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Origen: Reino Unido, Nottingham

Formados: 2015

Estilo: Post black metal

Temática: Anarquismo, antifascismo y problemas sociales

Enlaces: Bandcampfacebookinstagramsoundcloudspotify y twitter


  • Abi Voces
  • Adam Guitarra
  • Dan Batería
  • Ollie Guitarra
  • Stephen Bajo

  • Mourning Cloak EP 2016  
  • Underdark​ / Antre Split 2018
  • Plainsong/With Bruised and Bloodied Feet Single 2020  
  • Our Bodies Burned Bright on Re​-​Entry CD 2021
  • Unfinished Sympathy Single 2023  
  • Managed Decline CD 2023


Primer larga duración para los de Nottingham, un álbum que podríamos considerar que se has gestado desde 2015, que ha tenido que hacer frente la cambio de vocalista y que sirve de alguna forma para volver aportar a la escena inglesa un soplo de aire fresco. El álbum contiene cinco temas que superna el total de treinta y seis minutos en donde un tema inicial como "Qeres" sirve de patrón para todo lo que llegará a continuación, Por un lado tenemos una estructura de inicio en los temas de corte limpio, melódico y atmosférico que abruptamente se ve destrozado cuando hacen aparición las voces de Abi de tintes mucho más agresivas y desgarradoras, que acaban por convertir los comienzos más lentos y pausados en una vorágine de violencia y agresividad, al mismo tiempo que no se renuncia a elementos como la rabia, el sufrimiento y la desazón. Estructuras repetitivas, violentas explosiones de rabia y vinolencia así como elementos reconocibles dentro de estilos como el post en el apartado musical o del hardcore en las voces se van sucediendo y en donde la extensión de los temas permite desarrollar una variedad de estados de ánimo y sensaciones muchas veces cercanas a episodios de violencia, rebelión o frustración. Un impecable apartado musical en donde la batería va cobrando protagonismo a medida que lo temas aumentan su velocidad y unas guitarras que escupen violentos riffs al mismo tiempo que son capaces de guardar un equilibrio entra la melodía y la crudeza, acaban por completar un álbum directo y preciso. (7,9).

1. Qeres 07:20
   It would have been easy to stay home. To look away. To get drunk enough to kid myself i never saw anything. Fires die, fire die, eyes grow tired. We hollow out and pretend that we hate company. Mask the fear of loss with distance. It would have been easy to let you go. To let you die, My friend.

Now i'm breaking down your door and i am begging you to stay. But you always run away. You're afraid of the pain. You won't even say his name. Peel back the skin from your face. The sun is not the only thing that's fallen today; Don't call me angel.

Let the drip remind you that you're alive; you have to stay awake. Won't you stay and suffer with me? Clear your head in the rain, cigarette on the fire escape. Look away, passing years fleeting fears. Winter air, rain blurs into mist under lights as vision vignettes. We disregard ourselves. Living among memories, Scar becomes skin.

Dig your nails in. Don't you dare let go. Bloodshot to unslept. Running down the hallway soaking wet. White knuckle to the blade, you really mean it this time.

I can't lose another friend.

In the cold light of a saturday. Freezing rain, a broken window. There's blood across the kitchen floor. Don't make me do this again. Don't make me.

Now i'm breaking down your door and i'm begging you to stay. But you will always run away, You're afraid of the pain. You won't even say my name as you walk into the waves. That love line is looking frayed, life line's a fucking noose.

You can stand strong alone. I've seen you live through this before.
2. Our Bodies Burned Bright on Re​-​Entry 08:35
  You are the morning star. Sunrise reflecting off empty bottles, And the mirror is cracked and flecked white. Goodnight sweet supply, here comes the crash. See you at the end of the skylines rushing up, Rooftops colliding our faces awake.

One night in hell, seven minutes in heaven. 4th degree burns on my hands and my neck. Young lucifer, kiss my mouth at the station. Could you hold my hands 'til they stop shaking?

Safe passage, blood magic, cuts on my wrists. Skin going numb from the pills swallowing. Not holding hands but we touch at our lips. Don't need to fuck, but i'm still fucking with-

Take out your weapon and climb on top of me. Make me art, Make a mess. A monument to lost rest. The space between our skin inscribed with blood and sweat. Kiss me goodnight like a pilot light, Sylvia.

I won't pretend i didn't notice you staring. Did you see the bloodstains, or just the shaking? Is it okay? Obvious how far i'm gone? The other side of the sunrise, Scream into my mirror. Until the glass breaks us.

One night in hell, seven minutes in heaven. 4th degree burns on my hands and my neck. Young lucifer, kiss my mouth at the station. Could you hold my hands 'til they stop shaking?

Safe passage, blood magic, cuts on my wrists. Skin going numb from the pills swallowing. Not holding hands but we touch at our lips. Don't need to fuck, but i'm still fucking with-

Angels on my tongue, Incense in my lungs. Shaking hands tear me to bits.

...the 4th degree. Your blood would freeze at the thought. Of the shit that i have done for money. How much neon do i have to push through my veins. Until i can call myself a city?
Like every night you stayed close that year. Kissed the bottle in the streetlight, Should it have been me? Oh man i wish.

Andule, Mi alma. I wish life could have been different. But i bled petition to the gods for your safe flight back to Toronto. Next time will be measured in days and months or i'll cut out my lying tongue. Every day i wake from a vision of the ground rushing to meet my face.

If we never fell like this, How do we know what falling is?
3. Coyotes 06:42
Sold promises and herded north. Delivered through fences into exploitative arms. Torn from families and ground up for foundations, blood to tend your gardens. Until you put us to the wall. Scapegoated, The drug dealers. In the border towns, selling cures you've been priced out of at home. For your children, Running Free, Without papers. Ours watch guards pass by through the bars of a cage door. O, Pobre Mexico, Tan lejos de dios y tan cerca de los estados unidos. The coyotes will always get through. You know that, You always knew. Our blood oils the machine. We're going to watch it burn. Affording you the same respect you always gave us: Fuck your borders. 
4. With Ashen Hands Around Our Throats 06:17
Black clouds plume over the capital and the ash starts to fall. Grey snow, Black rain in the summer streets. 60 hours burning, Death creeps into homes through the cladding. Flames dance through corridors. Human cost, stay put, no profit loss. Blood and ash on the hands of landlords. We still bleed by the month for the privilege of living in a time bomb. Resist to regulate, launch inquests in the hopes we all forget. The invisible hand revealed by the stains that mark it. (It's choking us, We're dying here, 3rd degree casualty) So we stay displaced, one eye to the fire escape. Black our lungs, become statistics to drive change. Renovations paid for in lives; Innocence and negligence. Death calls, But never says who's at fault. How many lives 'ti they answer for their crimes? Blood and ash on the hands of landlords. And look what embers remain. 3 days pain. 2 years and counting, we remain. Look them in the eyes and say what you tell yourself; we made our money though. Clear out your conscience, what's it worth? Justified inactions. We pay up and wait to burn. Do you think you can't be touched? Everyone who did this has a face, name, address. If they think they're fireproof, they are wrong. 
5. Skeleton Queen 07:09
 Press that bloodstain to my chapped and faded lips. As if though contact i could regain myself. Carve your initials, Stay claim to my flesh. I never wanted this prison of meat and bone. With my poets' lips, Oven-blue and glistening. Resent myself for learning how to sing inside a bell jar:

"Yo soy la reina de los huesos, Yo soy la reina del infierno, Estoy bien"

I can keep up the act. I'm not wearing thin. Love my work, full of joy, motivated, every day i'm not wearing thing. Telling myself i can i can i can i can i can. Live with this compromise.

Yo soy la reina de los huesos, Yo soy la reina del infierno, Estoy bien. Estoy bien. I hate my voice for never being what you wanted to hear. I hate my mirror for never showing me what i want to see.

At my very best, i made a fucking mess of your bed, But it was a beautiful wreck, Right? She said if that's all i want to try then that's fine, Abi just let go and fucking-

"I feel energised 100% of the time. I feel positive. I feel strong. Struggling to come up with new ideas is not making me depressed. Drinking is not affecting my life. Cocaine is not affecting my life. I just need some time of whatever it is that makes you feel completed. I need to feel whole, and not like a shitty person anymore. I'm..."

Die, Abi. Die.
I'll make sure your work dies with you.

Limited to 500 copies. 140g black vinyl housed in a 300gsm jacket with matte varnish, flooded black inside. Includes a double-sided 250gsm cardstock insert.

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