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Origen: Indonesia, Bekasi

Formados: 2014

Estilo: Black atmosférico

Temática: Desesperación, historia de Indonesia, muerte y naturaleza

Enlaces: BandcampdeezerfacebookinstagramPure wrathspotify y youtube


  • Ryo Todo

  • Ascetic Eventide CD 2017
  • Endless Journey Split 2017  
  • Sempiternal Wisdom CD 2018  
  • The Forlorn Soldier EP 2020  
  • Grief of Our Fathers (Ethereal Version) Single 2020  
  • Live at Cryptid's Lair Directo 2020  
  • Hymn to the Woeful Hearts CD 2022
Tercer larga duración para esta one man band indonesia que entrega un álbum de black atmosférico, en donde las diferentes intensidades y recreación de sentimientos están perfectamente plasmadas, dentro de un álbum que tiene como trasfondo el genocidio indonesio de los los 1965-66. Ryo es participe de otros proyectos de metal extremo, sin embargo la posibilidad de ocuparse de todo el plano instrumental y lírico, le permite desarrollar un sonido mucho más personal y propio. El álbum es cierto que puede ser definido como black atmosférico, de alguna manera con claras referencias clásicas, sin embargo no lo es menos el peso que le da Ryo a las melodías, melodías que se forjan al amparo de un cuidado entramado de teclados, siempre de alguna manera presentes, bien sea en un segundo plano en el grueso de las composiciones en donde encajan perfectamente logrando digamos que mayor épica y ambientación de el música, como en las secciones de instrumentación limpia, ofreciendo planos mucho más intimista. El álbum que como dijimos anteriormente, narra los echos acaecidos en el genocidio indonesio, de alguna manera toda las atmosfera así como la intensidad e la música está repleta tanto de rabia como de dolor, sobre todo en el plano vocal en donde Ryo se emplea con una faceta bastante directa y cruda, sin que ello se óbice para cuando es necesario emplea algunos coros que aumenta el empaque de la propuesta. Algo que sucede en el plano musical, con un buen nutrido número de riffs agresivos y violentos en donde se muestra directo y se acerca a al versión más clásica de género, aunque sin pasar por alto multitud de arreglos de teclado que se suceden en pos de la búsqueda de mayor emotividad. Un álbum que no podemos decir que sorprenda ya que la carrera de Ryo se muestra sólida, tanto con Pure Wrath como con sus otros proyectos, pero si que esta a la altura de lo mejor del género hoy en día. (8,2).

1. The Cloak of Disquiet 08:31
  Lost memories of the loved ones in a profound shelter. The absence of the light led her to the reverie of grief. The thoughts, the faith, the spirit, upon the tired horizon. The cloak of disquiet enshrouded her monolith of life. Profanity usurped the throne of patience in her wounded heart. Corrupted by the hatred that cleansed memories of the souls. Brought to the embrace of fury, swept away the light of thoughts. Enthralled into the maw of nothingness. Enshrouded by the cloak of disquiet. As her earthen touches engraved
the names of the passing ones, the wind of heartfeltness blew the ashes of the memories. A whispered breath of a silent soul in the embrace of nightfall Her monolith of life, enshrouded by the cloak of disquiet.
2. Years of Silence 06:09
The living land of oppression and despair, surrounded by the eyes of serpents. The lake where they gathered all the innocents, in the name of pride and freedom. A malodor in the dawn of cleansing. The burning sunbeams upon the open wounds. Eroded by the remorseless pain and agony, through relentless glare of tyrant. Woeful hearts embraced by failing tears. Years of silence brought to an end. Woeful hearts embraced by falling tears. Thoughts and faith in every growing heart. A lonely ghost whispered the truths, for those who stood before the storm. Faces of the great old ones, those who seek for retribution. Silence shall be broken, until the storm restores the spirit, under the stars of hope and faith, above the land of eternal wisdom.   
3. Presages from a Restless Soul 07:48  
In the days of silence where there were no saviours, our father's thoughts perpetually stood. The sorrow and misery spoken through his words, in presages of a harrowing hereafter. A cordial shelter surrounded by the fog of wisdom. The wholehearted ways of life are solemnly preserved. Portraits of the peaceful times in the nest of freedom. The body may die, the soul eternal. And for how she cried as her man suffocated. The desperation arises as the time's brought to the end. Ashes of our hope scattered away as the skies turned red, over the lives that are guided by the wealth of nature. By the cradle of mildness where security persisted, our mother's prayers led us to the quiet nights. Her tender-hearted touches reminded us of a time, of unaltered nature and justice. We whispered their names to the winds of serenity, in battles with fear of sombre and starless night skies. We despised the darkness that stood within us all. The heart cried for revenge as their shadows faded into light.
4. Footprints of the Lost Child 09:33
  From the river where our memories drowned, the bitter reality revealed its scars. As life went through the silenced days, all of our hope was raised among the storms. Living in fear surrounded by serpents, and their own fear within decades of guilt. Believing in our father's faith of brighter days, and a peaceful life beneath the solemn sky. To follow the footprints where the spirit came to light. To follow the paths where the child perished. As the embers of sadness emerged from vengeance and weath, our parent's revenge cried for the lifeless retaliation. The bright side of the hearts slowly defiled by repulsion. Her woeful prayers tore the heart apart. The tough pain and sorrow in the yearning years, fulfilled the thirst of every heart's revenge. A cry of despair surrounded by the echoes, of the death march and havoc in their hands. Pale faces are captured, framed by falling leaves, in the dawn where the hearts are wounded by solitude. The bright light of sunrise illuminates the frailty, of a dying faith and spirit in our hearts.
5. Those Who Stand Still 08:23
Once there was a woman who fought the wind. The wind that brought the pain and grief, to her loved ones and their fragile hearts. Sullen dreams became the dreadful years in life. The forest seeks for truth behind the mountains. A haunting menace beneath the skies of ruins. The wandering ones and their tangled paths of life, brought to the silence and never returned. Delighted by power yet haunted by guilt, for the decades of a cryptic genocide. The glorification of power and ascendancy, emerged from the aversion of revival. As she cried for retribution, the children drowned in throes. As she cried for retribution, her monody tore the Earth asunder. The howl was heard from a distant place, where welfare was preserved in obscurity. Forthwith to welcome the remaining spirit, and those who stand still throughout the dark time. 
6. Hymn to the Woeful Hearts 03:42   instrumental

Vinyl, LP, Mini-Album, White w/Black Splatter

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