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Origen: U.K., Manchester

Formados: 2010

Estilo: Black

Temática: Existencialismo, muerte, mitología y nihilismo

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  • Anchorite Bajo y voces
  • Carcarrion Guitarra
  • Naut Guitarra, teclados y voces
  • Slugh Batería

  • Forged in the Glacial Depths Single 2012  
  • Black Sea Misanthropy CD 2014  
  • The Endurance at Night CD 2016  
  • Apotheosis CD 2019
  • Slain in the Spirit CD 2021

Cuarto álbum de estudio para los de Manchester que sigue el camino marcado por su anterior "Apotheosis" en cuanto a ofrecer un black metal denso y potente que muchas veces toma prestados elementos que podeos describir como del black sinfónico. Este cuarto trabajo explora, al mismo tiempo que profundiza, en un blackl metal mucho más elaborado y con un sonido que puede llegar a ser reconocible y en donde se dan cita suficientes estilos que completan las fórmula. Partiendo, y en lo cual no hay duda, de un black denso y profundo, la riqueza de su propuesta queda fuera de toda duda cuando los teclados comienzan a tener cierto peso en un segundo plano, sin un peso sustancial pero si capaces de completar y dar mayor empaque al sonido final de álbum. Sin embargo Nacronautical van un paso más allá en este "Slain in the Spirit" en donde al oyente no le cuesta descubrir secciones progresivas en medio de las estructuras de los temas, que cuentan también con acertados cambios de ritmo que ejercen de catalizadores de la propuesta al tiempo que parecen que quieren añadir ciertos elementos que pueden adentrarse por terrenos atmosféricos. No es menos cierto tampoco que la potencia y la contundencia del sonido del álbum a veces lo hacen transitar por registros cercanos al death metal, que pueden también encontrarse reflejado en el tono de la voces, en donde se alternan secciones más crudas con otras muchas más potentes. "Slain in the Spirit" funciona como un todo perfectamente engrasado que en un primer momento puede llegar a apabullar pero que sin embargo es del todo disfrutable dentro de la complejidad de los estilos que encierra. (7,6).

1. Ritual & Recursion 05:44
One amid the roar, We crowded stand before the doorway, Beneath embattled feet, Keys encoded in the motif. Here to transform The surf-tormented shore of being Through ritual meditation; Masochistic recreation. I've been here before, Altered state-dependent recall, Only know the movements In the moment when the speaker tolls. A sleeper cell: Enraptured thousands drunk with motion In collective gnostic calm Each awaits their own instruction. There is no ancient name, No impression hidden in the margin, Only what you bring in your unconscious. Dreaming within a dream All we see, reflections of a sacred geometry. Mise en abyme All it seems gross hyperbole Significant coincidence to me. O, Servitors! Relics of the fine-tuned universe, Obsessions born From once immortal curses. O, Servitors! Arising from recursive slumber. All their barriers banished; Of demons unencumbered. No more matryoshka martyrs, Only echoes of our egregores In our divine reflections, Philosophies of change's force: A synchromystic revelation, Built upon the golden dawn, That truth's inconsequential And the ire of reality will be ever unborn.  
2. Occult Ecstatic Indoctrination 07:43
  All gathered here,
Recant the night.
The mercy of shade
Has no place in the fury of light.
I grant my will
To these unquiet rites.
'Neath lantern's eye,
I begin a study of illuminism as I take flight.

Solo: Carcarrion

Drag me through the doors of perception,
Loosen the girders of my soul.
They yearn to disclose
Whatever I'm not meant to know.
The Dionysian mysteries,
Or the great theistic divorce.
I will create a substantial illumination,
Or take it by force.

Endure the trials of excess
Behold, the palace of wisdom!
Here we drink the libation
In communion with the sleeping kingdom.
Am I the tiger of wrath?
Or the horse of instruction?
Elixir vitae guide me along
This hallowed path beyond as above so below.

Why frame the mind as a fortress
Unless you fear what lies outside.
I open the gates.
I permit the influences to reside.

Cries escape the catacombs
Evoke iniquitous death,
From the palace of memory.

A cognitive insurgency
Permeates the veil,
Between the twin realities.

I heed the call of the outer
To fall between the perceived,
Keres, claim my identity.

An omen or a prophecy?
A captive of deceit?
Newfound or lost, I grieve.

My own ascendancy invaded me

Solo: Naut

All gathered here
Revel in dreams
Discover the true will
(the prescribed) reality is not all it seems.
Anointed leaves
Between fact and wish
We are learning to paint with colours that are hitherto unseen

Solo: Carcarrion

Drag me through the doors of perception,
Loosen the girders of my soul.
They yearn to disclose
Whatever I'm not meant to know.
The Chaldean Oracles
And the meaning in the rose
I will create a substantial illumination
Then take a dose.
3. Slain in the Spirit 07:14
   Bull-faced, primeval, thrice-born,
I call upon the Bacchic lord.
Howling, ineffable, pure...
Infuse my flesh with your form,
Dual-natured, wild-hearted, twin-horned.

Your furious inspiration devours the mind,
For I am an ardour in blood, with might as the vine.

Loud-roaring reveller, we are enthused.
The breath of the nymph will our passion subdue.
Bring ivy-ropes, goatskin and pine,
Wage love in the worship of wine.

Slain in the spirit that prudence destroyed
Three beings rejoice in the space of one void
Kneeling in prayer, prostrate in trance
Speaking in tongues and submitting in dance.

Solo: Naut

Oh entheogenic power,
Poured on the breast of the land.
Propitious comes
The chemogenesis of man.
4. Hypnagogia 05:03
 I am searching for the border,
The subtle fracture in the glass.
At the threshold of the dormant realm,
Where dare my demons pass.

The sleep of reason is evermore
An exhibition of phantasmata.

Disfigured in the mirror,
Dreamed instructions manifest
To guide the restless legion
Into the arms of Morpheus.
An infantry to wage the hidden war,
A force to storm the great unseen,
Cold, unfeeling, far-off things
At last have come to be.

Dare I dream?
Seizure of my senses
Make me numb
Numb enough to enter the cataplectic kingdom to receive my crown
Here we wait in wakefulness
Until in sleep we drown

Drown me in the majestic
Slumber of ego, reign of the id.
Beautiful instinct,
The primal unravelling
Of all mysteries still to solve.

I resolve to transcend this mortal coil,
To cast off the burdens of beings made only to toil.

I succumb to the spirit of the incubus,
The spectre pushing down.
In sleep we drown.

For this night my soul ascends
Through channels unknown
In congruence destined to roam.
5. Pure Consciousness Event 07:31
Bereft of thought A conscious shedding of objective. Still minds in flux Have fetishized the gift of perspective Masquerading as self-improvement. The ambition is transparency, Become the means you're meant to be (Haunting) Whispers within, (Taunting) With voices unknown. Empty words goading the throne. (Hear me) Screaming inside (Longing) To feel unafraid Consciousness shall be remade But first redefined. The fog has scattered, Skies shift as thoughts are gathered An unforgiving moment of clarity. The self is exposed, Held to the shattered mirror of all life. Dimensions coalesce Occlusion of the senses A state defined by singularity The storm of inner calm Unbroken silence A pure consciousness event: Enlightenment! The subject and the object merge, In silent shared awareness converged Not in deprivation, nor emptiness This higher plain is but the peace of an absence unfelt. (Haunting) Whispers within, (Taunting) With voices unknown. Empty words goading the throne. (Hear me) Screaming inside (Longing) To feel anything Conciousness shall now begin
6. Necropsychonautics 04:22
  Recreate the feeling
The glory of induction
The antipode of purity unveiled
A journey defining a fevered life in wait
To live and die an artist of the holotropic state.

Sworn against the light,
The lens through which my gaze burns eternally,
Conjures the foul chorus of time's reminder.

No shard of self remains
A welcome psychic death
The cortisone addiction
Of reality unweft
Meiotic figures flee me
Throughout the spiralled halls
Beyond imposed horizons
Where the dreamer cannot fall

Sworn against the light,
I am just a concept
It's all biofeedback
With flesh and wires and tubes inside
It's necropsychonautics

I have slain my dragon
We were symbiotic
Death's enchanting lucid vision
Necropsychonautic depictions of the other side

Bone-white stars,
like self replicating cadavers shine
In transgression of the dawn.

Are these but spurious truths,
Or consoling fictions
Told by wreaths of winged eyes?

The archangel hangs the vast canvas of night
7. Contorting in Perpetuity 06:52
  What have I wrought?
What power, what clarity surrendered?
Love has consumed me,
And I thought it love,
In some wyvern form that I'd consumed,
As Mobius in torment.

Makes no movements, makes no sounds
Does not open eyes.
This recursive nightmare,
A vertiginous haunting,
Slick with fear, dumb with pain,
To pleasure numb.
And passion?
The contrapasso

For an ouroboric appetite,
The all is one in punishment
And funeral rites. Yet I'm crying
“Still alive!” Out from this casket
No one hears.
Eternal lethargy
Is not the peace I seek,
This fog will never lift
I'm imprisoned in a shell of me,
A petrified facsimile,
Have his family come to see him?
I'm the living mausoleum.
Out of body, out of time,
A vulture perched upon the shrine
To Promethean ambiguity;
Contorting in perpetuity

solo: Naut

The cycle starts anew,
A vision, quest or dream of fever?
The grey sun will never set.
Hermetic force,
Where was the presence of the master?
Upon the empire of dread.

While there's still fight, an ounce of strength,
I'll rage against the ever-burning
Light of pain. I'll make torture my domain,
I do not go gentle into that endless night,
Whence came the curse of flesh to life
Now reduced to memory
Contorting in perpetuity

How many moons abhor the light
Of their elder stars despite
Counting endless aeons in Harut's domain
Only to find their own delusions still inspire disdain?
8. Death Magick Triumphant 06:41
   I reflect upon my descent,
For what is the hunger, that drives me now?
Curiosity; a physical need
As are the perils of renown.
Suspended on the vine of the dead
I'll scale that final mountain
To test the death hormone hypothesis,
Just to document my bold encounters

With fierce tears they curse me
Pray my name's lost to the fire,
My legacy forgotten.

They'll call this prophecy,
They'll call me god.
Then call me charlatan and fraud.
I say do what thou wilt,
Show mercy or indifference.
I bequeath my follies to my flock as recompense.

How to begin a revolution
From behind the curtain?
I must strive to inspire a self-conviction
Argentum Astrum .

Pretend this decadent movement
Was my own clandestine manufacture.
I fractured boundaries
The lust for death enraptured.
I gave my secret chiefs
The sacred keys
To access all dimensions
From the Kabbalah,
The fractal truth: interpretation.

Do not seek death,
Death will find you yet.
Instead seek the pathways
That make death a fulfilment

Solo: Carcarrion

Now a dozen lights blaze,
For there's no place for shadow or mercy in these rites,
O morning star in fractal sprawl
Where all are darkness you absolve with rays of dawn

They'll call this prophecy,
They'll call me god.
Then call me charlatan and fraud.
I say do what thou wilt; be joyous in abandonment,
Be mournful of my gift to all:
Death magick triumphant!
9. Disciple (Slayer cover) 03:48  

2 × Vinyl, LP, Album
Originally self-released digitally during October 2017, Valtakunta is Se Lusiferin Kannel's first public recording despite the band existing since 2012.

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