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Que mejor forma de celebrar los veinticinco años de carrera de una banda que repasando su trayectoria en forma de un doble álbum que recoge un total de veinte temas a lo largo de más de dos horas, en donde el oyente pude disfrutar de la regrabación de algunos temas incluidos en anteriores lanzamientos. Bien es cierto que la carrera de la banda tuvo en periodo de silencio de varios años, pero hay que reconocer el valor de regresar en plena forma, al mismo tiempo que regalan a sus fans varios temas regrabados que completan con dos acústicos inéditos, sin olvidarse por supuesto de los oyentes que los han conocido en fechas más recientes y tienen un aquí un forma de conocer más sobre la banda. Ceremonial Castings ofrece un black sinfónico, digamos que rico en matices, en donde hay lugar para lo medios tiempos, destacando por unas voces agresivas, una ambientación gótica y oscura, siniestra casi que por momentos, sin volverse locos tanto con las velocidad o la inclusión de ambientes cargados pero que siguen a día de hoy siendo capaces de recrear el sonido de los noventa de manera convincente al tiempo que se adapta a los nuevos tiempos. Por momentos la música puede dejar un regusto a clásicos como Bal-Sagoth. al tiempo que hay un excelente trabajo de guitarras, acompañadas de teclados que no renuncian a cierta melodía, sonando compactos en las secciones más rápidas y creando una atmosfera de influencias lúgubres. Bien es cierto que al recoger y abarcar un espacio de tiempo tan largo, ciertas facetas del álbum adolecen de cierta continuidad entre si mostrando momentos y secciones de la música de Ceremonial Castings un tanto imprecisos, aunque para darnos una idea de la larga trayectoria de la banda, cumple a la perfección. (7,6)

1. Come Forth...Damnation 04:44
Come Forth...Damnation, The Eternal Bringer Of Grief Bring Forth Thy Darkness After All These Centuries A Rite, A Prophecy, A Seductive, Destructive Light Of Flame & Burden; This Is Armageddon's Night A Melody Of Symphony Forever Bleeds For We Are Angels Lost; To Forever Be Forlorn Blasphemies Which Ride Upon Our Wings Such Songs Of Damnation We Forever Sing Come Forth...Damnation Hail! Hail! Hail! Damnation  
2. Immortal Black Art 08:04
  Art, Black Art: We Bow Before The Grace Of Thee
Art, Black Art: We Wonder Into Your Infernal Teachings
Art, Black Art: Provide Us With Your Protection
Art, Black Art: For You We Spill Our Blood


Art, Black Art: Grant Us With Your Mysterium
Art, Black Art: United Inside Our Knowledge


My Life, My Flesh, My Soul
My Blood From The Blade So Cold
My Heart, My Spirit, My Mind
To You I Shall Be My Sacrifice

Look Deep Into The Strengths Before You
Embrace Us With Your Darkest Arms
Take Heed? We Shall Not Scorn You
Let Us Become!

Look Deep Into The Powers You Bestow
Grant Us Of What We Are Worthy
We Bow Before You In The Darkness Far Below
We Are Your Servants!

My Life, My Flesh, My Soul
My Blood From The Blade So Cold
My Heart, My Spirit, My Mind
To You I Shall Be My Sacrifice

Walk Us Through The Obsidian Gates,
The Gates Of Immortality
Teach Us The Secrets Of The Pasts

3. Our Journey Through Forever 13:42
Become A Prophet Of The Shadows Become An Oracle Of Thyself Through Forever We Have Withstood The Sands Of Endless Time The Coldest Winds Of Nothing & The Moon That Never Shines The Darkest Sun That Has Hardly Come To Rise & The Births Of Tragedy That Enhance Our Sensless Cries We Will Journey To The Highest Of The Lands The Deepest Of The Oceans and The Farthest Of The Sands Throughout The Day, Into The Night Upon The Cold Outlasting The Flame Which Burns Within The Soul We Will Travel Far Beyond Eternity Under The Moon, Under The Stars, Searching For Our Destiny We Will Run Without A Trace, Without A Breath Our Journey Through Forever Is Our Journey After Death We Have Withstood The Winter's Dire Cold The Summer's Heat & The Autumn's Wind So Bold Spring Brought Forth The Rain Which Dampened All The Earth & Now A New Season Will Lift Us Of Life's Curse We Thee Deceased Are Thee That Shall Not Die We Thee Deceased Are Thee Who Art Alve Hear The Last Wish Of The Dying Hear The First Wish Of The Dead Become A Prophet Of The Shadows Becmome An Oracle Of Thyself We Have Withstood The Searching Scythe Of Death The Jaws Of Carrion & Winter's Chilling Breath Immortality Is The Path Which Lies Ahead The Journey Through Forever Is The Journey Of The Dead 
4. My Kingdom of Cold Sorrows 07:34
 ....So This Is Death...

Here In My Kingdom Of Sorrow
Here In My Sanctuary Cold
I Have Become A Monument Of Misery
Alone To Face Eternity

Here In My Temple Of Grief
Here Where Sorrows Never Sleep
I Embrace The Eternal Silence
Bring Damnation Upon My Withered Soul

My Shadow Follows Me Unto The Darkest Paths
I Pray My Beating Heart Is Soon To Beat It's Last
I Swallow Guilt And Shame, But The Flavor I Can Not Taste
So This Is Life...And Mine By Right To Waste

I Will Fade In Time Far From Gazing Eyes
My Tomb Sleeps Body-less, I: The Stone Against The Tides
And So It Seems Alone In Life I Loose
But Grins Gather Fierce Here, For This Is What I Choose

In Sorrow I Walk... In Sorrow I Fall...
....In Sorrow I Fall...
5. I; A Thousand Fires 07:49
   I; A Thousand Fires But Made From Flesh Of One
A Searing Self-Sacrificing Pyre
To Rise From The Ashes Of The Sun

I: A Thousand Fires Coruscating Before You I Stand
Embrace Me With Your Deepest Devotion
Adhereing The Fire Inside My Hand

Concern Not For The Pain Shall Not Embrace You
Let Our Sheath Ignite The Skies
Encircled In Our Own Infernal Chasm
Cleansed In Our Ashes; Of New Flesh We Rise

Behold New Life As We Walk With Fire
& Dance Inside The Flames
Behold This Night Conscripted Through The Ember's Eyes
Awake & Abolish Thy Shame

I Am Of Fire, We Are Of Fire, Fire Eternal, Fire Is Death
6. Bewitching Black Metal 06:00
Onyx Night, Cauldron Charm Mesmerized; Magick Born Witch of Mine, Embers Dance Flesh of Crime, Seducing Trance Bewitching...Black Metal Bewitched Under Spell, Raptured One Devoted Thrall, Shadow Sun Nocturnal Band, Starless Wise Sleight of Hand, Soul Demise I Hear The Conjurations Call; Calling For Me I See Illusions of Them All; Pretending to See  
7. The Purifier of Battle Pt. I 03:18   instrumental
8. Desecration of Grace 06:44
"In Nomine Patri, In Nomine Redemptor, In Nomine Satani Ego Renuo Thee, Ridimio Ego Revera In Nomine Rex Regis, Ego Apello Bellum In Nomine Patri, Ave Exordium, Ave Mortis" I Am The Devil & The Devil Is Me For The Only Devil In Existence Is Man We Are What We Are If We Are Free Otherwise Slaves To The Holy Hand I Am The Savior & The Savior Is Me If You Believe There Is A Savior At All I'll Sell My Soul Because Nothing Is Free To See The Celebration Of Salvation's Fall I Am The Prophet & The Prophet Is Me Listen To The Words That I Speak Our Lives Consist Only Of Hypocrisy Because The Minds Of Mass Are So Narrow & Weak I Am The Father & The Father Is Me Inside Us Lies The Choices That We Make Close Your Eyes, Only The Blind Can See The True Filth Spawned By Our Race And The Scrolls Of Life Shall Be Forgotten For Flesh-Made-Death, No One Shall Abide And The End Of All, Shall Inherit All Swallowing Senseless Human Pride.  
9. The Fall of Man 04:54
On Our Darkest Hour, We Shall Fall ....From Greed As Our Time Fades, We Will Disperse ....From Selfishness On The Night Of The Darkest Of Eves When Man Forever Falls The Human Race Will Escape From The World We Call Our Own And Through Our Greed, Our Own Decieved The Pain Of All Shall End Life To Halt, For Our Own Faults Into Our Curse We Decend Upon Temptation Of The Worlds Termination The Domination Of All Revelations The Levitation Of One's Desolation Will Lead The Nation...Into Devastation  
10. Midnight Deathcult Phenomena 06:54
  Arise My Faithful, Let Us Walk The Path Of Blood
No Longer Shall We Be Mortal In Life
But Immortal Through Death
We Are The Makers Of Our Own
And The Destroyers Of All...
May We Openly Greet The Other Side‘

Arise And Die, One By One Embrace The Fire
Tonight Let Life... Shun You Away
We Are Free; The Sacred Birth To A New Beginning
Our Flesh And Death, Greet Upon This Day

And We Shall Bow To No One
Midnight... Death Cult Phenomena
And We Shall Rise For Nothing
Midnight... Death Cult Phenomena

The Thrill To Kill, Take My Hand Let Me Guide
You To The Flame
Our Fires Burn Higher... Enter The Only Way
Arise And Die, One By One Embrace The Fire
Tonight Let Life Shun You Away

Enter The Fire! Burn!

Midnight Phenomena! Death Cult Supremacy!

As I Become Fire, As I Become Moonlight
As I Become Fire, I Become Midnight
11. Darkness & War 04:04
  I Am Immortal
I Stand Alone
Thy Legions Falling
Thy Kingdom Come

The Flesh Has Risen
The Gate Of Light Is Sealed
Your Mourning Era
Touches Velvet Steel

All Rise For...
All Stand For...
All Hail For...
All Bleed For...

Darkness & War

All Hail The Bringer Of Death

The Fields Are Stained
With The Blood Of Mortals
& All Burns
Hail! Hail! Hail!

Darkness & War
12. Into the Black Forest of Witchery 06:20
Gathered Under Sweet Eve May We Be Blessed', Veiled & Secluded Hollow In Heart, Strong In Mind, Faded With Spirit Sheltered Within These Woods...Like Mother...Bewitched A Fire Burns With A Devil Inside Under The Spell Of The Witches' Eye Nothing But This Night To Live For Now Turn, Turn, Fall ...Burn! The Scent Of Flesh Will Smother The Skies As She Strengthens The Coven With Her Cries Nothing But This Night - As Her Body Departs This Life Higher - Higher - Praise Her Fire! Tonight - Inside - Tonight - We Welcome Witchery We Are As One Under The Dagger We Are Saints As Snakes Within This Circle We Are True Devotion Sworn Together In Blood We Wear The Mark - Life From A Dying One Tonight - Inside - Tonight - We Welcome Witchery 
13. Sweet Misery I Foresee 09:03
  Amidst The Vast Oceans Of Sadness
Obscure Is The Season Of Woe
Weakened I Suffer So Significantly
'Tis Emptiness Of Which My River Flows

I Can See The Sky Is Falling
I Can Feel The Earth Move Round
I Can Hear My Death Is Calling
Secluded From Life I Am Crowned
I Can See That Time Is Fading
I Can Feel My Life Unbound
I Can Hear Suicide Is Calling
From The Other Side; Profound

Imprisioned By The Ail Of My Affection
Forgotten: My Memories Deceased
Battered, Benumbed, Bleak & Broken
Eternal Shall Be The Existence Of Grief

Unanimated & Subsisting To Wither
Fading I Perish...Abandoned In My Wretchedness

Sweet Misery I Forsee
14. Barbaric Is the Beast 04:48
Rise Oh Great One, Indulge In The Womb Of Virgins' Blood
Desire The Hunt, The Hunt That Draws The Flesh Of Reconciliation

Awake From Your Slumber, The Time Has Come To Regain The Throne.
Rise Within The Shadows, Strike Upon The Breast Of Hope

Barbaric Is The Beast

Conjured Is The Day Of Reckoning
Blessed We Stand In The Shadows
The Dawn Of Solitude Is Upon Us
...The Birth Of The Beast...

Repaint The Throne With Sacred Crimson
Eclipse The Heart Of Hope
Sear The Earth With Beastiality
Upon This Torso Of Land...To Tear The Throat

Stain The Soil With The Blood Of The Lamb
We Are Wolves Among The Sheep
Riddance To The Race Of Pity
Blinded By The Faith They Seek

We Stand Before Your Kin
Shadows Of The Past Conceiled In Sin
Our Poison Spreads Within The Roots
Injection Of Our Seed & Force Fed The Fruits
Retribution In The Sign Of Horns
Infiltrate The Womb, A New Breed Is Born
Pillage The Land From The West To The East
Dimished Is The Realm, Barbaric Is The Beast
15. Frostseasongoddess 06:46
The Dark Enchants Me The Forest I Forsee My Homecoming Ground Where I Hide From Thee The Trees Are Covered In A Lightly Grazed Frost & In My Sleep Silence Is Forever Lost The Trees: My God Under Twilight The Frost: A Goddess Of The Freezing Night The Snow: Decieves The Warmth Of All Life The Night: Feeds Me With Endless Time Adoring Silence... I Am Welcomed To This Land Shiva: My Lust & Flame Forever Take My Hand & In This Night We Are Calm Before The Storm & Through Her Coldest Touch I Am Reborn! The Trees: My God Under Twilight The Frost: A Goddess Of The Freezing Night The Snow: Decieves The Warmth Of All Life The Night: Feeds Me With Endless Time I Bow Before This Moon Tonight & Pray To Shiva; The Goddess Of Ice This Land Is Frozen In A Realm Of Frost My Heart In Her; I am Forever Lost Teach Me The Ways Of The Wicked Tonight Let My Heart Be Pure With Ice I Want To Walk Forever In This Land Let Our Blood Run Cold - Hand In Hand 
16. Human Slave Infantry 03:26
Bred For Bloodshed & Brutality By Sunrise You Shall Rape & Ravage This Land A Bestial War Orgy To Purify Man Kneel To My Hatred & Worship My Every Command Slaughter All In The Name Of My Mastery Impale Thy Venom Throughout Innocent Lands Your Purpose Is To Spread Thy Disease All Hail My Misanthropic Glory Follow The Path Of Blood, Destroy All Who Oppose Exterminate The Curse Of Humanity, Life Expires Now! March On - Begin The Dawn Of My Tyranny March On - & Defeat All Rivalry March On - Within My Orders; Your Eternity March On - My Human Slave Infantry ...My Human Slave Infantry...  
17. The Purifier of Battle Pt. II 05:28   instrumental
18. A Serpent's Kiss 04:22
  The First Fall Will Bless The Snake
Awaiting A Life Of Pain
So Frail It Sits Upon The Leaves
Awaiting Winter's Beginning

Another Rose Another Kiss
Touching Toungues With A Serpent
Night Falls Quick Upon The Day
Scales Of Green Turn To Grey

Life Is Damned In The Dark Of Night
A Body So Cold Holds The Burning Eyes
Embracing A Serpent's Kiss

Witches Burn Upon The Stake
Under Devil's Night & The World Of Cain
This Pain I Did Not Wish

A Serpent's Kiss
19. Universal Funeral March 04:48
   Erase The Mind Of Time & Being
For Existence Disintegration

Erase The Soul, Cleanse The Mind
Hope: Abandoned
Self: Abandoned

The World Marches For A New Beginning
The World Marches For The End
The World Marches For Extermination
Our World Dies Again

Looking In The Face Of Death, Take The Hand That Steals The Flesh
Acknowledge The World's Cries
Look Back Once Again To See What All Must End
Celebrate World Demise

Our World Dies Again
20. The Coming of Dawn We Fear 07:23
   The Dawn Rises Forever No More
Darkness Eternal, Darkness Adore
The Gates Are Opened Damnation Has Come
Blood Flows Like Wine, Dusk Is Dawn

The Coming Of Dawn We Fear

The Light Is Gone, The Sun Has Set
Dusk Has Come, Misery Prevails
Everlasting Lakes Of Angel's Blood
A Nocturnal Treat A Nocturnal Drug

I Can Take You Through The Endless Skies
I Could Be Your Love, You Would Never Die
I Could Be Your Heart, You Would Be Adored
Because The Dawn Rises No More

I Could Be Your Heart, I Could Be Your Soul
Without This Dawn
I Could Take Your Heart, I Could Take Your Soul
Without The Dawn
Take Away This Dawn
I Will Be Your Heart, I Will Be Your Soul
I Will Be Your Dawn


Recorded live in Brussels supporting the “Abhorrent Desecration tour”, 2017.

Cassette limited to 100 copies

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