequence... malicious burdens of hierarchy.

(Ask not why we are here, but why we are still here.)

Violence, aggression, fear, all calmed by Gaia,
let the cosmic event continue.
3.Night (Dendronic Pessimism) 09:02  
 Southern constellations follow celestial ritual.
Encroaching darkness has extinguished flickering flame.
Animal echoes of day's willingness to die,
are met with melancholy from homo sapien

Chaos ferments amongst a wort of delirium.
Calls of a sweet goddess force a psychotic stumble for clarity.
Only sound permeates leaves of this forest,
for the moon's guidance is in the North this night.

(Fear of the unknown manifest in confusion,
even the termite stays shielded in it's spire.)

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